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  1. Alright, so i am the unofficial mascot/employee of our hobby shop in town, he does skateboards, table top games, card games, and bikes and rockclimbing gear as well as model cars and planes.

    My local game shop just recieved an information packet about tournaments games workshop ( the makers of warhammer40k) wants to run in our area. now i live in a small town in wyoming, and though there ae ALOT of people i know are interested, nobody seems to want to get off their butts and do anything.

    games workshop is willing to put up a 100 dollar games workshop credit award for first place, and a 50 dollar one for second place. we only have two people who would play right now. Now i'm a colelge kid already out of the loop with people only a few years younger than me in my town, how the HELL can i get more people to know about this? >.< halp!
  2. Ok first find an army that you like the background and aesthetics of, the basic 40k rulebook will help with this.

    once this had been decided, study your army, find it's strengths and it's weaknesses, it's nuances.....etc.
  3. Facebook and twitter, though scary, scary things, are AWESOME for viral marketing. o____o You get people to share, like, friend, etc and it helps a lot!
  4. thanks to both of you, ^_^ i might be online alot, but i seldome take advantage of such assets.