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  1. Welcome to the Bran Castle, home for the underworld creatures with the most evil and dark traits you can find, owned by your cynical Count Alucard. You can find him in his tower or walking on the roofs. From teens to elders with thousands of years are accepted, the only thing forbidden are beating hearts who will be eaten as snacks. The castle provides rooms for anyone who have the guts to make this their home and a college at the end to teach the dark arts of hell. The is an abandoned kitchen that no one has the need to use as blood, souls, meat, bones, and hearts are the only substantial meals needed; but, there's also a bar that is the most active place inside the Bran Castle. Catacombs rest under the castle for the all humans waiting to be part of the menu that get lost in the crimson forest. The front yard is still filled with thousands of stakes, adorned with skulls and heads on every top. Don't be surprised if you find creatures fighting inside or outside the castle because there are no rules. Everyone can be killed or ingested, so come in by your own risk.

    [Rules: No Godmoding. Post a picture of your character, the rest can come along in your posts. You can have any title you want; teacher, student, guard, general, etc. You can do anything you want, as long as your partner or victim agrees. Be very detailed please and write in third person for the rest of us to understand better.]

    Bran Castle ~ Transilvania
    Count Alucard ~ Dracula
  2. Blair was sitting on the roof waiting for count Dracula. She was the first person allowed into the castle by the count. She was playing with the flame sprites that illuminated the grounds as her flaming tails showed.
  3. His shining red eyes snapped opened. He had a faint rest the last half an hour but he was fully awake again. His hand rubbed his face before he stood up from his chair and started walking to the window. He looked around and felt the bats moving restlessly in the woods, expecting him to give an order. The hellhounds were guarding the castle from every direction, making sure nothing unwanted got into his lands, or out... He looked up at the moon and knew that she was expecting him already. In a second he disappeared in a black smoke, quickly appearing again right behind the female. "Blair." His voice was low and dark, but he didn't meant any harm to her.
  4. [​IMG]
    Evangeline, an older vampire who looked young physically, walked on the ground quietly. She had been at this castle for thousands of years, though she didn't stay constantly. She came in and out throughout the, having came injured and seeking shelter or because she enjoyed the home. She came so often she had her own room for herself that already had many of her things in it. Once again, Evangeline was arriving to the castle to stay. For how long, she didn't know yet. She didn't need to stay for schooling, having been alive about as long as Count Alucurd has been. Evangelines eyes traveled up to the roof of the castle knowingly, spotting Alucurd and Blair, whom she's seen many of times before. She debated on weather or not to greet the two, her violet eyes watching them carefully.
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  5. Blair turned to face the count. "Good night sir. Did you sleep well." She slowly stood up only standing at 5'5. "The humans are getting more rambunctious. Today more in hoping to get to this castle. Theyve already been dealt with."
  6. Alucard looked calmed at Blair, smirking slightly with the words coming from her lips. "I haven't slept in ages, dear. I took a simple rest. You should as well. Your eyes seem tired tonight." His eyes shone thinking about the humans, not of rage, but hunger. "Good work, as always, I must say. But remember to leave some for the rest of us seeking to satisfy our bloodlust. Did you captured some, love? Or kept everyone for yourself?" He teased softly with a grin, showing his white fangs slightly.

    Slowly another black smoke appeared behind the female vampire. His cold breath against her neck as he spoke lowly. "Spying, my love? I thought you knew better than that, Evangeline." He took his time saying her name, making the letters roll out from his tongue even in a seductive tone. Alucard smiled and straightened himself to look at her. "Welcome back, eternity has treated you well, you haven't change a bit." He stated the obvious as non of them would ever feel the weight of the years like other creatures would.
  7. Evangeline let her gaze slide over to him as she flashed her own slow, seductive smile. The female turned so she faced him, glancing up to him. "It is very nice to be back. And I see you haven't changed over the last hundered years, Count Alucurd." She said, her voice having a soothing British accent to it. "And the castle still looks spectacular as always." She complimented him, glancing over to it. "I suppose you still have my things in my room from my last visit?"
  8. Blair smirked as she heard the count. "I always capture a few for the rest of the us. There down in the basement under the sleep spell." When the count left, she jumped off the roof landind next to Evangeline. "How was your travels eve."
  9. Alucard smirked softly and looked at Blair jumping down the roof. "Haven't I, dear? I swear I saw a white hair the last time I fixed my hair." He lied amused. "And you keep calling me Alucurd, Angel." He used his own nickname to then look at the castle. "I'm flattered. I tried to keep the spiderwebs and skulls in their place." He looked down at her pretending to be offended. "You know they are. No one gets into your room without your consent, including myself. Do you still have your key?" He looked behind her at Blair and gave her a half smile. "Blair captured our meal by the way. I hope you are hungry. They are fresh." He said sadistically and started walking back into the castle. He was hungry, and the least he wanted was to take the blood from his guests.
  10. Evangeline chuckles softly. "I keep calling you Alucurd because I like that name. It's very suiting for you, in my opinion. And yes, I always have my key." She said, pulling at a golden chain around her neck out from under her shirt, where her room key hung at the end. Glancing to Blair. "Good as always, thank you Blair." She said lightly and followed behind Alucurd. She let her eyes wander the outside of the castle curiously.
  11. (XD its Alucard my dear, its backwards of draculA. Did you ever see Hellsing Ultimate? That is the Dracula I am using for this. Its very bloody I must tell. Here's a short video if you would like to see it:

