Body Freezing - Future Ressurection

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  1. Basically the idea of freezing/preserving one's body in the hopes of being brought back later on in the future. Often for reasons such as having an illness that modern medicine can't handle.

    Here's an article on it, what do you all think about it?
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  2. Only if I can take my pets.
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  3. I think it's a decent idea, but I just had the thought while typing this that you are pretty much being frozen alive, possibly for eternity. I'd like a test run to see if such an experience would be anything traumatic. If it's anything similar to anesthesia, where it's possible to be trapped inside your body while conscious, that would be hell on earth.

    My concern comes from an experience my stepmom told me of. My stepmom's genetics are weird, so they don't diffuse chemicals naturally. She had anesthesia as a teen, and she was unable to move because of that. If one doctor wasn't perceptive enough, she might have been in a waking coma for a long while. That thought terrifies me if cryogenics is any similar.
  4. Right now it's a stupid idea. There's no way to properly freeze-store a body without killing it.

    When they figure out how to do it without destroying the body, WHY NOT? If you got the money and someone to take care of you, go for it. O_O

    But you best have people to take care of you, cause eventually someone will wanna pull the plug. >>
  5. What if you get revived in a fucked up future earth? I'd rather be dead. Also, assuming you're the only person who does it out of your family and your friends, won't you be alone? And technically, you would think 'old-fashionably'.
  6. Could just kill yourself then. Least if you were frozen there's a chance it'd be not so bad.

    Worse comes to worse and they just pull the plug and you go quietly.
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  7. Your signature goes well with this.
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  8. Do explain?
  9. I just think it goes well with your reply :oo
    Don't mind me.
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  10. I think the idea of freezing oneself is rather Cool.
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  11. Right now it's stupid because, while they can almost perfectly preserve the body, the clincher is you have to be dead before freezing. That's not resurrection. That's just storing meat for later.

    If you think you can come back from that, change your name to Icebox Jesus.
  12. Gonna go with Star Trek and say chryogenics is an untested, foolish undeavour that will, ultimately, lead to nothing.
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