Bored. Need a good RP

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  1. Soo most of my roleplays are on hold for a moment and im looking to do a little roleplay. Im looking for a romance roleplay at the moment with a little actiom. I post 3 paragraphs and more depeding on what i have to respond to. The only thing im looking for is someone who can write at least 2 paragraphs per post. I HATE one liners they bore me. XP
  2. I think I can live up to your expectations. I'm interested.
  3. Great is there anything in particular that you had in mind?
  4. Actually, no. If you have an idea, I'll be happy to go with it.
  5. Okay lol

    1. I was thinking my character is on a much needed vacation while he's there he runs into an ex of his. My character wants to win you back dispite the fact that your engaged.

    2. Cop/ Accused Killer. Your character is basically a cop who will stopat nothing to bring in my characer in for killing your best friend. It can start out where you have me in custody but because of a bad stom we are stuck in your characters home.

  6. OMG I love them both. You can decide. I'll go with either one.
  7. lol okay how about the 1st one? Do you mind putting up the thread? My minds out of it
  8. Hmm, sure. I hope that you'll like it. I've never made on before :P
  9. lol its cool do your best
  10. Hello,

    I was interested in starting a RP up with you if you are still looking. Maybe we could go another route plot wise?

    If you are still looking please message me :)