Brave New Dimension

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Mighty Roman

Original poster

Time has changed. One singular thread changed, and the future has been altered irrevocably. In the war between dimensions, worlds lived, and worlds died. Your world was one of the ones that perished. Exiled to the Pocket Dimension known as Eden, you were told that you could live out your last days.

But not everyone is content with the Brave New Dimension. Some wish to bring their world back, escape from this place to return to the last universe left. Some want to live in peace. Others only want war.

Others among your number wish to explore Eden-strange cities seem long-abandoned....but new threats may lurk inside....

You now have to make the choice. What will you do in this brave new dimension?
So, basically, you can choose any character from any form of fiction or your own OC, and they have to choose what they want to do with this new world. You could form groups. Find a leader, and explore the planet. Or try to escape. :)
CS Information:

Universe of Origin: (What they're from)
Weaknesses and Fears:


So, here are the rules:

1. No God-Modding (Not Cool).

2. No Bullying other players.

3. My word is law on this planet, Comprende? :P

4. No overt gore or sex. If you plan to go 18+ take it to PMs.

5. Yes, you can reserve characters.

6. No-One too OP.

7. Have Fun (Yes, that's a rule). :P
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