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    Hello once again all my lovelies~
    I am here, once more, on the search for a partner who may share my love for the 80's movie Dirty Dancing. Now of course we won't be using canon characters but we'll be using the base idea of the movie (not taking that much from it though).

    But before we get to the good part I have to tell you guys what I'm searching for and what you can expect (I know I

    Im looking for...
    1) Someone who can post regularly, and by regularly I don't mean a couple posts a day I mean at least a post a day and at maximum once a week.
    2) Someone okay with playing different character and different genders (meaning I don't want a partner who only plays a submissive female)
    3) Someone that's open minded, which means they can be open to the idea of broadening their horizons.
    4) Someone who's literate and can post at least two paragraphs. Of course that's the minimum...if you want more type more, type more! As long as you can handle it though, no stress to type me a novel.
    5) And lastly someone who's okay with speaking their mind and talking to me once in a while. I promise I won't bite~

    What you'll find....
    1) Someone who can play both male and female characters.
    2) Someone who loves all pairing ideas (but mostly FxF)
    3) Someone who can post multiple times a day but can sometimes get busy and can only pump out a post a day.
    4) Someone who loves romance more than anything and will try to fit it anywhere in a plot (but won't force it)
    5) Someone who can give you a long or short post depending on muse and mood.

    Now that's done! So let's get into the good part, the idea I had~


    •Plot: Cuban Nights***
    •Includes: Dark themes, Sexual themes, Alcohol and drug usage
    •Genre: Modern, Romance
    •Pairing: FxF or FxM

    Muse A is the daughter of a owner of chain hotels who used to be a famous Latin ballroom dancer with her mother, who is now a stay and home mom. One day Muse A is notified that she has to pick up her whole life and move to Cuba so that her father can continue to expand his hotel services to foreign countries. Of course Muse A isn't partial to the idea but has no choice but to obey her father and move with her family. Once they finally arrive in Cuba their welcomed into the hotel that her father is trying to acquire and Muse A meets Muse B, an employee of the hotel. At first they pay no mind to each other, but one day while Muse A was walking home from school after missing the bus she sees Muse B dancing in the streets of Cuba. She's intrigued at first which turns into full blown awe as Muse B finally recognizes her and notices that she's lost and offers to walk her home.

    After she's arrives home she begins thinking about the way that she saw Muse B move and the next day she attempts to dance the way she had seen Muse B dance but catches the attention of Muse B instead who offers to teach her how to dance the way that he/she had danced yesterday. Muse A and Muse B are two totally different people who grew up in two totally different life styles but through the passion and sensual movements they begin to form a bond. Will these two try to overcome the overbearing attitude is Muse A's parents and the murderous gang activity of Muse B's brother, or will they fall victim and remain in the same boring cycle they've found themselves to be in.

    Looking For~
    +Someone who can play Muse B (doesn't matter if it's male or female, I'll be playing a female myself)
    +Someone okay with the dark themes that may occur(such as murder, sexual themes, etc.)
    +Someone 18 and up (nothing against teen members I just don't want anyone to get in trouble)
    +Someone looking for some fun and dirty dancing~


    Finally we have reached the end f our trip and I excited to see if someone is interested in the idea. If you are just pm me or reply to the thread below (I would prefer a pm though).

    P.S: I mainly use real face claims so that's what we'll be using for character sheets.
    P.P.S: I'm willing to do this idea with three partners. Partner one will get a thread and partners two and three will role play over pm (if that's okay...partner one can do a on if that makes you comfortable)

    So hopefully I'll see you soon, goodbye lovelies~
Thread Status:
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