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  1. B L O O D Y - P U B

    Are you here to relieve stress? To find someone you can hook up with? Or simply to talk with the bartender? It's your choice. It is a simply pub in a simple city where you're at, in present time. Nothing is that you're not familiar with. At least, so it seems. Ever heard of the rumour? Countless of poor, young citizen were found dead on a godforsaken alley. It was anything but a pleasant view, finding a corpse which shape was not recognizable any longer. Mutilated. And blood streaming all over the place. No, definitely not. So, why am I telling you this? Easy: You, young citizen, are connected with those murders, despite some of you indirectly and unknowingly. You're, if not a customer at the bar, a worker. Or even a disguised customer working as a detective, who knows? Just let me say this: Humans are not the only species on earth with conscience, with minds... with intelligence. There are other creatures living alongside you inside this society, shifters of the full moon, who knows well to hide. One of the places they secretly mean is here, in this bar. Day times, they're as normal as any other human, but almost every nights they transform into a different being, a being right to be feared (some can hold back their transformation though).

    And those shifters crave for blood, especially at the night of a full moon.

    Shifter species: Werewolf, Fox, Werecat, anything you can think of, just don't power play nor god mod.

    Humans: Can be either detectives, or simple customers.

    - Mention of blood highly possible (rather mature themes) and recommended even, but don't overdo it!
    - If you want to play a worker in the bar, hit me up first!
    We can't have more than three workers there, it'd be too much.
    - For character sheets above your introduction post add Name, Age (20+), Species, Occupation and Image.
    - Once people start to join in (I hope) I'll be making the OOC thread, also as an overview of all characters!
    - Thank you, and have fun~


    Name: Jey | Age: 32 | Species: Werewolf | Occupation: Bartender | Image: Here
    The bartender stood there at the bar, slightly yawning. The skies already signify the lateness of the day, the time, where the most customers would come in and get drunk. Hence, the busiest time of the day. The bartender was a tall man around his thirties, not the most handsome around but nice to look at, clean-cut appearance and a very nonchalant impression. His name was Jey, but almost every person knew him as the bartender only anyways, so let's stick to that "nickname". He sat down and had a smoke, nothing unusual for him to do. It was rather weird for him to lean out of the window by doing so though. Usually, he'd not care for anyone's opinion and smoke inside the pub anyways, even if he gets some customer mad. It never seemed to care him. Now though, he stared up to the dark skies, searching for the moon to show itself and waited for his customers to come... in the process of it at least. He did not really care for customers to show themselves now. He actually desired to have a good nap he hadn't for ages it seems, but it wasn't possible. Not this night.
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  2. Name: Arol | Age: 27 | Species: Elf | Occupation: Regular Costumer | Image: Here

