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  1. Lame title that works.

    Name: Valeriya Castus
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Supernatural Hunter

    A woman of 5 feet 7 inches, Veleriya is lean and built like a swimmer. Although she's slender, she can pack quite a punch due to her being skilled in close quarters combat.
    Veleriya is driven by the desire to achieve and to become the best Hunter. Many of her decisions will be influenced either on the opportunity to improve or to prove (to herself) her existing skills. She's rather excitable and it doesn't take much to get her charged up. She's trustworthy and puts in her fair share of the work. In battle, Veleryia is daring and a bit reckless—the greater the challenge, the more risks she'll take. She's also charming and passionate, and it is easy for her to talk to people.
    Born and raised in a family of hunters, Valeriya has been trained to efficiently eradicate the supernatural. Why the Castus family chose this hard life is unknown; but it is said that it began hundreds of years ago when a man name Michael Castus lost his entire family and bore terrible scars at the age of thirteen because of a vampire. Since then, Michael Castus had started an organization of Hunters and waged war against the supernatural. Valeriya hasn't had much of an 'ordinary' childhood. She quit school after receiving her high school diploma before becoming a fully-fledged Hunter. The stress of knowing what lurks in the shadows had taken it's tolls. She lives solely to keep the world safe.
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  2. Name: Vince Halford

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Freelance Wildlife Photographer

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: As a human, Vince is very quiet and timid. Tending to think situations through and not act on impulse. As a werewolf, his anger and instinct tend to take over. As both human and werewolf he tends to distrust humans and values animal life over human life.

    History: Born to a typical middle class family, Vince grew up as a fairly normal child. As a young adult he went into wildlife photography, working for National Geographic for a good while. It was during his time as a photographer he was attacked by a werewolf. He survived only because a hunter was in the area and heard his cries and scared off the young werewolf. Now Vince strives to control his animal side and hide it as best he can. He does not wish to join a pack and prefers to keep to himself.
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  3. It was a fair day; blue skies without a single cloud. It was breezy and the wind whispered sweet nothings in her ear. She was wearing a simple blue plaid shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and boots. Valeriya Castus pink lips pulled up into a smile as she listened to what the old hunter had to say. He was an ordinary hunter and an ordinary man, who only hunter normal animals unlike Valeriya. She shifted a bit to face the man, scribbling a bunch of notes in her note book. Rule Number Four - Always take notes. She was currently at the outskirts of a mountain ranges of Michigan, interviewing a retired ranger who took residence near the wilderness.

    "And then," he starts. "That group of people I was talking about? Foolish people, I might add. They went up there one night and never came back." The old ranger sighed and settled in his seat, looking up at the sky. "Searched for weeks. So many people went up to search for 'em. Didn't find a single trace missy."

    "That's odd," Valeriya responded. "Say," she said, her eyes flickering downwards before piercing sapphires gazed at him. "...The night they left - Was it full moon?"

    The man peered at her and then shook his head no, assuming the young red-head only asked these questions because she was a reporter researching strange accidents and disappearances. "Nah missy. It was pitch black - I only remember 'cause it was eerie as hell."

    "Thank you," she politely said, snapping the book filled with information about the supernatural creatures any Hunter had came across.

    "My pleasure."

    Valeriya left, sitting in her car as she sighed. She opened the note book again, flipping around the pages and scanning through what was written inside. Definitely not a werewolf. Her lips pursed as she stowed away her precious book and dialed a number in her cellphone, waiting just a few seconds before the person picked up.


    "Marcus, don't call me that," she exasperatedly said.

    "Yeah yeah Valentine, what'd the old guy say?"

    "Not a full moon."

    Valeriya heard a sigh from the other end.

    "Well, he gave you a lot more information. Is it because you're a pretty innocent soft little thing? I think I'm pretty cute -"

    "Marcus," she interrupted, giggling. "Please, spare me. It's probably a wendigo."

    "Fuck, hate those things. Maybe uh, you can take care of it?"

    "Why, I thought I was a soft innocent thing?" She mockingly responded, absentmindedly curling a strand of her hair.

    "Joking. You're the best! Thanks Valentine, I'll tell Dad."

    "Tell Father that I'll be alright."

    A pause.

    "Of course."

