Bored and looking for a male partner

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So I had this idea, and I wanted to see if anybody was interested, so yeah.

Ordinary Day

(Y/C) is an ordinary boy, he did his collage work, hung out with friends and liked to make new friends. Teachers loved him and so did anybody else who had met him.

(M/C) is an unordinary girl, while she did do he collage work she would never hang out with friends, she stuck to herself and didn't talk to anybody, teachers didn't know her name and she was glad they didn't.

It stayed this way for awhile until (Y/C) and (M/C) run into each other, literally. (Y/C) finds himself being drawn towards (M/C) and tries to get to know her. It takes awhile but she begins to open up to him and the two become best friends, sticking to one another through collage and moving in together once they had graduated.

They get invited to a party and their friendship turns into something a little more when drunken confessions are made and they wake up in the same bed wrapped around each other.

Just an ordinary day.
So yeah, I would like to develop this further but right now I wanna get some other replies out.

Just PM me or comment if you're interested.


I'm interested if you're still looking. Send me a pm and we can get started?
Not open for further replies.