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  1. "Welcome to Bouldering Thoughts! Every type is accepted, igneous, sedementary, space, any kind! Please, feel free to express yourself however you feel. Here, you won't get kicked around by Squishy Stones for speaking your mind! Just call in!..."
  2. Hi! So, you rockies just let us other stones 'n minerals [several coughs and the sound of feet walking by blow up from the other end]... Eh, sorry. As I was askin'. You allow any form of rock to talk?
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  3. "Yes, any rock or mineral type is allowed! All they got to do is say 'Hello, my name is (insert character name) and I am a (insert rock type). I have (describe rock's appearance).' and they're good to go!"
  4. Is this only restricted to rocks or can a multi-dimesional time travelling quartz say it too?
    If so, "Hello, my name is Iris and I am a dimension traveling quartz. I have blue googly eyes, am small, wear a long Brown coat and have a pocket watch to my right."
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  5. Just rocks.
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  6. Ah, so then I didn't have to introduce myself? Dang it. But I still am the same Iris, but I also now have cat ears. I made them maiself! But... I should change my introduction... how should I?
  7. So, let me get this straight: A rock, with cat ears?