    It has been almost an hour since Arol came in for her daily 'booze'. Like many others around this place she was a regular, well at least during the night time. She couldn't afford to be seen in the daylight, not with her appearance. The color of her violet eyes and her long pointy ears could give her away to any mere mundane. Which is why, the darkness has become what humans call 'day' their life. "Another one of this eh?" she told the bartender while holding her now empty glass of what used to consist of whiskey. This was her 3rd round, she has just started. "What's the news?" her voice came out as a soft whisper. Everyone that was from these parts knew of the terror that had happened a few days ago. Another murdered, a poor fellow dead on an alley. This was not the works of a human, it couldn't be, not after how the bodies were found...
  3. Taking another deep breath, relishing his cigarette, he took his sweet time to answer to the elf womans request, or order, like how you want to put it. He knew her already so well that he, even without turning around, knew what she wanted. Well, not like he had to be a genuis for that, as she was one: A regular and two: Whiskey was already her pick of drink for two rounds, so why should she change her flow? Carelessly, he threw the cigarette butt out of the window and averted his attention back to his customer, like his job suppose to be. "Coming, coming." He lazily uttered while holding back another yawn, went back to his working place and started to get done Arol's order. To her question, the bartender merely answered with a sly smile, which can mean almost anything. "It's mysterious, isn't it? Makes anyone curious." He then placed the new glass of whiskey up front for grab and leaned forward to her. "Interesting for you to be curious about though. Scared to be a victim with your... how old are you again? Thirty?" It is obvious with his light sympathic laugh afterwards that he didn't mean no harm, merely tease; it's like his habit. A habit, to change subjects. The cold night wind blew in from the window he opened before. It almost had a eerie effect on the scene. The lights flickered a bit, dangerously, probably a sign for bad things to happen? Jay slightly frowned, walked to the window and closed it, refused to believe to any of his concerns. He knew, the murder from days ago bothered him. More, than he actually showed.
  4. Arol chuckled gently at the playfulness of his question. "Now now, didn't your mother taught you not to ask for a woman's age?" she replied to him as she shook her head while grabbing her drink from his hands. Then in a second her expression changed and her voice was on a more serious note "Jey, you know everyone in this bar, surely you have a 'clue' or 'hint' of who it is right? This situation doesn't seem to be ending soon. And I've got to admit, it even makes me a bit..uneasy" the elf leaned her head back and drew the tiny glass to her lips where she chug on the burning liquid in two long gulps. "Hah" she exclaimed laughing, breaking the tension of her last question and acting nonchalantly as she place the glass on the bar, waiting to be served again. Purple eyes gazed around the room inspecting the 'people'. The wind picked up a little more and the lights flickered once again. Strange, really strange... It's almost as if everything was silently screaming DANGER.
  5. Name: James Caramon Harris I Age: 21 I Species: Chimera I Occupation: Leader of Juxstaposition Universal Law Enfocement Agency (JULEA) I Image: Here
    As Caramon entered the bar, he noticed that it was less crowded than usual for this time of night, as there were sparce numbers of people scattered about instead of the place being packed.
    As he walked over to the bar, he noticed a pair he'd come to know as friends, no matter if they themselves thought so or not, and decided to see what was going on.
    Upon hearing of the murders, he sat down next to Arol and adjusted his sword so it would not be in the way of others before speaking on the subject.

    "We've been searching high and low for them, but even with our resources, they seem to keep alluding us. I'm not supposed to reveal this, but there've been seven times as many murders as have been released by the press, and I've been to every crime scene.
    The murderer has been killing people and contorting them into letters for us to find, like he's trying to spell out a message, only he's using some kind of code to keep us guessing.
    On another note, Jey, you need to watch were you flick those things, if I hadn't noticed it, you'd've caught your bar on fire."
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  6. Name: Leo | Age: 28 | Species: Werecat | Occupation: Butcher | Image: Here |

    A male with unsettling green eyes walked into the pub. This was where this particular male could be found at almost every night. For he was a regular customer. This male's name was Leo, and he was known as the local werecat. With a sigh, he took a seat at the bar. Not far from two others. Leo gestured for the bartender, Jey to come over. All the while, he happened to catch what they were saying about the recent murders.

    "Jey, my good man. Could I get a glass of scotch?" the werecat spoke in a english accent. "About those murders, I've heard nothing on them so far. Not even from my customer's at the butcher shop." he sighed, brushing his long white hair from his eyes. Leo was a tall and lean man with dark skin. He wore a white shirt with tan jeans. A gold chain was wrapped around his neck, and apart of that chain was attatched to his ear like an earring.

    "And my butcher shop is in the area where most said murders live."
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  7. Name: Adelaide | Age: 24 | Species: Werecat | Occupation: Regular customer | Image: Here

    It had been a long and tiring day for Adelaide. Now all she wanted was to go home, have a nice relaxing shower, and sleep the rest of the night away. Maybe read a little in the book she had been recently reading for the past few days. Yet, there was one particular place she wanted to check out before hand. One that she'd been meaning to, but hadn't had the chance. Even though she passed by it every night on her way home since she moved to this city.

    A pub. Simple and probably normal.

