*Blushes a bit, hiding behind my sleeve* Hello^^

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  1. Just signed up today. My name is Krintha and it is very nice to meet anyone who see's this. *bows* I just really started getting into role-play and I have some more learning to do, but I have been writing sense I was six years of age. I am also a English major, can not promise any spelling errors.^^; I really enjoy, romance role-play and anything really creative. I am also okay with playing guy character's just try not to fall in love with them, because that happens a lot. *giggles* I am always up for idea's and enjoy helping other's develop their's. Do not be afraid to say hai.
  2. I have to NOT fall in love with guys? ;__; That's hard!

    Welcome to the community, Krintha!
  3. Oh My glob! Forma some reason I think you are Awesome *Waves* I am Domeki and I would Just love to be buddies with you.
  4. *giggles and pats you're head* Do not worry I was just joking. I fall in love with my own characters. So are one in the same.
  5. hehe *giggles* I love the OH MY GLOB!~ I appreciate you for that. I would love to be friends. I was actually looking at your profile a little while ago and I thought our interest fell in the same. ^^ *hugs* let us be friends!~
  6. *Hugs back and smiles* Ok!
  7. Welcome to the Humble xD. Please enjoy your stay ~

    Remember everyone is a little Crazy here :3
  8. *nose bleed*
    Natzu!~ <3
    So yeah if you are interested in throwing around some rp idea's send me a message!~
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  9. If everyone is a little crazy, then I shall fit right in!~
    Thank you for you're welcome. *bows*
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  10. Is this thing working?!
    oops.. my bad.

    Hello hello, my name is Soulhallow or Soul for short, and welcome to THE HALL OF STORIES, where reality is and illusion and illusion is just the beginning of madness.
    Hope you'll enjoy your stay here ^-^