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  1. or don't, it's really up to you. HI! I'm Annie. I like pastel colors and cute things and Disney and food and the complete and total destruction of society as you know it ^_^
    I'm a musician, I mostly make breakcore and speedcore as anMech, but I also play bass guitar and make other kinds of electronic music. I'll listen to anything at least once, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.
    In other news (I say that a lot) I'm trans and lesbian so if you have any questions about my personal experiences with those things fire away!
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  2. *totally relevant*

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  3. hah! That is relevant! Your avatar is super cute! I have a counter response:
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  4. >I

    My avatar's not cute.
    I AM FEAR!!
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  5. I had a friend I used to call Fear because her username at one point was "Fear Itself."
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  6. I instantly approve of you!! Destroy Society <3

    Also welcome! ^^ Would love to rp with you!
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  7. I TOO LIKE FOOD. *gives you cookie*

    Also, welcome to Iwaku.
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  8. Thank you all for the welcomeses!
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  9. OOH OOH WHAT KIND!? I mostly wanna do one on one because it's been a bit since I've RP'd
  10. ooh that is hard I am pretty much into anything ^^
  11. Hi Annie, welcome to the site! ^o^
  12. Thanks Diana. Are you sure you're not actually an owl?
  13. Yes! O_O I am pretty sure I am a person!
  14. But, you could be an owl person! and that would be awesome!