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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a plot idea and someone who's willing to collaberate and develop a good plot with me. I dont really have anything in mind to be honest. All my information about me RPing is in my resume. I can say that I have over 150 characters (probably. There's too many to count) so its highly likely I have a character that would fit just about anything, and if not I am more than willing to create a new or alter an old character for a story. I just really want to get into an rp. Its been really long and I miss it. :( So if you have any suggestions/ideas/questions/whatever, please message me or post here! Thanks :)
  2. I'm interested. I prefer to play the female character although I can be persuaded to play male. I mostly prefer fantasy with action and romance. I'm comfortable with either chat RPs or forum. Don't have a specific plot in mind, but I'm willing to work on something with you. PM me if interested.
  3. I can help you with that too. ; )
  4. I'm still looking if anyone's interested. :)
  5. Lol 150 characters?! That's probably about as many as I have over all my role plays, stories and fanfics XD
  6. Yea, that includes all the characters I have in my stories. I have a habit of using my story characters in rps. It helps develop them, and I get a feel for the character that way. Thats why I have so many. I have something of almost anything probably, and if not, I love creating characters and I'm fairly good at it too lol.
  7. Lol I'm usually the opposite XD
    I make characters JUST for rps then I love them so much I make them a story lol.
    Lol and I probably got one of everything, too XP
    I try every genre and type of character so I can get into a lot of different universes with em :)
  8. I can understand that. I have an rp character that intrigues me so much that I wanna make a story for him, but I havent gotten around to it. So I tend to go both ways.

    Its good to try many genres! I love it. Its fascinating what you can do with a more diverse universe-base. Right now, I'm in the beginning processes of making a humanoid plant species. Complete with photosynthesis and all, lol. Its been scratching at my mind all year.
  9. Ooh that sounds cool lol. =3
    I actually DON'T have any plant like people yet (which is sirprising to me considering everything I DO have lol). XP
    They sound like they'd be amazing.
  10. Oh I hope they will be. I'm thinking alot about how the biology of a creature like that would work. I love science, and biology is fascinating and so many of my characters (most of them...) I created with not just imagination but also a bit of science, whatever science that would be. Thats why it takes me as long as it does to create a new species. I think of biology, culture, habitat, magical elements, the whole nine. lol I have alot of hope for these plant people, although they'll go into the vaults until I can stick them into a story.
  11. Lol again I'm the opposite X3
    I can think up interesting plots and settings for stories but when it comes to the races I tend to be a bit more UNcreative and have to have my friend help me out lol
  12. lol I think we'd make a great pair! Do you wanna do an rp together?
  13. Lol sure. :3
    Sounds like an awesome idea to me. =D
  14. Awesome, I'll send you a PM.
  15. 'm interested :3 Maybe like a rp in a futuristic setting? I don't really have a plot idea though.
  16. Thats fine. We can work something out. What kind of ideas do you have? General or specific? Or maybe it would be easier to ask what species creatures do you want?
  17. I'm still looking for partners if anyone is interested. :)