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  1. Just curious as to what kind of books (gonna include short stories and poetry in this, too) ya'll like readin'. Or, is there a particular story you're dying for, but can't seem to find it? Do you neither read nor write? You can mention that, too.

  2. Quinn

    I practically jump out of my skin when the door vibrates. Knocking--someone's knocking. On my door? I didn't even think someone cared enough to even show--

    "Um...Quinn are you in there? Are you alright?"

    I instantly recognize that voice. Tegan. Ah, crap! I left her completely hanging at the dining hall, didn't I? The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I feel some sort of sinister presence behind me. I turn around, slow and terrified and trembling...

    Nothing's there. Christ; I'm really losing my mind, aren't I? I can't even function for two minutes without thinking that crazy doppleganger is going to pop up and haunt me. I stand at the door awkwardly; wondering why I haven't opened the door yet. Tegan is harmless and a tad on the curious side; I have no reason to keep her out..But I still can't open the door. I'm gripping the knob for dear life but turning it is a whole new story. What if my mind's playing tricks on me again? Maybe it isn't Tegan? Maybe Tegan is an illusion just like Eve. This entire reality is a trick, i-isn't it?

    Oh God. Please God, make the questions stop.

    My chest hurts and the oxygen around me is depleting--fast. On the verge of hyperventilating, I lean into the door and close my eyes, trying to recount the steps of breathing. "No," I say shakily, "I'm not stable. At all."
  3. Blair

    She gently poked his middle finger back into place "Technically things can't devolve. They can have horrible evolutions." She was brought back to her high school days of when there was a saying to get the science teachers pissed off. I have a theory that rocks devolve. She wasn't sure where it started but she giggled in spite of herself.


    Sabriel Series, Terry Brooks, can't remember the fucking rest right now because goddamn they are a lot
  5. I enjoyed reading most of Tolkien's books: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Hobbit, The Silmarillion..

    I also enjoy reading books that deal with people's shitty lives, drug/alcohol abuse, and uh...shit like that >>
  6. John Steinbeck's "East of Eden", Its an amazing book. Almost all his books are amazing, but East of Eden is a masterpiece.

    I don't read as much as I used to. I have read a lot of fantasy, LOR, The Harry Potter books. Some Old School Sci-Fi like Aldous Huxley; a great turn of the century Sci-Fi author. As well as a Ton of Comic books.
  7. SciFi/Fantasy and Alternate History FTW.

    Harry Turtledove fucking rocks (I think I recall passing that particular name to Seiji), as do David Drake, Eric Fint, and John Ringo. Pretty much anyone who's ever co-authored with any of them is pretty good, too, and I used to read a lot of Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon until I discovered I'd READ most of their work. Tamora Pierce is an awesome author, as well, but she doesn't seem to write fast enough for me to get my fix....
  8. "Are you hungry?"
  9. oh, yea. I forgot King. I've read everything he's ever written.
  10. Vampire Hunter D



    Stuff that's mystery, sci-fi, or horror.
  11. this thread would've been better with less k's and more b's.
  12. I thinb that Darbness is right.
  13. The Tower by Stephen King. (I've read most of his books, so moving on). Also, I like reading realistic/historical fiction. (I've been reading Their Eyes Were Wathing God by Zora Neal Hurston and it's been pretty good so far, although the difference between the narrator's style and the characters dialect is a bit funny). Mentioning manga, I've been reading Skip Beat! and Shugo Chara! for awhile. I've also been reading xxxHolic like crazy! (I love the drawing). There are more, but I'll mention them later.
  14. :dude:

    But I like a Hundred Years of Solitude, you guys probably don't know about it since the writer isn't white.
  15. Gwen

    The man smiled again and gestured for the men behind him to take care of the guards "We prefer to consider ourselves more as a family. And you two are free to leave very soon, I promise. I just have some propositions to offer, and you may decline of course, but our propositions are in your best interest to say yes to. There is no need for violence Jason. Gwendolyn are you alright?" The man ask "You seem a bit pale."

    "Just go on with your propositions," Gwen mumbled and the man shrugged

    "We would like assistance getting rid of our problem. Dagger."
  16. i never could quite get into the Silmarillian........i enjoy C.S.Lewis, Orson Scott Card, Anne Rice, Poe, Stephen King, David Sherman and Dan Cragg (Star Fist series, WND would like them), and last but not least in any way, J.R.R. Tolkien.
  17. Well I love reading but I love to read Manga books *Japanese left to right books, or as some people know it as backwards comic books* and I also love to write but the thing of it is when ever I do try to write a story I always end up stopping half way in either because of writers block or it just sounds terrible in the end.
  18. Jason

    He raised an eyebrow at her.


