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  1. So yeah, basically I'm looking for someone who would like to roleplay with me since I haven't used my own character Sinderi around here yet. I would greatly prefer it to have a demon/fantasy based roleplay since well, either way you're going to be stuck with one e-e

    Name: Sinderi Sijobu.
    Race: Human, although there's a demon sealed inside her.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    S.O.: Straight.
    Lenght: 5'7"
    Build: Slender but agile.
    Weight : 123 lbs
    Occupation: Schoolgirl/Hellguard Skips school most of the time though.
    Hair: Black hair going just below her shoulders, when she's fighting it will change to a fiery red.
    Eyes: Normally bright blue, turning blood red at night or when she senses demon energy / aura. When the demon inside her awakens the white in her right eye will turn black.
    Clothes: Most of the time a white shirt with long sleeves which fall over her hands and which is loose around her shoulders, bare feet most of the time. Or a school uniform made out of a brown skirt, white shirt, black shoes a tie (which she usually doesn't wear) and a dark brown jacked with the school's emblem.
    Armor: When she needs it or close to a Hellgate skull shaped armor will form covering her whole body except her head, the two skulls on her shoulders can get flaming eyes when using a lot of energy or when she's mad. she can't come close to a Hellgate without forming her armor, the energy from it will rip her apart at some point if she doesn't release it.
    Special features: Her back, neck and shoulders are covered with black symbols which are often confused with normal tattoos, however these symbols form the seal which keeps Agony inside.
    Weapon: A dagger with a black blades and silver veins on the blade, it can transform into a large silver veined scythe when she needs it.


    At an age of only two months old her parents were attacked and murdered by a pair of demons. All alone in the woods with demons still lurking she wouldn't survive long, until the Incubus named Mo'gar came around and found her actually playing with the tail of one of the murderous demons. The Incubus punished the two and took the baby with him to his home, the flaming pits of Hell itself. Her name was unknown but upon their arrival the demons which passed them whispered the word sin over and over again, it became her nickname and Lucifer gave her the name Sinderi since it sounded more human.
    The biological mother of Mo'gar, Lady Sijobu took care of her ever since granting her the last name Sijobu, that is how her story began as Sinderi Sijobu.

    Ten years she spend rather peaceful, training with her 'brother' and becoming stronger and stronger by the day, building up an incredible stamina for a human girl. Her lungs became resistant of the deadly gasses in those flaming pits and she grew rapidly, learning several different dialects of the demonic tongue. However one day Lord Lucifer called the girl to make a very important decision she had to agree with a very powerful demon being sealed inside her. Of course, being thankful of everything the creatures of hell had done for her she accepted, unaware of the burden the demon would put on her. Chained she was brought to the ceremonial room of Lucifer's palace where the summoning of the demon had already begun. Their blood was used to paint symbols and markings on her back and neck which are still visible as black tattoos. when the demon came into the summoning circle she was frozen by fear, and when he asked for his name she replied with the word Agony. an intense pain and hate coursed through her body for many days torturing until she would fall into a coma from exhaustion her 'mother' being the only person able to touch her. When the pain faded and the seal was complete she was immediately brought to the training grounds to be trained to a Hellguard, granted powers over her own energy and fire.

    At the age of 13 she was ready to come back to the human world, hunting down demons who have escaped from hell and sending them back to receive their punishment.

    About the seal: Te sealing is called the Soulburn, with other words, if the soul of Agony and Sinderi were to be parted both of them will be destroyed, this however doesn't prevent the demon of taking over her mind and body from time to time, yet it will drain her from her energy. It is impossible to part the two, but she doesn't want that to happen either, Sinderi accepted her fate long ago.
  2. I was wondering if your still looking for someone to rp this character with and if so was wondering what, if anything, you had in mind as a plot. Understanding of course that the genre is fantasy/demons.
  3. I am still looking for someone yes, the plot I'm most of the time not really worrying about, I mean it depends on the partner you get. So far I basically had an idea where Sinderi and the other character somehow meet each other, maybe even try to kill each other at first, and for some reason they have to try and stop an all out war between the humans, Heaven and Hell.

    Might be a bit weird but usually I don't really work out a plot for I'm not very good at it. >.<
  4. Ok that sounds good, I would be up for that. That seems like a good plot to me as it is. If you want to set a thread up for it I will get my character created. Are you looking for another human as the other character or is anything ok? Just wondering if you had anything specific in mind.
  5. Anything non human sounds good to me >.<
    It makes things a bit more interesting in my opinion, I shall put a thread up.
  6. Wow, that seems intresting.
  7. Sounds interesting to me too ^^ pm me if you are still looking for another rp
  8. I will, a bit busy lately, sorry for a bit of lateness. Pm's will be send @-@