    Except for the fact that she'd heard rumors of the place. It was more than likely that that was all it was. Rumors. Call it curiosity, which was getting the best of her. It only grew worse each time she walked by without going in. Tonight, however, would hopefully solve the little problem. A drink or two wouldn't hurt either. If there were a good time to have one, today would be that day.

    There was a slight breeze as she walked along the sidewalk. Nothing that made it uncomfortable. Actually, it was warm and nice when it blew over the bare tan skin that wasn't covered by her clothing. With brown golden eyes, she could make out the pub down the street and Adelaide hurriedly picked up her pace. After taking the last few steps, she was opening the door and into what appeared to be a regular pub. Eyes scanning the room, she couldn't see anything right off that would make her think it was any different than another bar. Of course, eyes could be deceiving at first. But scent, especially when one was non-human like her, told her she wasn't the only one that wasn't human here. Though there were of few humans in the place.

    It had took her only a couple minutes to walk the short distances to the bar. Choosing to sit at the far end by the wall and happened to be one of the best choices. One, she was able to turn her chair and her back towards the wall. Two, she could see the door out of the corner of her eye. And three, it was the only seat that gave her the farthest distance from everyone. Not that that last one would last for long but she took the seat nonetheless with her messenger bag bumping the side of the counter as she sat.

    As she waited for the bartender to make his way down to her, she pulled her bag on top of her lap and rummaged through it until her hand slide over the pack of cigarettes. Pulling them out, along with a lighter, she wondered if smoking inside was allowed. With a small shrug, she slipped one cylinder tube filled tobacco out of the full pack and placed it between her lips. She figured the bartender would tell her if it was big deal. One strike of the lighter and she was inhaling the chemicals into her lungs and blowing out a cloud of smoke. Her body immediately started to relax slightly.
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  8. Upon seeing the newest arrival, Caramon decided it might be a good idea to speak with her and see if she knew anything about what had been going on, patting Leo on the back in greeting as he passed him.
    He'd seen the woman on the streets, yet never got the chance to meet her personally, so he thought now may be as good a time as any.
    "You do know that I could arrest you for that if this was any bar other than Jey's, right?" he said to her jokingly as he sat in the spot closest to her. "I'm sorry, I'm just kiddin'. I'm Caramon, and welcome to the Bloody Pub, the hallowed haunt of horrendous humor. I've seen you around, but I've never gotten your name, Miss...?"
  9. The white-headed male glanced back at Camaron as the younger male patted his back. Something like a growl came from his lips, Leo didn't like being touched by others. It disturbed him. He had no idea where the other's hands could have been. For all Leo knew, the Chimera could've scatched his own ass before touching Leo! A shiver went down Leo's spine at the thougt. The Chimera boy had walked to the newcomer. And from the smell that wafted through the air as she came in, she was like him.

    A werecat.

    Leo was almost tempted to get up and talk to her, but didn't. Camaron was already over there. But Leo didn't take his piercing green eyes off of her until he decided that he should look away. Upon hearing Camaron talk abouf arresting her, Leo couldn't help but look over to the boy. Where was the Chimera getting at? Leo shook his head and looked away.

    It wasn't his business anyhow.

    It hadn't occurred to him earlier that the wind outside had picked up, or maybe it was the fact he hadn't paid any attention. But Leo's sensitive ears could hear the wind hit the building constantly, he began wondering if they were going to have a bad storm. Or it could be something else, something worse than a storm.
  10. The sound of someone moving closer to Adelaide is what had gotten her attention before she even saw who it was. A tall young man. He could only be two or three years younger the herself. With a smirk playing at the corner of her mouth and a quirk of her perfect brow, she tilt her head. "Hmmm." She murmured as she watched him take the seat unoccupied beside her. The hand that held the cigarette moved to rest on the countertop. "I'm Adelaide." She replied before taking another drag off the cancer stick and purposely turning her head away to exhale the smoke from the male.
  11. Realizing what she'd done, Caramon smiled.
    "Thanks, Miss Adel. You do know that those dull and mat your fur, as well as mess up your senses, right? I haven't smoked one of them since I started growing my own plants.
    Here, try one and tell me what you think."
    Reaching into his shirt pocket, he pulled out a small case, opening it and handing her one of the small paper rolls marked with a small 'T', setting another on a napkin closer to the other side of the bar for Jey, looking through his inventory one last time before removing one marked with a 'P' and closing it, placing the roll in his mouth unlit.
  12. "That would be a problem if I smoked enough for it become one." She agreed amused as she glanced at what he'd given her. "I rarely smoke actually." She said honestly. Then, sliding what he'd given her back towards him after deciding not to risk given it a shot. Whatever it was. Hell for all she knew he wanted to drug her. Trust was something she didn't easily give away. It was rare when she did, however. And she could hardly say she knew this man. "No offence, but no thank you."
  13. Leo sniffed te air, what the hell was the guy smoking? It smelt like something along the lines of weed, or some other plant.

