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  1. Heya there peeps of Iwaku. I've been a very, very bored person lately and am searching for some rp's which I can join. I'm open to almost anything as long as it isn't yaoi
  2. You look familiar.

    Then again, everyone looks familiar.

    I hope you're into Ben 10 or something. Because that's all I really can offer right now and everything else I host is torture porn.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Unity of the Universe | Ben 10 RP | OoC |

    Well I'm partaking in a Closed Digimon RP but some part of me tells me it'll be opened.

    Here are some other RP plans I have:

    INTEREST CHECK - Transformers Ideas |

    For an original idea, I do have one, but it'll be a rereremake. First two tries died due to lack of user dedication, third and most recent try was somewhat my fault. As such, I am reconsidering rulios for another remake.

    INTEREST CHECK - A Digimon RP |
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  3. There's Fandomstuck, an RP about personified fandoms, if that interests you at all.
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