Books, Books, Books: We Love Them!

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Just curious as to what kind of books (gonna include short stories and poetry in this, too) ya'll like readin'. Or, is there a particular story you're dying for, but can't seem to find it? Do you neither read nor write? You can mention that, too.

I like books based on real life, not exactly biographies, but stories that could be relatable, tells someones (fictional or real) life story! As for poetry i love ones that portray a deep emotion!
Like any self-respectin' nerd, I love me some good sci-fi/fantasy!

Now I'm not indiscriminate. If I'm going to waste my time on your book, it better be DAMN good entertainment, or damn good literature! That being said, I love me some Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The stuff they write is nigh unto godliness. I enjoy the 40k stories as written by Dan Abnett; he knows his source material, and he can write a damn good story with it. Karen Traviss has written some of the best Star Wars books to come out in years, and she's in love with the stuff, you can tell. Finally, there's this one guy, Jim Butcher, that has written some of the most addicting fiction I've read in a long while called The Dresden Files. It's the story of a private eye... who's also a wizard; and he's in the phone book. Under 'wizard'. Tell me that doesn't sound at least somewhat intriguing?

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't share with you all my love for Orson Scott Card and his Ender's series. Ender's Game is probably my favourite book of all time. My favourite series of stories written ever, however, will always be the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Oh, and The Lord of the Rings is awesome too.

Sci-fi/fantasy fiction aside, I love reading history books, and alternate history books. Harry Turtledove is the man!

And I also really dig Shakespeare.


Sabriel Series, Terry Brooks, can't remember the fucking rest right now because goddamn they are a lot
I enjoyed reading most of Tolkien's books: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Hobbit, The Silmarillion..

I also enjoy reading books that deal with people's shitty lives, drug/alcohol abuse, and uh...shit like that >>
John Steinbeck's "East of Eden", Its an amazing book. Almost all his books are amazing, but East of Eden is a masterpiece.

I don't read as much as I used to. I have read a lot of fantasy, LOR, The Harry Potter books. Some Old School Sci-Fi like Aldous Huxley; a great turn of the century Sci-Fi author. As well as a Ton of Comic books.
SciFi/Fantasy and Alternate History FTW.

Harry Turtledove fucking rocks (I think I recall passing that particular name to Seiji), as do David Drake, Eric Fint, and John Ringo. Pretty much anyone who's ever co-authored with any of them is pretty good, too, and I used to read a lot of Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon until I discovered I'd READ most of their work. Tamora Pierce is an awesome author, as well, but she doesn't seem to write fast enough for me to get my fix....
Anything by Robert E. Howard.


Also King, Dark Tower FTW.
oh, yea. I forgot King. I've read everything he's ever written.
Vampire Hunter D



Stuff that's mystery, sci-fi, or horror.
this thread would've been better with less k's and more b's.
The Tower by Stephen King. (I've read most of his books, so moving on). Also, I like reading realistic/historical fiction. (I've been reading Their Eyes Were Wathing God by Zora Neal Hurston and it's been pretty good so far, although the difference between the narrator's style and the characters dialect is a bit funny). Mentioning manga, I've been reading Skip Beat! and Shugo Chara! for awhile. I've also been reading xxxHolic like crazy! (I love the drawing). There are more, but I'll mention them later.
I tend to role with Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. I'm starting to acquire a taste for war and espionage books. Some of my favorites are....

Servant Of The Bones,

Just about anything that involves Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman,


The Five Fingers,

Catcher In The Rye. (I'm still kinda hoping for a sequel like "Pitcher In The Wheat" or somethin' lolz)
i never could quite get into the Silmarillian........i enjoy C.S.Lewis, Orson Scott Card, Anne Rice, Poe, Stephen King, David Sherman and Dan Cragg (Star Fist series, WND would like them), and last but not least in any way, J.R.R. Tolkien.
Well I love reading but I love to read Manga books *Japanese left to right books, or as some people know it as backwards comic books* and I also love to write but the thing of it is when ever I do try to write a story I always end up stopping half way in either because of writers block or it just sounds terrible in the end.
Sergei Lukyanenko, Herman Hesse, Neil Gaiman, Locke, Ray Bradbury, Jonathan Swift, Stephen King, Lawrence of Arabia, Frank Herbert, Terry Prachett, Alexander Pope, Douglas Adams... among others. Those are just the ones off the top of my head. D:

I really love fiction, but I also enjoy philosophical and satirical essays. I'm kind of into Shakespeare, but I don't think I can read anything of his after Macbeth. It was just so good I keep comparing the rest to it. Books that make me think, or laugh, are the best. Or laugh and think!

I'd have to say Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite. Not only because it was like eating candy every time I read, but also because every time I pick up a book now I think of it. When I argue that more people should read books, I often quote it. It's perhaps the most rememberable book that I've read, though maybe not the one that made the most impact. There, it would tie up with Herman Hesse's Siddartha.

I am a giant blibliophile, and proud of it. <3
the sad thing is that Farenheit 451 is banned in most school libraries as of 2007
It's banned in our school library. I think it's more ironic than sad.