Brackish Water (A Pirate RP)

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    Name : Aleysha Clemente
    Age : 15
    Appearance : 5'4'', short black hair and dark brown eyes. Brown skin. Tattoo of her sister's name on her shoulder. (Zoe)
    Bio : Was born in Puerto Rico. Lived in a small estate with her father and younger sister. Her father said that their mother had run away to sea shortly after the birth of Zoe. He suspected that she was dead. The estate was burned down when she was 9 and her father was killed, leaving Aleysha and Zoe on the streets. They made through for a few years by stealing and working in shops. When Aleysha was 14, Zoe was kidnapped and she never saw her again.

    (As for the setting : late 1600's - think Pirates of the Caribbean)


    Aleysha pulled her hat closer to her face and tried to look inconspicuous while sitting on a wooden box. The dock was heavily crowded in the evening and she barely knew anyone in this town - but hiding was her second nature. She hid and lied for no reason.


    Cuba held the answers - whatever her father had said about her mother being dead was a complete lie. Most of the people in the area would gossip about how mother had run away with a gang of hooligans in the dark of the night, setting sail to the north of their small seaside village. And she had a good chance of finding Zoe as well - those kidnappers had taken her to the sea. There was no doubt about it.

    No matter that an year had passed - Aleysha still believed that Zoe was out there, fighting for her life. Zoe was a fighter though in a much more understated way.

    "Hey, lassie," came a voice from above. Aleysha looked up. Standing in front of her was one of the dock men, Gabriel. He squinted down at her. "We need the box. Mind getting up?"

    Aleysha nodded and got up. She hesitated and then started speaking."Gabriel, anyone looking for a crew?"

    Gabriel was one of the few dock men who knew about the pirating going around the dock area. Hiding loot, recruiting crew - all that was underground business.

    He looked at her, his expression somewhere between amused and puzzled.

    "Yeah. O'Malley's looking for a bunch of people. He's setting sail around two am, so you wanna be in his good books before that. And, yeah, there's going to be a test, obviously. "
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    Name: Captain William Smith
    age: 30
    height: 5'10"
    traits: A notorious and infamous pirate, pillager, brigand, and highwayman; that was how Captain William Smith would be described. Sailing a fine line between piratical genius and mercurial madness, William had an enemy in every port. Even at young age, he was the biggest troublemaker on the Seven Seas.

    As a notorious pirate, He was a decent, if self-serving, man who adhered to the pirate code. He believed pirates could still be "good men." Despite being apparently self-trained, He was as handy with a blade as any soldier. He practiced fencing with them for three hours each day. Through experience, He was an exceptional swordsman.

    Walking inside a travern in the sea port, he sat down and ordered a bottle of rum.
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    Aleysha braced herself as she saw land. The last two weeks had been hectic and she would be lying if she said she hadn't been seasick. O'Malley's 'test' had been who could drink the most bottles of rum in a minute. She hadn't won but had done well enough to get in as a part of the crew.

    There it was, Cuba.

    She wasn't sure if she had come on the ship as a means of transport (she didn't have much money to actually travel, after all) or to be a pirate. Pushing the thought from her mind, she let the anchor drop.


    "You have till tomorrow mornin' to do what you want - we set sail after that," announced Captain O'Malley, who then proceeded to go back to his cabin, probably to 'chart a course of action' which meant 'to figure out how to get enough rum to last us the next 2 weeks'.

    Aleysha walked into the nearest tavern, not exactly having any aim in mind. She was looking for someone who might've known her mother.

    At the far end of the room was a man who looked intimidating and most definitely an experienced sea man.

    He might've known her

    She grabbed a bottle of rum and sat next to him.

    "Uh, hey"
  4. He took a drink of his rum, and looked at the girl who sat down next to him. She looked young, too young to be drinking a bottle of rum, but he said nothing about it. "Hey. What's a lass like you doing in a tavern?" he asked her.
  5. Aleysha tilted her head as she saw him look from the rum bottle to her face.

    "Uh, well, I'm looking for a specific mother, Zora Clemente? I'm sorry if this seems random, but she ran away to Cuba. Do you know her?"
  6. Name: Tokage (Tok Tok)
    Age: 19
    Biography: Growing up on a pirate ship all her life it was almost like it was in her blood. She's lied, killed and looted her way through her whole life and now she is looking fir her next big score. She has had her pet iguana from a young age after he injured his eye. She cared for him, making him his very own pair of googles which he doesn't seem to mind wearing. She ended up calling him Tok after herself and values his life over her own. Though she is a bloodthirsty killer like most pirates she does have a childish side to her, which either gets her in trouble or drives the people around her crazy. When it comes down to a fight she is more the capable to hold her own against most pirates. She has been wandering these streets looting unsuspecting victims in the night and killing any higher authority she may come across. She has been dreaming to get back out on the sea but so far has had no luck securing a position in a crew.
    She studied the drunks in the tavern as she sat quietly in the corner, leaning back on her chair and her legs propped up on the table.
    Who looks wealthy enough to rob?
    She let out a sigh as soon as she thought those words.
    Looking for wealthy people in a tavern? I must be going mad...
    She pulled a small chunk of stale bread apart from the loaf she had in her hand and lifted it up to the reptile that was curled around her neck. 'Get used to it Tok. It doesn't look like we can afford a decent meal tonight.' The iguana took it off her carefully as he listened to her words.
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