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  1. So, you’re not going to find any plots here. Why not? Because I feel a RP could be far more interesting if we come up with a plot together by brainstorming, than sticking with a pre-made plot. If you don’t like to brainstorm, I suggest you go away!
    Now then… How does this work? Simple! Below, I’ve posted a couple of ideas. Both characters and vague settings/ideas that might help us get started. And in my mind are even more ideas. What you should do is read through them and tell me what you like (preferably more than one thing) and what you like about it or any thoughts/ideas that popped up. Then, I’ll tell more about those ideas and react on the ideas you mentioned. And then you can again mention your ideas. I think you get the idea!
    So, here we go…

    General Things
    First some general things about what I expect from you, and what you could expect from me:
    - Post Frequency: As for me, the frequency of my posting depends on three things: real life business, inspiration for our story and time zone difference, and because of these things you can expect posts from me fluctuating between 3x/week and 3x/day. It would be nice if you’re post frequency is in that range as well. If I somehow think I’ll require more than 3 days to react, I will always inform you personally and I expect you to do the same.
    - Post Length: Oooh, this is a very tricky one. My post lengths again are very fluctuating and can be anything between 3 lines and 30 lines, depending again on my inspiration, the amount of working material you give me and what is going on in the roleplay (conversations in the RP tend to lead to shorter posts). It would be nice if you’re posts would match this criterion as well. If for some reason I find myself unable to write 3 lines, I will notify you and might ask you to give me more details to react to. And of course, if you think I’m not detailed enough, you can ask me as well! ;)
    - Gender: I generally prefer female characters but I can also play male characters. In both cases my characters are usually straight, so if you want to include romance, your character should be the other gender. There is one exception: my character Goyops in which case both MxM and MxF romance relationships are possible.
    - Sexual Themes: I’m okay with sexual themes, I guess, as long as the plot allows it. The only thing is that I’ve never done it before, but I’m willing to give it try. Of course you should be 18+ if you want to do this. I’m also perfectly fine with fading to black if that is what you prefer.
    - Grammar/stuff like that: Unfortunately English is not my first language and that means that in roleplay stories I sometimes find myself unable to find the right words to describe exactly what I want to say. Also my grammar might not always be optimal, and my sentences might be a bit simple sometimes. The only thing I can ask from you is that you respect this. And of course I will allow mistakes from you as well. The only criterion is that your posts should at least be understandable.
    I think that is all… if you have any more general questions feel free to ask them in a PM or down below!

