Boring into Exciting

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    Haylee is a 15 year old skater girl. She hangs out with mainly older kids who were introduced to her through her 17 year old brother Haydyn


    They grew up as skaters and even had friends who enjoyed the same activity. They would get themselves in trouble a lot but still manages to have fun. Lately their lives have been getting boring and filled with the same things. It's time for them to change things up, but they don't know how to put some excitement into their lives.
    So Haydyn and Haylee call up their friends to see if they would like to come over to discuss their ideas.
    What they weren't expecting were some unrealistic ideas
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  2. Kasey Myers sat there in the skate park as everyone else was either hanging out or trying out new tricks. She was already a really good skater but came here to not just practice but to try out her new board.
  3. Haydyn and Haylee were at the skate park. The were looking around for people they knew.
    "I'm pretty sure I got a text from them saying they'd be here" Haydyn said.
    "Try actually looking around instead of looking at your cellphone." Haylee said to her older brother