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  1. Welcome, all, to a true celebration of the wonder that is the Bored Games. It's great and all.

    Now, the purpose of this thread will be something of the unusual. For every post, you are to do the minor challenge as specified above, be it caption your own avatar, write a poem dedicated to the Bored Games, or make a small image using ASCII art! The possibilities are endless!

    So, to kick this celebration off, I shall begin with requesting the first challenge.

    Reference as many Bored Game-threads in a single sentence as you can.
  2. How would you react if the above avatar was bribed by a million dollars to ban you because of a wish-corrupted admin that thinks the user count is as high as possible, but you had a magical vending machine that dispensed food items that they could eat or leave?
  3. So basically I'm being banned for an unreasonable reason, but I have a machine that dispensers food the person who banned me is offered before I can eat it? I suppose I can get along with that.

    Would you rather have your wish corrupted to your disadvantage, or get a million dollars, but you die after three years?
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Thread Status:
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