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  1. Hello dear friend, stranger, creature,

    I have been called many names but I prefer you call me

    she is my main roleplaycharacter so I decided to use her as my nicname as well.

    I'm 24 years old and I'm new to this website.
    However I have been roleplaying for several years (all kinds) LARP/RPG/MROPG etc.
    I usually rp on skype with friends but since they're not interested in RP anymore I'm looking for others to join adventures!

    I mostly play characters with a secret past that haunts them (I do not reveal those pasts because I think that keeps the curtain mysterie of the character, it's up to fellow rp'ers to find out)

    I love roleplain' scifi/fantasy/drama/war/mystery.

    feel free to add me on skype and follow me

    -Lady Lockheart~
  2. Oh! cool! alot of my friends are into anime 2. Ill check it out!
  3. great :-) i kinda got in to NGE after watching girls und panzer on youtube lol ads for other anime can lead you to discover new ones such as NGE or One Piece
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Lady Lockheart! You certainly are right about keeping the curtain of mystery about your characters as it would add a great deal of suspense in the long run on your RPs. I hope you'll get to be a part of some memorable RPs here soon. Have fun!