    I have described four of my favourite role-playing characters down below. They are all very unique and have their own ways of standing out from regular characters.
    Note that these are not all my characters. I have more pre-made characters and I could also make a new character, however I strongly prefer using existing ones. All the characters written down below are very flexible and I could make slight changes to them depending on the plot. Also I can add in magic abilites and/or fighting techniques if the plot does allow that. If you’ll pick a character I try my best to explain what he/she looks like, unfortunately I have no picture references for them.
    For each of the characters down below I have posted a short list of do’s and don’ts which include things that will quite possibly work with my character and things that won’t work with my character. Those things might also help us get started brainstorming! ;)
    As you might have guessed just by looking at my name, Yanaike is my favourite character. She’s by far the most developed and unique character of them all.
    One of the main things about her is that she considers material possessions valueless. This means that she is very likely to give stuff away very easily, but also that she just takes whatever she needs without applying the concept of paying for it. The only things Yanaike considers to be valuable are memories, experience and knowledge. And thus she is very eager to learn, up to the point where she might even be a bit geeky. She’s very free-minded, an out-of-the-box thinker and can act quite randomly or instinctively, therefore she might seem a bit child-like or animal-like.
    Furthermore Yanaike is very influencable. A manipulative person or strong well-founded opinion can easily change Yanaike’s thoughts or ways of doing.
    Last but not least, Yanaike has a tail (but apart from that she’s just a regular human). You can tell her emotions from the tail as it’s cheerfully wagging around when Yanaike is happy, but it is hanging on the floor whenever Yanaike is sad.
    Do’s: fantasy-related stories, adventure, quests, magic, low/modernish fantasy, high school (with or without magic), mentor-relationship, thieving, hacking
    Don’ts: romantic relationships could be complicated but not impossible, if you make her feel she’s not wanted or if you make her fear your character she will probably try to flee and that might end the RP early, RP’s in which nothing new is happening for a long time (slice-of-life).
    Also one of my main characters and a character I love to write about. He is male, but I also have a female character based on him, if you prefer that.
    Symmin is the mysterious person with an unknown past (even for himself). He suddenly appears, tries to blend into his surroundings, becoming less and less outstanding, and can suddenly disappear again, as if he was never there in the first place.
    He is bothered constantly by his visions, either from the past or from the future. He thinks of them as goals. Maybe he sees something that he has to prevent from happening, or something he has to achieve? Because of this it might seem for out standers that he is on some kind of mission.
    Symmin can also be very sweet and romantic and he will do everything just to make a girl smile. He loves giving out occasional hugs, and he is great in understanding people if they talk about their problems.
    A last thing is that Symmin does not always follow the human rules. He might do some strange things like stalking people or asking weird questions where the answer should be obvious.
    Do’s: romance, drama, paranormal, psychic, slice-of-life, mystery, stalking, best friend, time, past, present, future
    Don’ts: your character being the same gender (even when there is no romance included), ‘forcing’ another character together with him that doesn’t really match, things related to Symmin’s past
    One of my pretty new characters, and I’m still shaping him. I will only use this character with experienced players that can help me further shape this character. Also I’m still unsure about a lot of his character traits, but anyway, here it goes:
    Goyops is a monster of a man, not only because of his appearance (he is over 7 feet tall and weighs a ton), but also because of his attitude: he can be stubborn as hell and only does things his way. You better not mess with him or he can mean a lot of trouble. He is very direct and says exactly and literally what he thinks.
    But, on the good side Goyops could be a trustful friend that does whatever he can to help you and that will keep any secret you share with him.
    As a last thing, Goyops is struggling, unsure whether he likes boys or girls.
    Sorry… that’s all I can think of with him. I still need to figure out a lot of his character traits.
    Do’s: you playing another dominant character (clash), you playing a submissive character, a provocative character, character development in the RP, experienced RP’ers, hard workers, prison/trapped, carrier-building, romance (either MxF or MxM) but keep in mind that it might take very long before a romantic relationship can start.
    Don’ts: you playing another dominant character (overly dominant and forcing Goyops into a submissive role), a character that is stronger than him (equally matched or less strong is better), unexperienced players (I feel I need input from you to make this character work).
    One of my favourite characters, but I haven’t used her for a long time. I would love to use her once again!
    You can pretty much describe Ailyna in one word: she’s a chick! Ailyna has lots of ambitions and goals for herself and she will fight for it to reach them (girl power).
    She is independent but on the other hand also pretty socializing. And she loves making new friends, by talking to people or even flirting a bit with them. Outsiders will probably consider her as a ‘popular’ girl, as she loves to be in the center of attention. She’s a great team-player as well and always tries to cheer her friends up if required. If you’re not on ‘her side’ however, she can also act a bit bitchy, setting up other people against you and trying to strike you directly in your emotions.
    Do’s: Your character is interested in mine, your character is absolutely not interested in mine :p, your character is a bitch (bitch-fight), high school, sport club, group of male friends and then putting her in, fantasy, pirates, vampire, werewolves, Ailyna as a princess/leader/tribe leader, amazon, Ailyna as seducer, alcohol, new girl etc. Almost anything works with Ailyna, name any setting/time period/genre and I try to find a way to fit her in.
    Don’ts: Your character being a girly-girl, I really can’t see any way (neither positive nor negative) how a character like that could match up with mine, anything too much fantasy (elves, trolls, dwarves… no).