    The call ended, and Valeriya stuffed her cell in her pockets again, exhaling. Right. First thing was first. Wait until night and then head out. She started the car and headed towards a homely hotel just a few minutes away. She went inside and booked her room, just bringing in a bag of clothes and a single handgun filled with silver bullets in.The rest of her hunting equipment stayed locked in her car trunk. The hotel was two stories high and was nicely spaced out. The rooms were on the second floor while the downstairs had a huge living room and an eating area. It was nice, quite unlike the hotels Valeriya had to stay at.

    After throwing her bag inside her room, the young woman went down and plopped herself on a comfortable couch. There was barely anyone here - so she took out her book and started reading. Ever since she quit high school, Valeriya obsessively protected and poured her soul into it. It was literally the only thing that kept her sane - lest she pour out some secrets over a couple glasses of whiskey.
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  4. Vince readjusted his backpack as he continued his trek up the hill. He wiped a little sweat from his forehead as he reached the top. The area was lightly forested. He took off his backpack and rested it and himself against a large tree. He took a sip of water as he looked out over the area he had just traversed. He could see the hotel he had passed not far in the distance.

    He examined the area and decided this would be a good place to set up camp. It was near dusk and he hadn't even begun to take any pictures. There were always tons of animals to photograph this time of year. Plus, the time was comming. He could feel it in his bones. He always became uncomfortable in his skin when his time drew near.

    He remembered that day vividly. He was out shooting the migrating elk. It was late and he decided to set up camp instead of taking the several mile hike back to hhis car. A decision he wpuld later regret. He awoke to snarling and the sound of his tent tearing. It happened so fast it was a blur. Luckily that hunter heard his screams for help.

    The next thing he knew, he awoke in the hospital. A bear attack is what he was told. He slipped in and out of consciousness for several days. After two weeks of rehabilitation he was sent home. A little over a week later the first incident happened. He awoke from a terrible nightmare. He was naked, covered in blood on his kitchen floor. He found out later that three people were mauled to death within miles of his apartment.

    When a similar situation happened almost a month later, he knew his nightmares were real. Since then he has been living in hotels and going on his "camping trips" when he felt his time approaching. His job as a photographer had been a great cover for his constant moving. He has gotten better at control his actions once he transforms, but still fears for the saftey of others. He may not like most people, but he doesn't want to be responsible for murder.

    As he sets up his tent, a shift in the wind hits him. He can't place it, but something doesn't feel right. He shakes it off as he finishes putting up the tent. He throws his backpack inside and sets out to take a few pictures before the light fades.
  5. A few hours had gone by and Valeriya reached into her pockets to check her the time on her cell. Just a hour before dusk. Instantly, she knew she would have to leave now so she wouldn't have to navigate through the forests with just the moonlight guiding her way. She waited there for a bit, the book closed and clenched in her hands as the front desk manager went away with an empty coffee mug in her hand. The red-head then stood up and strolled outside, glancing around before getting in her car. Valeriya began to formulate the rather simple plan in her mind. Find and then burn the wendigo till it's nice and crispy or just stab the thing multiple times in the head. Either way worked.

    It wouldn't take long, if the hunting trip went smoothly. Besides, Valeriya doubted anyone would be up in the mountains at this time. Within around a half hour, the hunter was up and and in the dense forests. Her backpack was filled with gear - weapons mostly - and she had her handgun strapped in its shoulder holster. Valeriya would have to travel more into the forest to try and lure the creature out. These days, the supernaturals seemed to 'evolve' with the hunters; after a couple of kills, the others would seclude themselves even more.

    In a way, that was good. However, it really was a pain in the butt to try and track them.
  6. Vince walked a few yards into the woods. It was quite beautiful and serene. That's why he loved nature. So beautiful, so peaceful. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It was very peaceful. There was no sounds other then the sound of the breeze through the branches and of his own footsteps. He hadn't seen or heard another animal since he started walking. Something was definitely very wrong.

    He walked back to his tent and put is camera away. He thought of packing up and going somewhere else. He looked up at the sky. It was close to dusk. Soon it would be too dark to try and navigate the woods. Plus, his skin was itching like crazy. A sure sign that his time was close, within the next night or so probably. He hated not knowing exactly when it was going to happen. He thought it was once a month, but it always differed by a few days each time. He just couldn't quite figure it out.

