Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

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  1. ~Desmond Libra~

    ~Age: 25~

    ~Personality: Calm, collected and caring, with a head for business, he is ready to take on any task at hand. Focused in stressful situations, he can be quite strategic and is always friendly in demeanour to those whom he may meet.~


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    Name; Esmeralda Catoure
    Age; 25
    Personality; Emotional and easy to temper, she knows how to use her anger and direct
    against her enemies - even though her hot-headed attitude sometimes
    get her in troubles she cannot escape without using drastic methods.
    She hides her soft and vulnerable side behind that very facade of aggression.
  3. @Tripell
    Desmond Libra: Courier, #0066cc
    Dust blew in from the outside, to the inside of the bar. After the war, the dust rains were a regular occurrence. After the Singularity, the one moment where the nukes destroyed anyone and everything not above ground, barely anything of the old civilization stood. No monoliths of a pre-war era. He sat in a rebuilt bar, sipping on mildly irradiated whiskey, smoking a mildly irradiated cigar. He had a task. Being a courier, he always did. He had to deliver an item from one client to another, and he was not to question what it was. All he knew was the client lived on the coast, and planned to sail out, find "Sanctuary" or whatever the acolytes decided to call it. But one thing was, those who sailed out, never came back. It might have been something in the water.
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