Bound as Foes

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    It was a charming night out for Natasa Elisavet. This demonness was out during a crescent moon, and for now she peacefully wondered through some lovely rose bushes. Flowers were one of her favorite things. They always smelled so nice. Certainly she prefers them over the presence of others. Her clothes were loose hanging and she wore a plain pair of jeans. There was only the hint of a smile that curled on her lips. Then the winds changed, she felt her head spinning. Oh shit, no this was the last thing she needed. With a summoning circle prepped on some witches wooden floor she found herself in an old hut that belonged to the hag that was clearly running things. Natasa glances over still on her knees in the circle to see, ugh, an unwelcome sight. A priest of sorts that probably had this witch conjure her up just for him to try and slay. Instantly with that in mind she got to her feet but was still unable to leave the circle. "Let me out hag!" The old woman simply chuckled and kept on going on with her spells and chants. Next thing the demonness knows she feels a burning sensation on her chest right over her heart. At the same time it seems like the priest is going through the same ordeal.

    That was when it hit her. Fuck, this was a binding spell. "You bitch! No!" Despite her rather rude pleas for the old woman to stop the searing pain in her chest only grew. She pulled down the top of her shirt to find her mark. If the priest were to look at his chest the same mark could be found. Natasa couldn't believe this was happening to her right now.

  2. Savaniel burned, his limbs struggling against the effects of petrification as an unholy fire marked his body. It was a mistake, an underestimation of the witch’s powers, and now, he was paying for it. The spell would wear off soon, but by then…

    The searing pain disappeared, and the priest-knight almost fell onto the floor. He plunged his longsword into the ground of the savage mudhut, supporting his weight, before slowly turning his eyes towards the perpetrator of this event. The old witch, her eyes clouded over from blindness and her wispy hair marking her as a savage devil-worshipper, was cackling, even as his grip tightened on his sword and his strength returned to him. Of course. She had already done what she desired. She could die satisfied.

    But Savaniel, the priest-knight of the Goddess Aelitha, didn’t care. He drew his sword back up, and sliced her in half, the blessed blade slicing cleanly through flesh and bone. With flick of his sword and a disgusted grimace, he shed the vile blood that was on the length of his weapon, before he turned to the white-haired demon that the old woman had summoned.

    “Prepare yourself, fiend,” the young blond said, leveling his sword towards her. He cared not for the brand on his body, nor for his weakened body. A demon was before him, and he will not make any excuses to run or hide, simply because he was tired. There will be no mercy for a demon.
  3. Natasa watched this priest as he sliced through the old woman like she was cake. Her heart raced and as he wiped his blade clean the demonness went into fight or flight mode. Good thing he killed the witch because that meant she could step from the circle now that she wasn't being held in by the witches power. "fiend? How am I a fiend?! I didn't do anything to you!" Twas true she was only a demon of the forest who drew her power from the Celtic Lily maid Blodeuwedd who was a hardly known of goddess. All she could do was back away, but she looked around before she ended up pinned to a wall. He lunged towards her and she blessed the fact that she was faster than him and dodged the attack. "Wait?! Don't you know what she did to us you fool?!"

    Her purple eyes were wide with fear "She bonded us! If you hurt me you'll feel it! If either of us are in trouble the other will know. Damn it! and today was going so well" She put her hands on either sid of her head like she didn't know what to do. Being as young of a demon as she was she wasn't very powerful. There were small conjurings she could manage, mostly flowers, but she hadn't gotten into the heavy stuff yet. This also meant she wasn't as corrupted as most demons. No one really knew it but there were demons out there that weren't such bad people, but because of that they just blend right into human society. Right under the nose of any church.
  4. Of course she didn’t do anything towards him. But did it matter? She was a demon, and even if the white-haired monster hadn’t done any harm to him directly, it was only a matter of time until she did. Snarling as his sword plunged into the side of the hut, Savaniel tore it out, sending a gout of mud out as he turned the tip of the weapon towards her once more. She was fast, he had to admit, but there was only so much room to dodge within the hut, and his back was facing the only exit. It would take time, but that was a fair price to pay for the end of a demonspawn.

    But then, something in her voice convinced him to hear out her words. Still keeping two hands on his long sword, ready to slice her to ribbons if there was even the slightest sign of hypnosis or magic, the blond knight demanded, “Bonded? Explain, demon, the terms of this so-called bonding.”

    There indeed was a lingering, foreign sensation on his chest, but Savaniel did not examine it. After all, regardless of how human she looked, what was before him was still a monster, a wolf in sheep’s skin.
  5. Her eyes were still wide with fear as they darted between looking at him and his sword which was hostilely pointed in her direction. To seem even less threatening she put up her hands and slowly sat down with her legs crossed. Her timid eyes looked up at him and slowly she pulled her shirt down just enough to see the mark which was her contract mark, it was different for different demons. "If you look at the same spot on your chest you'll have one too...since we're bonded it means we'll know when the other is in trouble. Spiritually it connects us, but if the right spells are cast or the right blessed weapon used we can feel each other's pain. I'm really sorry" She added sincerely not having wanted this either. "It also means I never really leave you...and that I...get your soul when you die" It was clear in her voice that she was reluctant to admit it, but it was true. She would gain power from his soul even though she didn't want it.

    "I could just not eat your soul...but that would leave you in a state of purgatory to forever remain. It's not a pleasant place. Other demons who spawn from hell have to make it there. " What she didn't mention was that she hadn't spawned from hell, she had spawned very tiny, and from a moon lily. She pulled up her shirt not feeling a need to keep it showing and she put one fist loosely into her other and and set her hands on her crossed ankles. "what could you have possibly done to that witch that would make her do this to you?"