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Blue Tea[/align]

A cup of tea, with sugar, and a whole cup load of weird. That's the ingredients in the Café Blue Tea. Located in downtown who-knows-where, the shop looks quiet but that is far from what's inside. Interdimensional police, or as the humans have come to know them, the employees, have been keeping tabs on customers from different universes.

It is a crossway and both good and bad can escape from the dimensions and wreak havoc over the city. It is the job of these employees to keep the peace and make sure the café remains but that, a café.

Although the position of interdimensional police seems like a position held by honorable individuals these employees are far from normal. Each of them have their own unique abilities at the same time their own restrictions. So what will come of this, well just step on in and find out.



Appearance: Picture or description


Position: Choose a natural employee position in a cafe. The only ones currently not allowed/already claimed are Manager, Cashier, and Cook.

Power & Equipment: A list should do fine.

Quirk/Restriction: In this RP each power comes with a quirk or restriction, basically this is designed to make your powers less of a benefit and more of a chore. For example someone could be an elite swordsman but can only use wooden swords or objects that are shaped like but are not swords. Enjoy the possibilities.

History: Everyone comes from somewhere, short history is fine.
NAME : Guy Ortega



5'10, 190 lbs. Guy is built sturdy and low to the ground. He has a bald head and brown eyes. Most of the time he has a thick 5 o' clock shadow, even at 9 in the morning. Always wears a white apron and a white shirt with black pants.

PERSONALITY : Sarcastic and demanding. Self centered and egotistical. He can be a little rough around the edges at times, but remains a stead fast ally to the Cafe and its agenda.

POSITION : Head cook.

POWER & EQUIPMENT : Set of carving knives, ranging from a paring knife to a meat cleaver. Large mallet used for tenderizing meat of his enemies. Guy has the ability to cast elemental magic, he often uses thing to aid with his cooking, but can be used in battle just as easy.

QUIRK/RESTRICTION : Can only use elements that are in his immediate surroundings. For example, if its a windy day out his air magic is increased. If its a Hot day, or if there is a fire burning near by.....and so on.

HISTORY : Born and raised in a little town south of the border, Guy has a deep influence in south American cooking. At the age of 16 he left home to attend a cooking school. While there he perfected his cooking skills as well as discovered he had a bit more to offer, often times skipping class to experiment with his elemental magic skills. Got hired on at the cafe fresh out of school and the rest is history.
Name: Shade Sinclair

Age: 17


Personality: Rather shy and keeps hi mouth shut unless spoken to while he is around new people. He is always happy around hi friends but if he is alone he gets really down.

Position: Waiter

Power & Equipment: The power to turn into any animal, besides fox, that he desires.
-Small pen with four teeth hidden inside
-- Tooth from wolf
-- Tooth from Tiger
-- Tooth from Bear
-- Tooth from rat
- Pencil
- Note Pad

Quirk/Restriction: He needs the bone of the animal that he wishes to turn into

History: Shade is an only child, has had problems from bullying in the past. He found out of his powers when he was fifteen and has been practicing for a few years now. He is still in high school but the bullying has decreased, and has medium grades.
Later today I'll have up my sheet. So far so good on the character sheets just a few modifications. Ike's character has to go to highschool in a different dimension through one of the constant dimensional portals. The "weird" stuff (such as being a fox constantly) is centered inside the cafe and the portals. When weird stuff gets out that's when we go into action around the city.
Name: Rueben Silas

Age: 54

Appearance: A greying man with slicked back hair who maintains an air of dignity despite the layer of grim covering him. His face is narrow and angular, his skin pale. His left arm is too large for his frame, and withered and scaley from the elbow down from a parasite that lives there.

Personality: Acts older than he is. He sports a dry, old fashioned humour and prides himself on being a gentleman, to the point of being annoying. It's hard to tell if he's being genuinely polite or facetious. He's quite a smooth talker, and has a skill in making up things on the spot.

Position: Dish washer, also an odd-job man.

Power & Equipment: Shares his body with a sleeping, silent parasite that lends him the power to create miniture temporal vortexes. It also allows him to make a temporary shield. As for equipment... his bare hands and any surrounding furniture usually do the trick.

Quirk/Restriction: His vortexes only works on small to medium sized non-living organisms, like the coffee machine or the boiler. It's useful for fixing things, not much else. The shield only protects from physical attacks, not magic.

History: Rueben often trails off in conversation to talk about the good old days when he was a butler for some royalty from a different dimension that may or may not exist. Once the parasite latched on and became apparent, he was kicked out and remained homeless until the Cafe Blue Tea Manager hired him. At least, that's what he claimed happened.
I'll make a character-Light control, but it only works in the sunlight*
Name: Coron Beasvous

Age: 17


Personality: Upstart rich kid who seems to enjoy the ugly side of justice. His parents wanted him to be a model to others but he feels it is just a badass role in society.

Position: Cashier

Power & Equipment: Smith & Wesson 3rd Generation 5906 – Small compact hand gun capable of supporting ten bullets per clip. Two clips kept on him at all times. This is sort of a last resort weapon as it does minimal damage to magic users and beasties.

