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  1. Once more unto the breach it seems!

    Hello everyone, you can call me Voyou, V, or whatever else you really want to call me. I guess I could be considered kind of an old hat at this sort of thing, according to my finger counting skills I've been at this whole forum roleplaying thing for about five years now. Five Years..... dang that makes me feel kind of ancient in retrospect.

    I'm generally game for anything really: fantasy, science fiction, horror, slice of life, whatever idea could be created and formed into something interesting. I'm a real geek for world building and establishing long and complex lore for which characters to live and interact with. I'm the person that ends up reading all the data logs, books, or whatever. I'm one of the few crazy people that likes the Silmarillion more than the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I don't know, I just find it fun!

    I've found myself here at Iwaku because a friend of mine had a conversation that went something along the lines of,
    "You should go to this RP site!"
    "Because the people are awesome there!"
    "Oh, guess that is a valid point."

    But that is enough about me. I'm a rather boring subject.

  2. Nice title.

    Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy it here.
    Let me know if there is something I can help you with.
  3. Salut!
    Welcome to the site Voyou!
  4. Thanks guys! If I have any question, I will be sure to ask.

    Oh and Ser K, "Vous parlez de la lanuage des grenouilles?"
  5. Language of frogs?

    Un peu, oui. XD
  6. According to the English at least all the French are frog-eaters or frogmen, or that is how the story goes at least. and so we now have the lovely nickname for the french as the frogs. So what language would a frogman speak? The language of the frogs of course! XD

    But then again, I'm a Québécois so I guess I'm really no better. To most Canadians I barely count as a citizen of our wonderful northern land, and according to the wonderful men and women of Paris my french is about as articulate as a drunk. C'est La Vie.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.