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  1. I'll start off by saying I want someone who is willing to play a male character who is dominant. Secondly, this is a post from my want to play an Elsword roleplay, specifically as Aisha. You can play as a character from the game or as an OC, but I'm going to play Aisha and you're going to play a dominant male. Up to speed? Good. Now, I don't have a specific idea, but I do know that I want it to do with Aisha growing in her abilities, like someone offering her more power in exchange for whatever it is he wants. I was hoping to develop the idea to whoever replies to this, either by posting here or sending me a message.

    Now, the TL:DR version:
    ~you be dominant male
    ~I be Aisha
    ~this be Elsword roleplay
    ~plot be not fully developed
  2. I love you so much... Aisha is the best! I am so up for this! I could play Raven!
  3. Yay! I would love it if you would!
  4. So, Raven and Aisha. Plot?
  5. Hmm... Maybe Raven offers her demonic power?
  6. Pretty straightforwards, but it'd work. Perhaps he took interest in her after watching her go through a dungeon, barely getting out alive, and he takes advantage of her lack of power to make a deal with her?
  7. I do think we have our idea together.
  8. I believe so. Who should start it?
  9. Do you possibly think you could?
  10. Ya, just give me a bit. about to head over to a friends house.
  11. Okay. I'll be waiting for the link.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.