    And please note that my interests are not limited to just these ideas. If you have anything else you think I might like, please tell me and I’ll see whether I like it or not.
    On the Go
    I’ve always wanted to do a roleplay ‘on the go’. This setting means that our characters are not stationary. They’re travelling. In a vehicle for example. What kind? It could be anything! A plane, a RV, a cruise, a truck or something more exotic like a ski-lift, a subway car, a hot air balloon. We still need to decide whether they are travelling on free will or not and where they’re going to. Maybe they are trapped? Or one of them forces the other one to go to a certain destination? Or is it just a ‘simple’ road trip? Maybe we could involve romance and/or fantasy elements?
    Another one of my desires. So many (fantasy) roleplays are placed in woodlands or in small towns/villages. In this case I would like to try a roleplay in a metropolitan setting. The possibilities are infinitive! There could be a gang, there could be a random encounter, tourists, something high school or university related perhaps or our characters being undercover in the city? Another possibility, would be to take a cliché-kind of plot, usually taking place in woodlands/small villages and place it in a metropolitan setting. For example: imagine a prince saving a princess in a large city? It would give the cliché plot a new twist and a very new and modern touch. Tell me what you like…
    A beach… yeah, just like the metropolitian setting I would love to play on a beach setting. Also lots of possibilities. One weird idea I have been craving for a very long time is about a car wreckage on the beach (or just in the sea), which will be a hangout spot for a group of teens. Or maybe there is a cocktail bar on the beach and one of our characters tries to make the other character drunk? Or the beach could be part of an uninhabited island and maybe our roleplay would revolve around a plane crash? Or a castaway stranding on an island filled with people of only the opposite gender? Lots of ideas if you think about it.
    And yet another of my settings I would love to play. This time it’s about a farm. I would love to do a roleplay without all the luxury stuff available in the normal modern world. Maybe this could be about one of our city-based-characters moving in at the farm (because he/she fell in love with the farmer, or because a room could be rented cheap, or he/she is still a child and his/her parents died?). Or if you like mystery we could add in some weird crop-circles and aliens?
    Mysterious Mansion
    Been writing this kind of stories since I was like 6 years old, and for the first time I like to try this as a RP. It would be a dungeon-kind of RP (sorry if I don’t know the right term) in which one of us controls all side characters and surroundings and the other one controls just one main character. The idea is that your character enters this mansion and meets all kind of weird people and strange events. The idea is pretty simple but I promise this will be great!
    This idea would be about a company in an extremely large building with a labyrinth-like floor plan, working for the greater good (like a hospital, nuclear plant or laboratory), but actually at the same time doing bad things to individuals (like experimenting on people, cloning, keeping people sick just to get more subsidy etc.) Our characters could be inside (at least at the beginning of the story). And maybe they are victims? Or one victim and one worker/scientist/doctor/nurse etc?
    On TV
    Our characters could be part of a TV show (or digital podcast). Maybe a reality soap, a game show or a quiz? And they are contestants I guess? Or maybe one of our characters is the host? What is their goal? Money, or is there something more/something else they are going for (Love? Fame?). And how far will our characters go to reach their goal?
    Random Encounters
    This is a cool thing that I came up recently. Basically the roleplay would resolve around one or multiple random encounters between our characters and some kind of relationship following out of it (doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship). One possibility would be about our characters who keep meeting each other each year during their vacation trips.
    One thing that fascinates me is brainwashing. Something that doesn’t feel right, but only your character seems to notice? Everyone else seems brainwashed? Something like that… Or maybe a cult? Someone escaping from it?
    Parallel Universes/Alternative time lines
    Parallel universes, or alternative timelines. What if someone had never made a certain decision? Or a world where everything looks like the real world but it’s just slightly different. This one might seem easy, but is actually very difficult, as it will require to have both an idea of the ‘normal’ situation and about the ‘alternative’ situation. Also I’ll require a strong plot and a preferably experienced role player for this.
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  2. Wow your ideas seem really cool.
    Anyway, hey yeah, Hi! My name's Isaac. I've been RPin for about seven years now, so I guess that makes me experienced?
    I really like the idea for your character Goyops. Something about him strikes me as sort of a bounty hunter? Like he'd snatch up a wanted criminal in order to bring him to the cops. But maybe on the way they formed an actual friendship. (That could also tie into the On The Run plot point you mentioned)
    Anyway, maybe I should give you a brief rundown of some of my characters? Since you did so well with yours.
    Nathan is a cocky womanizer with a heart of gold. Charlie is a grumpy French fist fighter of indeterminate gender. Remmi is a tiny evil genius with a penchant for building nonfunctional death rays.
    I have a couple more, but really those are the main ones.
    Anyway! I really like the idea of a beach setting. (I grew up on the coast.) Maybe off the coast of a heavily populated city, there's an island that no one seems to go near. The main characters have no idea why, it seems just fine to them. But they also notice that strange things wash up on shore, like fragments of machinery, or gemstones. It can be anything, you know?
  3. Great ideas! I've send you a PM to start brainstorming! ;)

    I'm open for multiple partners, so feel free to reply below or in a PM if you like anything what you saw above!
  4. Added: 1 new idea

    And I'm still looking!
  5. Ello, you've caught my interest very much so.
    Among your characters listed Yanaike appeals to me most. Perhaps she could join Nevi the ranger in his following of a famous hero that's not all he's cooked up to be, eager for the experience of one of their adventures. Or maybe she could convince former legendary wizard Kylm to tutor her in the arcane arts, despite the mage's banishment. Caught up in the misadventure of wannabe Robin Hood Cosmo and wanted by High Sheriff Blackwater? If any of these characters interest you I would be glad to explain them in more detail. I have others but these three were the first that came to mind.
    As for your ideas I adore on the go RPs, they allow the characters to constantly experience different people, problems, and cultures. I would love to create one with you provided your interested in the various things I have been saying in any way.
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