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  1. I am Loki the Lord of Asgard, I seek a roleplay with everything and anything you wish. I do mostly fandoms with loki in it (I usually play him)

    Some things you should know about me

    -This RP will be causal to advanced
    -You can call me King loki
    -I'm cool with sex and smut, and I do like plot in RPs
    -I do PMs 95% of the time, but I will do thread if needed. Sorry I don't do email RPs
    -I average my posts average 2.5 or more paragraphs, but I can type more. I'm very versatile.
    -My plots may involve history settings, though I don't give a shit about historical accuracy
    -DON'T FLAKE, I hate flakers. Be man (or woman) enough to tell me your done with this RP
    -Please talk to me, I like friendly OOCs. I promise I don't bite (I got my rabies vaccine and everything)

    Some Pairings with Loki (some are cross overs)

    Loki x Barton

    loki x Thor

    Loki x Steve

    Loki x Tony

    Loki x Clint

    Loki x Castiel

    Loki x Sam

    Loki x Gabriel

    Loki x Lucifer

    Loki x Dean

    Other pairngs of none fandoms include

    Boss x Secretary.
    Serial killer x Captive.
    Stripper x Robber of the club.
    Famous person x Obsessed fan.
    Knight x Sorcerer.
    Blackmailer x Blackmailed.
    Demon/ess x Human.
    Dragon x Human.
    Alien x Human.
    Superhero x Villain.
    Master/Mistress x Slave.
    Private investigator x Main suspect.
    Protector x Protected *
    Cyborg x Human *
    Spy / Colleague
    Spy / Enemy
    CEO / Subordinate
    Butler / Lady
    Lord / Maid
    Prince / Princess
    Evil Being / Princess
    Fugitive / Cop
    Friend / Friend
    Wealthy gang leader x gang member or rival gang memeber

    Many many more as time goes on.

    Please shooting me a PM if you have ideas or want to do one. I am very open!!!!


    Loki King of Asgard
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  2. Hello random person who pinged me. I may be interested in a non fandom, but I will have to get back to you about it in a day or two.
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  3. Interesting. Though I have to come back to you. If I haven't replied, please come to me with a plot and a wish for me to play. I take requests ^^
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  4. Knight x Sorcerer would be interesting~
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  5. Okay who do you wish to be ?
  6. Hmmm I would be the sorcerer
    <---note: I'm bad with grammar so prepare to be a grammar nazi soon >:>
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  7. Nah i do not like being a Grammar Nazi i am more like a teacher then Nazi XC

    Okay Knight for me
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  8. so should we like plan it out on message or directly get into the 1x1?
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  9. Pm me and we can plot
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  10. I love the ones below~ With the pairings I have Bolded and Underlined the role I would like~

    Demon/ess x Human.
    Wealthy gang leader x gang member or rival gang memeber

    of course if you wanted to play that one I am fine with that I just prefer to play that role ^^ Also I was wondering what sort of pairings are we talking here MxM, MxF, FxF? I am cool with any of them~
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  11. Pm me and we can talk
  12. Looking still
  13. Hello~. I'd be interested in the roleplays listed below.

    Serial killer x Captive
    Superhero x Villain

    In both roles I'd prefer to play a female superhero or captive.

    I'm also curious about the Protector x Protected * roleplay, though I'm not sure what the * means.
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  14. Interested in the Ceo x subordinate pairing.I've been dying to try out this pairing but so far haven't found anyone else to do it with.
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  15. Pm me
  16. Looking
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