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    You never thought that they could be real... I mean how could they? they were nothing but creatures of myth, stories told by tired parents to make their kids behave themselves right? you are set up in a line grouped up with a bunch of other "test subjects" other people, some surprisingly calm, some more confused than anything. Some even outraged at their current situation. In front of you, you see four figures, two male, two female. One of the males with red hair and a grin which sent chills down one's spine looked at all of you with an icy glare.

    "Heh" He just chuckles as you are separated into groups, one for each of these beings.​
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  2. Iris sized up the people around her, there were no real clear leaders of the pack at the moment, but the people in front seemed to be in charge. Iris was made to follow, so instead of standing up taller as she was discussed, she stayed the same, but her back curved a bit, and she nibbled her nails as she stained to hear what was being said, but all she saw were lips moving, and she could only hear the murmuring of the people around her. The man with the red hair looked her dead in the eyes,and she instinctively looked away. While thankful for the chance to get away from her massive lack of money, this was not her idea of a vacation.
  3. Kristopher wasn't one to lose contol of himself easily, but, when he blacked out he would usually come to his senses at home. But where was he now? He looked at his surroundings, it was rather dark, he couldn't make out much. All he could tell was that he was in a large building. He eyes were drawn to the clearly powerful people on the raised bit if ground. It was the only area that was lit. Two males and two females stood proud and people were being lined up behind certain people. The red haired male was starring at a female in the center of the crowd. It was normal for him to black out for hours, days even. But this? This was ridiculous. Did sign up for something? Was he kidnapped? What in the world had happened to him. He thought of all the kids back at the high-school. One more year before he was on his own. One year. It was hard being gay, those assholes didn't help.
  4. Clarice:
    Clarice was 20 years old, she had been a secretary for about a month or so at a law firm. She has always hated her job but she deals with it. Clarice was told by her boss to go to a meeting he had signed up to attend but had changed his mind, so instead he wanted Clarice to go. she entered the building that her boss has instructed her to go to. There were already many other people there, Clarice didn't think that many of them looked like other office people, why did her boss sign up to be here, these people looked so civilized and not professional at all. Clarice stood in the line, she was there early so she was up rather far in the line. A man soon entered the room and chuckled. As they were put into separate lines Clarice was at the front of hers. Before her stood a man with yellow eyes. Clarice looked at him, his eyes were so gorgeous. Clarice smiled at him. it was only polite to do so. She looked around at the other people that stood behind her and around her in the lines next to her. Some of these people looked scared. One man looked like he had no idea what where he even was. Looking at the man ahead of her she opened her mouth to speak. "Uhm, what is this place?"
    Luther was exhausted, he had stayed up all night. He signed up for some test subject project about a week ago. He figured it would get him a decent amount of money from it so he figured why not.Luther entered the building, when he realized how many people were in the building he figured that not many people were going to make it out of this in one piece, why else would there be this many people.Luther stood in the long line, he was pretty far back in line. He could see a man enter the room but he couldn't see what he was saying. If he was saying anything. Luther was confused. what kind of testing was this for again? He couldn't remember anything about this test in fact. Luther looked around kinda confused. What was this place? Luther was moved into a separate line. He listened to the people around him talk, all asking the same questions aloud that he was in his head.
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    Kyuuketsuki looked at the humans one by one evaluating them but he noticed one girl in particular who looked away in what was from his perspective out of what he presumed to be either some sort of fear or anxiety at her situation. He took her face by the chi and smirked as he looked her in the eyes forcing her to look at him and into his eyes which were a mix of green and a golden amber-type color looking similar to Juno's but with a green tint. Nobody had eyes like Juno's. He gave her a look that only he could give somebody, it showed some sort of devilish intent in those eyes and then you could hear his voice. "Why, hello there miss you seem a bit shaken" he chuckled again rather darkly at the end of the sentence and then moved on to others, this time a boy. One of the few who actually signed up for this, his growing smirk became wider looking at him, he wondered why any human would sign up to something like this. So he asked a simple question "Interesting specimen you are, do you perhaps have some sort of a death wish?" He was pretty far back in the line but he had taken it upon himself to remember all of these faces. He did the same as he did with the girl taking his face by the chin and staring into this guy's soul. "I think you'll be a fun one"

    (Please note that Juno is still open to play as, I'm simply playing his part until someone takes him)