    A loud sigh emitted from the werecat. He stood up, and walked over to where Camaron was. The damn kid called himself a cop! Leo knew this kid wasn't right. "Oi, Camaron. What do you think you might be doing there, mate? Don't let me turn you in. I'm sure you'll lose that precious job of yours if someone finds out." he simply said, staring at the Chimera. Crossing his tan arms, he took a seat next to Camaron. "Come on mate, your not supposed to be doing those."
  14. As he picked it up and put it away, he couldn't help but smile wider.
    "Fair enough. You don't trust me because I'm a stranger, and now you probably trust me even less after offering you something shady."
    Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small metal plate, the anagram J.U.L.E.A. scrawled across a ribbon imprinted on it, along with his name and rank on the lower half.
    "I'm the founder and commanding officer of the Juxtaposition Universal Law Enforcement Agency. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't use dru-"

    As he heard Leo's words, he couldn't help but smile to the point that it hurt.
    "Leo, my friend, I'm not smoking anything. This is my placebo stick, and it's not even lit. It helps me prevent being tempted to smoke anything in my case. I already made sure to mark them all, so you probably smelled the 'W' sticks, which are, in fact, filled with marijuana. I use it to calm suspects into submission.
    The 'T's are my home-grown tobacco cigarettes, which I give to friends every now and then, and the 'P' is my placebo. And, besides, I can't get fired from if I don't work under anyone.
    I suppose you enjoy saying my name wrong, even after all this time, don't you?
    Just because I hate my first name and go by my middle one, I have to put up with all of my officers saying it wrong, so I was hoping that at least my friends could say my name right..."
  15. "Cameron. " Leo said, rolling his eyes. He honestly didn't care if he said his name wrong. He still didn't trust this kid. There was stil something off about him. "If your wanting to flirt with this woman here. I wouldn't try to offer a homemade cigarette, then because she doesn't trust you show her your badge. I'm sure that doesn't come with automatic trust from anyone. Because if I was in her situation I would sure as hell not trust you." He sounded bored. Lei didn't care if she was sitting in front of him and could hear everything Leo said. He stretched his arms out, his eyes not once wavering from their lock on the Chimera's.
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  16. Adelaide couldn't help but let the small smile forming on her lips. A white haired guy had approached and apparently didn't take kindly to weed. Caramon seemed the type who liked to talk...a lot. She was known as more quit herself. With the men, who she now knew one to be Caramon and the other Leo, in a conversation, Adelaide went back to smoking her own cigarette as she again waited for the bartender. She could hear the conversation they were having but decided to stay out of it. Even if they were somewhat speaking of her. She found it quite funny and found that she even like the two. It seem like there was never a dull moment around those two.
  17. "And you did it again... C-A-R-A-M-O-N, Care-Min. Well, I've made an even bigger ass of myself now, so I suppose I might actually have a drink today."
    Waving for the bartender to come over, Caramon smiled as he pointed to the roll on the bar.
    "Got the usual for ya, Jey, highest quality tobacco I've got. I'm in the mood for a drink today, so would you mind getting me my usual glass of milk, except with a few shots of whiskey in it this time?"
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