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Hello! So I was thinking about making a role play that revolves around the world of Bravely Default. I know the second game is coming out soon, but it'd be fun to make up our own little story line. I'm still trying to think of a few things for it, but you're free to suggest anything! Also, if you have not finished the game, please do or else there are major spoilers!

It has been 26 years since the warriors of light had vanquished the forces of darkness, and peace has come to play it's part. The group of four had split up, as Agnes Oblige is now with the Orthodoxy along with Edea Lee, daughter of the Grand Marshal. They have joined forces in order to vanquish all needless and violent acts of Anti-Crystalism, as Agnes Oblige is still the Wind Vestal. She, however, hands her title off to her daughter in hopes that she would become someone who loves and believes in the crystals just as much as herself. Agnes Oblige is now a peristalses to the crystals after their long journey.

Tiz Arrior, on the other hand, also has a son along with the daughter. He is teaching his son the way of combat, and protecting others, as if they would relive all the darkness in the past. People have been highly doubting it, however, Tiz is still quite worked up and worried. He had completed his journey with Magnolia, and had settled down in Norende with Agnes.

Edea Lee has been living with her parents ever since, as they had set aside all their conflicts and differences. Edea Lee is now married to the man with the temporary name 'Ringabel', whom was soon to be revealed as Alternis Dim. They, however, have only one son, whom was destined to learn of battle the day he was born. The Dark Knight and the daughter of Marshall Lee, began training their son to be a fine swords man.

Magnolia, on the other hand, decides to continue adventuring, as she claims she has no time to settle down with a man and what not. However, she does take on a single girl to be her apprentice, learning each and every skill, along with every ounce of knowledge under her wing.

Now, everything is nice, and everything is peaceful. Everything has been peaceful for the past 26 years however, time is slowly ticking, and there are new dark forces arising from the shadows; those who have been quietly watching for these few decades.

And now, they are here to reveal themselves.


I will have people play as soldiers, main characters, cryst-fairies, main antagonists, and all different sorts of roles! Of course, there will be character deaths (Unless your character has arise or rerise, or any other ability or magic that allows you to be revived) and etc.​
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