INTEREST CHECK Born to Kill 3.0

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  1. Or would it be 4.0? ... I can't remember. But this roleplay is my favourite baby! Too many times have people participated and then walked out on me. ;__; I want to bring it back, only this time, I'm going to be a meanface and not let inactive people play in it. *shyly kicks at a pebble*

    Here is the old/sorta updated OOC

    I'm going to be making some changes to the newer one, though. My characters will be different and have realistic pictures, instead of the animu. :| I'll also be scattering the weapons over the city, instead of making them all stuck in a tree. lolol

    The gist of this is some humans find some weapons that can transform into humans. It's like Soul Eater, if you've seen that animu, but the true inspiration came from a romance novel I read called Red Kiss... With your weapon partner, you go fight evil that's raining on the city that's been unleashed since the weapons have united with their new wielders.

    The weapons are fairly old, therefore they're going to be swords, spears, staffs, bow and arrow, etc. instead of like... Firearms. >__> If you really wanted something like that, though I can be flexible. It is possible for the weapons to evolve as the years pass!

    I'm hoping to get 4 people to play this with me. That would be 2 people playing humans, 2 people playing weapons. I'll be playing one of each. I don't want to go any higher than that, but if 2 more want to play I could allow a total of 6 other players. Anyone else who'd wanna play would have to be a villain or somethin' for us to beat up on, heehee...

    So yeah. Hope some people will want to play. X3 Due to some recent roleplay deaths, I've got free space to run this. Therefoooore, I'm not over-stressing.
  2. Fluffy, do not tease me so! <_< >_>
  3. Count me in!
  4. Wonderful. <3

    *continues to entice Alarice* :D
  5. I'm probably one of the few you'd be a meanyface to :P

    I'm still interested though...If you'll still have me
  6. Myrn. I do want you to play. <3


    You need to promise me posts when they're needed. If you can do that, I won't be meanface. ;3 *pats him on the head*
  7. I play >> <<
  8. I'm going to post as if my life depended on it.

    This is more or less the last chance I have of redeeming myself, so I'm going to take this seriously.
  9. Excellent, Myrn. I'm happy to hear that. n_____n

    And yaayy Kitti wants to plaayy. <3

    Later this week, I shall have an OOC up. Let me know if you are or aren't going to play, Ala. 'Cause if you can't, it's all right. I have a list of people I can chase into this to fill in that other spot for me. *giggle*