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  1. hi!
    I'm Elizabeth Rose S.
    Call me Rose
    I normally rp on Google/dA.
    I am down for anything
    I'm mad
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  2. Hey Rose! Nice to meet you, I'm Aoife. *smiles and waves* Welcome to the site!
  3. No problemo! :D HAI BACK AT CHA (again)
  4. X'D I think this may be the start of a friendship :'D
  5. Heyo Rose*smiles*I am Domeki and It's good to meet ya *Waves* Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Hello Rose, that's a pretty name. Anyways....Hello! I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. If you ever want to RP or just want to talk, then feel free to send me a PM! Have a nice stay on this lovely site! :3 *throws confetti*
  7. Heh, sure thing!
  8. sup,randomperson?
  9. *waves back*
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  10. It could be ...
    Could be....
  11. NEW FLESH!!@.@

    Whispers in the dark while I pet my Tiger..~

    Welcome to the Madness :3. Enjoy your stay ..