    Suddenly he heard a noise in the distance. He couldn't place it, but whatever it was, it wasn't far. That odd feeling crept up on him again, that something wasn't right. He thought about just leaving this place again, but his curiosity got the better of him and he slowly walked towards the sound.
  7. Valeriya's Journal
    Entry #18

    Father encountered a Wendigo when he was in Minnesota for the weekend. Came back home alive but pretty beaten up. Mum had to literally tie him to the bed so he wouldn't continue hunting - Of course, Marcus found this completely kinky but he's an ass. Finished high school. Didn't get the best grades but it was alright, considering how much time I spent on studying. I can tell Mum's disappointed but we don't ever talk about it.

    Anyways, Father seemed pretty lonely so I decided to visit him. Surprising, he started talking about the Wendigo he had hunted.

    1. Cannibalism. Saw many human skeletons in the wendigo's lair.
    2. Looks human, but more like an emaciated bitch bitching about bitches.
    3. Agile hunter, both night and day. Be highly careful approaching it.
    4. Burn or stab it multiple times in the head with silver.

    Father has a peculiar way of explaining things.


    As Valeriya continued travelling inward, she heard an eerie wail, just 500 meters from her left. That definitely did not sound human. The Hunter exhaled once before sprinting to the direction of the sound, eager to hunt the Wendigo. It would be her first solo kill, the first one had been done with Marcus. They both left alive, but Marcus had developed quite a fear towards them. Valeriya, herself, did not particularly 'like' the Wendigos. They did look like an "emaciated bitch bitching about bitches" but they also reeked of decaying flesh and - She tried not to gag.

    As she continued running, her ears picked up the slight sound of footsteps. Too heavy to be a swift supernatural creature - what was it? She warily glanced around, swallowing as she took her time now. There were two imminent threats that could possibly team up and take he - Oh.

    It was a human.

    Goodness, how was she supposed to proceed with this? Humans involved with the Hunters just caused trouble and unnecessary baggage. However, from the looks of it, the man seemed to be curious about that previous wailing. Valeriya couldn't leave him to be devoured by the cannibalistic demon. She approached the man slowly, staying a few meters away from him before calling out.

    "Hey, you should turn back." The look on her face was stern, as if daring the man to protest. "It isn't safe."
  8. As Vince ventured slowly towards the noise he heard footsteps coming up on his right. What he was expecting was a hunter or a hiker out to investigate the noise as well. What he saw made him do a double take. It was a girl. Looking her over she seemed to have no camping equipment or hunting gear. She appeared to just be a regular girl out in the middle of the woods. He found this odd, but he knew that she was not what was giving him the bad feeling.

    She looked at him and slowed her pace. She approached cautiously and told him to turn back, that it wasn't safe. "Wasn't safe?" he thought. "What isn't safe?" That feeling of unease weighed heavily on him. If she knew something about that, he wanted to know. He went to speak to her, but then it started. That feeling in the back of his mind like something was waking up. "Shit!" He swore silently. "Not now!" The sun was just about set and he knew he had but a few minutes before it took hold.

    "Sorry." He said to her turning around. He walked as calmly as he could in the other direction. He glanced over his shoulder a couple of times to see if she followed him. He saw her watch him for a bit before she turned her attention elsewhere and began to walk away. He said a silent tank you under his breath before taking off in a full run. He ran maybe a few yards before it started. He felt his bones pop and snap as they elongated and grew in thinness. This sent him falling face first into the ground. He began to yell in pain as every bone in his body broke and regrew. He tore at his skin as it sloughed off to reveal a thick fur hide underneath. His screams crescendoed as his entire skull reformed. Within seconds his screams were replaced by howls.

    As quickly as it started it had ended. He stood up a new creature. He was now a towering six feet tall. Thick grey hair covered his muscular hide. He closed and opened his hands to reveal thick slashing claws, several inches long. He threw his head back and howled. His howl was answered by a low wailing sound. He cocked his head to the side and howled again. The wail answered again. On pure instinct he took off at a full run towards the sound.
  9. Valeriya was about to answer before the man went off, following her advice or...he seemed spooked? But now was not the time to delve into the man's matters. She continued on her hunting, the man slipping away from her worries. A few minutes had went by, the sun sinking down leaving rays of golds and reds before turning into black. Another wail....and another...Wait, that was a different call!