    He smiled at her. "I shall be your teddy bear." He kissed her.
  19. the sad thing is that Farenheit 451 is banned in most school libraries as of 2007
  20. on Water Wars, NuJapan and Red Wall


    Many citizens of La Ciudad rarely remember where, in fact, there water comes from. In the year 2078, the world was facing a global wide crisis; fresh water. More and more it became harder for people, especially areas in Africa, South America and Asia to get clean water. The only three countries who had an abundance where America, Canada and Russia. America and Canada for the great lakes and Russia and Canada for it's frequent snow and ice-caps. A solution was needed, but none was found. Yearly, more and more people died from unclean water and health problems, which not only endangered the careless drinker but also endangered many communities with deadly bacteria and viruses.

    The UN struggled with the problem, but all three of the now powerful nations refused to give up their free water. Both because they retained they're right to they're own water, but also because neither country wanted to spend valuable resources shipping water long distances, even overseas. As the conditions of living in these areas grew worse and worse, more and more people became desperate and more violent. Many African nations, already destabilized from civil war and upheaval, gave way to anarchy and become nothing but huge, nameless expanses of warzones and chaos. To this day, central Africa remains without ANY form of government and is now back to being in a warlike tribal state, each tribe with their own warlords fighting each other for small slivers of land and drops of water. Thus, Africa's (and what would be the world's) Water Wars began. And in Africa, still rage today.


    Asia, on the other hand, unified. In the year 2122, Japan undertook a huge militarized and diplomatic maneuver. It started to create huge armies and many fearing, smaller countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea and most Pacific islands made a quick alliance with Japan and were soon annexed by it. The bigger countries were either bullied into an alliance and swift annexation or were flat out conquered, like China. What came of the ashes of this conquest was the New Unified Japan, or New Japan, or N.U.J, or N.U. Japan, or most commonly as NuJapan (pronounced New Japan). It adopted a total dictatorship, almost in a Big Brother fashion, everything was systematically censored on massive scales and it's citizens were brainwashed into patriotism.

    In the year 2139, NuJapan made it's moves toward for water. Japan launched an swift and minor invasion into Alaska, which became the next big battleground of the first half of the 22nd century. Both Canada and America went to war against Japan, while Russia stayed back and supplied both sides, making both serious gains in funds as well as serious losses due to sunk cargo ships. The fighting was long and brutal, With Japan having superior weapons and America and Canada launching guerrilla campaigns, and the only thing keeping nuclear weapons from launching was the fact that it would destroy all of the water this whole thing was fought over. In the end, thanks to NuJapan's K-161 (or later known as the Red Wall movement) did Japan and America make peace.


    K-161 was created right at the end of the century, in the year 2173. It was that year that Demons and magic were just starting to appear every now and then. Although America and Canada were clueless to this, NuJapan's vastly superior internal intelligence very quickly understood the situation. Not surprisingly, NuJapan's first response was to weapon it. Thus, K-161 was born. Using rituals and Demon's magic against them, NuJapan seeked to create Demons into a weapon to use against America. Not surprisingly, it failed.

    Out of the 3 test site's in the western Chinese mountains, 2 were subjected to a massive breakout of Demons and subsequent nuclear self destruction. Some Demons in the facilities, though, were sentient and intelligent unlike the more brutish demons. These demons, intelligent enough to evade NuJapan's gaze, managed to escape the facilities before they were detonated and swiftly mobilized. The moved to the northern tip of England and, after a few months of travel of course, subsequently invaded, creating the first demonic invasion in human history. All of northern Britain was obliterated, and any civilians who got out didn't return.

    It was at this time that now the demon threat was beginning to unfold and many locations around the world were being attacked. But the battle at Red Wall remains the most famous example. What was left of the EU's armed forces banded together and fought the demonic invasion of northern England. Despite heavy casualties and incredible accounts of heroism, Europe lost to the powerful demons and many European fighters did not survive. Curiously enough, though, it seemed that the demons had a respect for the ferocity of the European warriors. Instead of invading the rest of Europe and torching it to the ground since it no longer had an army, the demons constructed a short, three and a half feet tall wall made of red rock that spans from west to east Britain, cutting it in half. To this day, the North half of England remains bad-lands and completely uninhabited.