    "I have had a lot of names with the pass of the years. My true name is hardly used now days." It seemed that just in his human state he was known as Vlad Dracul. But Vlad the Impaler was pretty amusing on its time. His hand reached over and touched the key she showed, burning it slightly against his glove. "With that spell of always I can feel. Who was the one who taught you that?" He grinned with obvious answer. "In fact..." He neared his lips against her ear, his voice low and teasing. "Who was the one who turn you into the night creature you are now? My draculina, Evangeline." He moved away once again with a smirk on his face.

    As he walked towards one of the several entrances, he looked back at Blair and stopped. "Did you already eat, dear? Or just captured them?"
  12. ((Sorry, busy with trying to be "social" for Easter, so I'm not paying close attention to stuff. And no, I haven't seen Hellsing Ultimate))

    Evangeline once again flashed Alucard her slow smile, this time she leaned towards him when his back was turned and whispers in her light British accent. "Oh, yes. I remember that day well. And if I were given the choice, I would let you turn me into a vampire all over again, my love." Her voice was lightly teasing and she leaned back, continuing to walk behind him with a faint smile.
  13. Blair follows slightly behind the two vampires. "Sir while eve is here we will need to hold the next house meeting. There are a few things we will need to discuss." She continued to follow them into the castle.
  14. "That's a shame then... I was going to apologize for saving your life, if you can call this life..." He teased and smiled faintly feeling her touch against his back. "But since you like it so much... I should bite you all over again." He smirked with wild red eyes looking at her, just before glancing over at Blair again. "Very well... Will do after my meal. I'm no good when hungry. And you didn't reply to my question, dear. Will you join us to dinner? Or you already ate?" He opened the heavy iron and wooden door easily and let the two ladies pass before closing it again, two bats getting inside the castle as well.
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  15. [​IMG]
    He wasn't entirely freaking out. Well, that wasn't honest, he could turn into goo right now, since his mind was hitting all the worse case scenarios for this sticky situation. He shuffled back and forth in the corridor, sticking tightly to their designated meeting spot. He glared at his phone before shoving it back into his pocket, really wanting to smoke right now to ease some type of stress he didn't normally attain. His name was Leofine, or just Leo was fine [ba dum tiss] and he was worried for his friend who had just enrolled here.

    After agreeing on a meeting spot a while ago, she still hasn't shown up. She could have probably been distracted or something because he was sure she'd try seducing anyone and everyone, but she could have been killed, taken, or some other crazy crap! He got so worried he'd start asking around if anyone has seen her... Sometimes he didn't really like this place because it was unsafe for newbies.

    Woops, he suddenly lighted a cigarette. Even better that there were a group of people heading in his direction.

    "Ah, 'cuse me." He didn't sound like a torn up mother as he felt right now. "Have you seen this woman? About 5'0... Really stubby, probably wearing provocative clothing, like a red bikini with a mustard-colored jacket. Succubus, black spaded tail and small horns. Blonde, short hair, big green eyes... Dark goggles around neck, hat backwards on head, On the thicker side? Really clean human 'Jordan' shoes?" He did say succubus so he wouldn't have to get into detail about her body, Leo was sure he'd shudder if he mentioned anymore.

  16. Blair entered the castle. "No sir I haven't eaten, but you should know that youko's feed off of souls to keep there flames burning." That's when they were approached by a younger monster. "I have not seen a succubus around here. Are you sure she's not feeding somewhere."
  17. "Well, you know me. I've always been into biting." She teased, but the thought of food had her distracted. She hasn't aten since the night before, and having a meal sounded wonderful right now. Her tongue flicked over her sharp canine teeth in anticipation for a meal. "I hope I arrived in time to eat soon. I've been told I can be rather vicious when I go hungry for too long.."
  18. @spoopily

    He half smiled at Blair and nodded. "I do know that, but you also know well we have a wide variety of souls all around the castle for you to pick. I don't want you or anyone getter hungry." His eyes moved towards the boy as he listened to his words, taking a few steps closer. "Did you loose another student, Leofine?" He teased lightly and looked at the hall for a second. "You know anyone in Bran must be capable of taking care of themselves." He turned away and before continue his way to the basements, he waved his hand and a bat landed on Leo's shoulder. "Use him to search for her if you wish." With that he walked away and down another set of stairs into the darkness. His attention was back on Evangeline. "Well, you came just in time. Must thank Blair for refilling the basement. And you aren't the only one who gets in a bad mood without fresh warm blood running down her throat."
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  19. Evangeline grinned, her purple eyes changing to a deep crimson color as her hunger grew. "Thank you, Blair. I will certainly enjoy my meal." Her usual light voice had changed to a darker tone as need for blood clawed at her from the inside. She followed Alucard down the stairs, her eyes seeming to glow in the darkness.
  20. Blair walked into the dining room immediately creating a small fireball and sending it into the the fire place, igniting the wood. "No problem they wandered into the forest."
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