    She was right.

    There was another creature. She cursed, drawing out her silver-bullet gun as she cautiously placed one foot after another. Another wail and then it stopped. Her heart pounded in her head and then all of the sudden, the stench of decaying flesh hit her nostrils. A pair of red eyes gleamed out in the darkness, She lifted her gun and fired off one shot and then those red eyes disappeared. It would be back again, she was sure of it so she kept on moving.

    (Feel free to control the wendigo too!)
  10. Vince was running at full stride now towards the unfamiliar wailing. The feral side of his mind loved running. It was free and liberating. As he neared the source of the sound a vile smell hit his nostrils and brought him to a halt. He rose up on his hind legs and sniffed the air. His hackles stood up and he uttered a low guttural growl. This smell was all wrong. He noticed another smell in the air. This one was not as strong, but was very distinct. It was a human. The human side of his brain, now recovered from the transformation attempted to take hold. If there was a person out here, he needed to get away before he might hurt them. As he tried to force control of his own body, the piercing wail filled the air again. It was very close now.

    The smell and the wail sent his feral side into fight mode, which was too strong for his still weak human side to fight. He slowly crept forwards toward the source of the smell. Suddenly, in front of him appeared the source. Its glowing red eyes pierced the night and its grotesque appearance, even to Vince's feral side, appalled him. Vince and the creature slowly circled each other. The creature was taller than him, but wasn't as big. His feral side growled loudly at the creature. Since receiving this curse, he had never had a chance to fight and his feral side was ready to go. He opened his hands and bared his teeth as he prepared for the ensuing fight.

    Quickly he lunged forward, jaws snapping at the creatures neck. It grabbed him by the neck before his teeth could reach their mark. It threw him to the ground and swung its first down. He rolled out of the way and lept towards the creature, feet first. As his feet landed on it's chest, it didn't fall back as he had hoped. It took a few steps back as he landed right in front of it. It swung its arm sideways and sent Vince flying backwards. As he skidded to a stop, another smell hit his nostrils. It was human and he could hear footsteps approaching. The creature was coming at him, so it hadn't noticed the smell or the sound of the person approaching.
  11. She kept walking and the sounds just continued to echo through the forest. Sounds of fighting; branches breaking and thumps. Valeriya swallowed, almost tempted to run away right now. She had no clue what this other creature was and who knew if they were conversing right now and planning on ambushing the Hunter? Alas, Valeriya trudged on, determined to put out those two creatures and come home with a good story to tell, and quite possibly, a pat on the back from her father.

    Then she stopped when she saw something quite...astounding. The wendigo, digesting as always, was charging at a... She glanced to her left, and she stepped back; a werewolf. She lifted her gun and pointed it at the wendigo, firing off a few rounds. It seemed that the two hadn't noticed her, both caught up in their scuffle. Valeriya would take advantage of this - A bullet went through the wendigo's shoulder, the second one nicking it's skull, and the last one planted itself on it's left eyeball. The creature screeched in pain and reared up, it's attention now on the Hunter as it charged towards her.

    Valeriya cursed out loud and raising her gun again to fire off more shots.
  12. Before he could lunge back at the wendigo, shots rang out, pulling both his and the creature's attention towards the cause of the sound. Vince froze in place when he saw what had caused the noise. It was a woman, and she was pointing a gun at the creature. She fired three shots that hit the wendigo. It screeched in pain as it charged towards the woman. She fired off a few more shots, but the creature kept coming at her. It would be on her at any moment. Vince used this distraction as the perfect chance to finish off this creature. He charged and lept up on the creature's shoulders. He wrapped his claws around the creature's neck and pulled up with all this strength.

    The creature flailed wildly, trying to get him off, but Vince's grip was too strong. Slowly a popping noise came from the creature as Vince pulled it's head completely off it's neck. The creature collapsed as Vince jumped to the ground, landing right next to the woman. The wendigo's head still in his hand, Vince turned his head to look at the woman. His human side recognized her as the woman from earlier. His feral side, satisfied from this kill, relaxed. Vince used this chance to take over and take off. He dropped the wendigo's head and bounded off into the night.
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