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  1. The Bordello Inn is a wonderful, thriving community of RPers with a passion for their characters and the many, many plotlines they find themselves involved in. Since the beginning, the players, new and old, have been working as a team to create an environment that was both helpful and receptive to others. To be honest, I don't think it's possible to count all the characters we've had pass by the Bordello Inn, and I'm very proud of that!

    For a long time now, I've wanted to create a section where players could come and post their artwork of their favorite Inn characters, so I'm happy to introduce you all to the Bordello Inn's Fan Art Page! :D

    This is a place to draw to your hearts content, please just refrain from having and overly sexual content or nudity. (at least for now)

    If you're just stumbling on this page, are 18+, and have an interest in checking out the Bordello Inn Chat RP, please click here!
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  2. Okay.. well you guys can't judge the first ever piece of fanart! Right? *hides and puts up the pic*

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  3. Is that Rain? It looks so cute. Why does she have a shiv?? ._.
  4. She has a blade because she has one in the other pic too :P Plus why not?!
  5. So far I've only seen the cutesy confused side of her, that's why I was like "wai murder?!" lol!
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  6. Well I was more trying to make her seem cautious or something of that nature... idk *shrugs* its art XD
  7. It's adorable! <3

    Here's my tiny little sketch of Ryo and Rain in the tub. :3
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  8. I guess I can show the thing I can't stop fucking fiddling with >>; Idk, not all that happy with it but WHATEVER HAVE IT. I'm okayish with Ryo, not so much with Rain.

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  9. YAAAAYYY cookies for ALL!
  10. I LOVE IT!! His expression is perfect lmao!!! So uncomfortable. :P
  11. Testing new tablet, decided to test with the nose boops! And it's Ryo/Rain again because I AM UNCREATIVE AND SHIPPING IS A THING.

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  12. OMG I LOVE IT *flails on keys* JSGJGDS JVSKDSAEHG!
  13. I keep fanarting in attempts to practise. You'll see a lot of this sorta crap.

    I'm not entirely happy with this due to I can't for the life of me draw RL characters as convincing anime-style characters but it's MEANT to be Jack and Sally having a music lesson... without a background cos I'm not about to spend 3 hours trying to figure out how to do one.


    Editing to add a Sojin, since I managed to finish one I'm kind of fine with

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