Gun Vendor (General) – His ability is to rapidly form a gun out of mid air around his arms or other body parts. The only thing about this gun is that it takes currency from any dimension and turns that into bullets. Coron assumes that this must be linked to some kind of secondary dimension bullet launderer.

Gun Vendor Coin Lord – Any coin inserted will be used to make bullets. The gun only takes up the fingers of the hand he chooses.

Gun Vendor The Bill – A gun forms around the entire arm and inserting small bills will give the gun its ammo.

Gun Vendor The Rich – A large bill will fuel the largest cannon size. So far it hasn't been seen and it supposedly immovable.

Quirk/Restriction: As you may have guessed each gun requires a certain amount of money to fuel. In addition Coron is completely protective about his money, one of the reasons he was made a cashier. He's always been that way and it is hard to change habit.

History: Coron doesn't have much of a history but what he lacks in experience he makes up for enthusiasm. He was schooled at home and brought into the IDP at the age of 16. He has always had a lust for adventure and looking like a badass. This in turn has separated him from the rest of the unit in a few ways, however, he still is employed and that's all that matters to Coron.
Everyone accepted, I'll begin this tomorrow and then we can all meet our boss heh.
Okay, I'll have a character posted up on Monday. ^_^
Name: Nils "Mr. Pockets" Zilch

Age: 25


Personality: Loves to entertain a crowd and is always trying to make people laugh. Hence is power can be used for entertainment because of the jokes he pulls out. He cares for others and will try and help others before himself.

Position: Entertainer

Power & Equipment:
Has the ability that whenever he reaches into his pockets he can pull out the necessary need at the perfect moment.

Quirk/Restriction: If the situation isn't dangerous enough or there is not enough motivation/focus/soul instead of pulling out what is needed a joke version is pulled out instead. I.E. instead of a sword a fish, or a gun a banana.

History: For as long as Nils can remember he has loved the spotlight. There isn't a sound that fills his ears with more joy then laughter and applause. Even when he was a child he would often perform simple magic tricks to friends just because he got the enjoyment of being the entertainer.
After touring around the world for a year Nils decided it was time to settle in one place for awhile and had stumbled upon Blue Tea. He immediately fell in love with the place and became the entertainer. And thus the story begins...
Alright the IC is up here in the modern section.

Also Tux character approved. Let's get this show on the road.
sweet, will post today at some point.
Mission 1 is underway. Now we'll be traveling in a group to begin with but we can split up later. I'll leave it up to you guys where we check first, enjoy.
I have a question. Are the Specters in our world, or are we going through a portal to find them>? I would go ahead and post, but i wanted to check on that first.
The Specters have escaped to our world yes. So real life buildings and such.
Name: ACs-EG0 (Can be translated to the Latin terms- Acies Egeo) Nicknamed: Cies Ceo
Age: 18

(No glasses, hair is a bit longer*)

Personality: Acies was made for the battlefield, prepared to fight at any moment. When in a battle, she is a non-nonsense fighter. Outside, she acts like any other person. She tends to be quiet unless she has a need to speak or reply, more apt to watch and respond.

Position: Waitress

Power & Equipment: Acies is able to manipulate surround atoms, transferring an electron from atom to atom, creating an electric charge. This, when combined with the energy from her soul drive, is capable of creating distortions in the near vicinity, as well as produce swords from them. As the charge increases, it is possible to electrify the blades.

Quirk/Restriction: Every time she transports the blades, it takes power from her soul drive. If the energy dips too low, she will be unable to use the blade, and will enter a state of apathy, seeming to be more machine than human at this point. If the soul energy or electricity outweighs the other, she may damage herself, being unable to move at this point.

History: Acies is an organic cyborg, possessing some organs, but being adapted in certain ways. Her left eye has been modified more like a camera than anything, able to zoom in to a certain point, but losing clearness at longer distances. Highly breathable nylon tubing carries her blood to her brain, allowing her thought. She needs a certain amount of electricity to function properly, which she is able to create on her own, simply by transferring electrons constantly when it is needed. One unique aspect is her "soul drive"- An unknown piece located into the left of her heart. This produces a very potent energy, and is also partially what fuels her emotions. It is said to grow stronger as she forms new bonds.

As such, she is currently being hunted by those who wish to take her apart, choosing to ignore the living part of her existence.
Name: James Sintoil

Age: 20


Personality: Funny, Outgoing, very Attentive.

Position: Busboy

Power & Equipment: He is a sharp shooter with modern weapons.

Quirk/Restriction: He is confined to use only the Bow and Arrow. And even then he has to make his own arrows.

History: He graduated high school and after a few years of helping his dad install carpet he eventually got a job as a bus boy. Not too much else to explain except that while in high school he was number one in the archery club, and after eighteen he joined the country club and became the best shooter there with a rifle.
Sounds good, just find a way to squeeze yourself into our current situation. I'll be making a post either later tonight or tomorrow now that I have a little more time.