Blue Fire

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  1. Nothing seemed wrong. The Imperial City was growing economically, due to new trade routes with other nations. The Royal Family was well guarded with soldiers in the hundreds. Most of the peasants had even been living better than usual due to the economic growth.

    However, at the edge of the city, a beast was lurking. A beast of much strength and wit was there, but if one looked, they would only find a beautiful maiden. She stood with her back to the mountains of the east, holding a basket of fruit. Several plants bore fruit during this late summer season, when the difference of day and night temperatures were slight.

    The maiden smiled to herself and entered the city. It wasn't difficult to get the Guard of the Gate to believe she had lived there all of her life. After all, she had been spying on the city while in an invisible form, though she hadn't been here in a few weeks. Her strength had been saved, and was now being consumed.

    Her feet gracefully moved across the ground. The maiden was searching for someone. Her eyes roved as she progressed through the streets to the center. He would be there.
  2. Sir Connor Blue-Shield, the famed blue knight of the Imperial City, descendant of Isaac the Great, whom slayed the mighty dragon Sklaron. But today, Connor was just chatting with his friends at the parlour.
    A time of relaxation and no worries, or so he thought...
  3. The maiden walked along the road, navigating through the crowd. She entered many different buildings while searching for him. She entered one, and then suddenly, she stopped. She had heard his voice among other voices. She made her way toward his voice, at walking speed, still accompanied by almost inhuman grace.

    As she looked toward Sir Blue-Shield, her eyes lit up. They looked friendly and welcoming. Her hazel eyes emitted a warmth that masked her true intentions. The maiden turned her head slightly away, still gazing at the knight in her periphery. She gave him a slight smile.
  4. Connor looked to the maiden, giving her a slight smile. After a mere second, he returned to chatting with his friends.
    After a minute more, Connor retired from the table and exited outside to the streets. Heading home to rest.
  5. The maiden was glad that the knight smiled back. While he talked, she pretended to be occupied and made some small talk with another lady inside.
    Hearing the knight get up, she politely ended her conversation and followed him, playing the part of a peasant wandering in the streets. She wondered where he would go, and smiled to herself at her devious plan.
  6. Sir Connor was heading home, of course, to his lovely wife and kids. As he continued down the street to his house, he imagines the sweet taste of his wife's cooking. It had been 10 years they have been married, believe it or not, she asked him! Ah, what a lovely lady.
  7. The maiden continued to follow him. Being in the city in the flesh was much different than invisibly spying. The city was beautiful and the population relatively kind-natured.
    Her thoughts strayed to where he might be going. He seemed to radiate pleasure and a hint of excitement. Perhaps he is going to a dinner or royal party? she thought.