Boarding house type rp?

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    is a form of tourism and/or study program that allows a visitor to rent a room from a local family in a homelike setting. It is used for schooling and getting familiar with the local lifestyle. Homestays take in college students from out of town or state. Hosting a homestay participant also allows the hosting family to earn income.

    Your parents have enrolled you in a homestay close to your school, you've got a host family who will care for you. It's like you've got a second mother and father who'll take care of everything you need as long as you are doing your best with your studies. Students from all walks of life will suddenly be living together under one roof dealing with the stress of school life, social obligations, love and lust, and all the drama in between. With so many different personalities under one roof things are bound to get heated.

    Potential spots available:
    There will be the host family who owns the homestay
    Host mom (1)
    Host dad (1)
    Male homestay occupant/student (5)
    Female homestay occupant/student (4)

    Would anyone be interested in something like this?
  2. Sounds interesting.
  3. I would certainly be interested!
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