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  1. (Please note, if a plot is missing anything indicated in any of the tags, I apologize, I barely understand what a lot of them mean)

    Hello, going a little bit stir crazy here from boredom, have a few plots to do, I only play males. I'm expecting at least two paragraphs for the most part, unless there is dialogue going on, in which case short posts are acceptable to avoid god modding

    I'm open to ideas of your own, so long as you recognize I won't do anything involving rape, torture, or yaoi, yuri, nothing against FxF or MxM, but it doesn't interest me

    Anyways here goes, if there is no plot for them I can easily create one

    Sorcerer x Succubus
    Lost Human Explorer x Alien

    Amazon x Explorer

    Vampire x Steward

    That's all for now, more when I think of them
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  2. Sorcerer x succubus or the alien and explorer one sound interesting. What's the sex/plot balance, and are you okay being forced submissive? (That question's in regards to the succubus one. I already have an idea where the sorcerer summons the demon and she turns the tables on him with a spell of her own.)
  3. That wouldn't work with the setting, and it's taken I'm afraid
  4. I would love to do Lost Human Explorer x Alien with you?
  5. Pm me
  6. If interested could do Amazon x Explorer with you.
  7. If I'm interested or you're interested...
  8. Oh I just had a funny thought that could add a twist to this whole amazon thing. What if(bear with me now.) instead of the usual amazons running around in loincloths and throwing spears these amazons were people from venus! (Because men are from mars and women are from venus and thats whats wrong with us.) And these futuristic amazons come to earth to harvest men to use for reproduction and have THEM make the sandwiches! Mustard no Mayo and extra cheeze!

    sorry, but I think you get the idea. eh? eh?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.