Boredom doesn't exist on the internet

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  1. So don't let me catch you saying it before you've checked out these amazing websites.
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    to change your life forever.​
    EDIT: #4 is a different cat and song with each refresh.
  2. BOREDOM WILL ALWAYS EXIST ON THE oooh, 3D rope ~ :3
  3. Yay StumbleUpon!
  4. Gawd, thank you. I get so annoyed when people complain about being bored. There is limitless knowledge and entertainment on the internet, dammit. >:[

    *Bookmarks link*
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  5. I like the last one!

    The homophobic one is just depressing.
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  6. For me, Boredom doesn't exist on the internet, nor in real life!
    The world is a wondrous place.