"Bonnie Charlie's noo awa ..." anyone seen "Outlander?"

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  1. Have yet to come up with a name, but I guarantee if I come up with a male character, I shall stop getting requests for "sexy or steamy rp's."

    *rolls eyes,*

    Seventeenth Century, England, Scotland, Principality of Wales, or France. Jacobin. A Cavalier. Served with Lord David Leslie in the Battle of Dunbar. Loyal to the "Young Pretender." Time Traveler. (Sure ... why not... how else can he fit in others' R.P.G.'s?) Not sure if all of this Information belongs here, but wears a "great kilt" and a Jacobin shirt, leather armour, wooden shield wrapped in painted leather with the attached flags on them, and though I find it unattractive being an Air Force lady, he probably should have shoulder-length hair. (So unattractive! I hate longer than buzz-cuts on the sides and back! >__<) Golden, bronze, and copper hair ... why not ... beard and moustache, short. Twenty-eight in age. Five feet, eleven inches. One hundred fifty-five pounds. Diagonal stripes down left cheek, one maroon, one grey. Wields a claymore, which is broad and flat, and heavy. Let me think, what else ... no Scars unless- no, that is cliché. Every male character has to have scars. Must be a macho thing. I had a brother-in-law like that. He actually wore spurs when riding horses! Anyway ... I am not sure what else needs to be known. I think the rest about him I shall take to the character development forum to iron out. I cannot think of anything else. If I asked improperly, then I can take a good verbal asskicking. I once got my ass chewed out by a full-bird colonel ... and THAT was for borrowing a stapler off his desk! So I can take anything the administrators have for me. >;=] scoteng2.gif Leslie-Hunting-Modern-8oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg.jpg

    Kick-ass series. ~_^
  2. This sounded fun so I've started working on it! (My maternal side of the family is obsessed with the series... it's our Scottish blood.)

    Here's a WIP~

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  3. Wow, you did? Thank you!
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  4. VERY nice!
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  5. One day... one day, I will finish him. Thank you for the praise!
  6. The longer you take, I am quite sure the more perfect it shall be, sweet!
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