    Juno also looked at the people in his line, he was a lot more quiet then his blood sucking friend. He saw the girl smiling at him, he wondered why? usually nobody smiled at him. "Oh, hello where are you? the mansion of course, where else would you be?" He had a much softer voice than the vampire and spoke more so with those eyes of his, in fact they were the center of his demonic powers not that anyone other than himself and the other entities would know that. His gentle features and soft voice gave an illusion of him being harmless and trustworthy, as they say, beware of the nice ones. "Anyways it looks like almost everyone's in place..." He said this more to himself than anyone else.
  6. Clarice:
    Clarice nodded slowly as the man spoke. The mansion? Of course, she knew that. Clarice stood still, she just wanted everything to get started, she wanted this meeting to be done and over with. Standing in this long line made no sense to her.
    Luther stood, slightly annoyed, when the man came back and stood in front of him, Luther couldn't help but find his slightly attractive. This made Luther instantly hate this man. Why was did he have to be put with the one attractive man in this test. Luther smirked at the man as he spoke. His voice was deeper than Luther expected it to be. "No, I don't have a death wish, I need this. the amount of fun I can be has nothing to do with this." Luther looked away from the man and waited for the line to move. "when is this stupid test going to start, or is the test to see who will put up with a pointless fucking line the longest?"
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    Indeed, he was definitely going to have some fun messing with this one. "Wow there, now no need to get feisty it was a simple question no need to be defensive" He chuckled again, he just found this so amusing! humans were oh so interesting creatures! he was after all the one who supported this thing the most. The other Entities just sort of went along with it because they had to, the government was controlling this test after all. "And the test my dear starts as soon as I arrive ahahaha! No but really just bear with me I know this line is pretty retarded but there's a method to my madness, well most of the time" Kyuuketsuki then started too smell something rather sweet, oh my, who was this? he took another whiff of the air and it was indeed this human male. His blood smelled delectable what was it with him? why did he seem to be like a magnet to drag him in? that smell, along with his behavior thus far and just the way he moved, his manneurisms, why he seemed like the perfect meal. But of course for now he would have to contain himself. Instead he decided to test him further. He started to toy with him circling him and then he proceeded to antagonize him in his own way. "You smell delicious, what's your blood type? Hmm.. I wonder how you taste" He said this and then came behind him hands on the other's shoulders and his fangs just inches from his skin teasing him. It became more difficult to resist actually biting him like this of course but he was well trained to resist his urges when it came to blood he would have to be pretty thirsty to give into the want.

    "Only a few more people and then you'll get to go to inside" They were standing outside a big mansion which was his. All the entities had a place like this but the test they decided would start here for everyone. Others not assigned to Juno were just going to be transported to their homes by various means.
  8. Clarice:
    Clarice smiled at the man and nodded. "okay, thank you for being so kind." Clarice stood and waited to enter. she kept quite the rest of the time and just stared into the mans eyes. They really were beautiful.
    Luther was becoming rather annoyed with this man. "What the hell kind of question is that?" Luther thought this man to be a psycho and beginning to doubt the reasons he had to sign up this test to be good enough reasons. When Luther felt this man's hands on his shoulders he turned around quickly and threw the man off of him. "If you want to stay alive to complete this test, don't touch me." Luther had no reason to be so cruel to this man, other than the simple fact that Luther found his attractive and Luther hated to think of himself as gay. If t were a woman coming onto him like so Luther would be all over it and flirting back, he wanted to with this man but the annoyance he found out of kept him from doing so. "If wanna taste something go to someone else, I'm sure any of these girls will give you something to taste." Luther turned to the front of the line and ignored the man, he knew yelling at the man like this was only giving him what he wanted.
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    "Your starting to act like one" He said laughing rather loudly this time imagining this man in a dress. He was acting like a girl taking things so seriously. "I guess I'll just have to find out later since you won't tell me, or rather I can just look at your profile here lets see..." He looked at the list of people to be under his roof during the testing. "Ah blood type AB. gender male, ethnicity Caucasian, Age 21" He continued to read off his information out loud and snickering every once in awhile. "I can't wait until I get to take you home, and don't yet your human mind interpret that wrong"
  10. Luther:
    Luther chuckled as his file was read. He didn't care, he had nothing to hide about himself. Well, minus the fact that he was Bisexual. He liked to keep that hidden. He even put on his file that he was straight, why that mattered for the test he no idea why. Luther looked at the man out of the corner of his eye. He looked so amused. Luther continued to ignore him though. Not giving him another response.
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    Sakura smiles at the humans in her line with an almost malicious look in her crimson eyes. She had been using her powers to hide her large, black wings from the humans eyes. She steps forward, catching the attention of the humans.
    She suddenly is lifted into the air and she lifts back her head as if reveling in the sensation she was getting. Her body spins and picks up speed, then when it stops large black wings are revealed. The fallen angel touches back down to the ground gracefully with a sneer.
    Sakura folds back her wings, then proceeds to look over each of the humans in her line. She sees a female and moves towards her. She stands before the human female and stares into her eyes, entrancing the human and making her unable to look away from her crimson gaze.

  12. Kristopher stood there impatiently as everyone was sorted. It was peculiar how the four up front acted. One male had his mouth poised over another's neck while another with bright yellow, slited eyes seemed almost as impatient as Kris was. As he stood there, the woman up front jumped and floated for a moment before giant black wings seemingly burst from her back. They were beautiful, they reminded him of the midnight sky.
    "Jesus" Kris mumbled.
    "Wow, what a showoff" he whispered back to himself. This was normal he had what was nearly multiple personalities, but he actually interacted with himself, it was enough to confuse even the smartest of people.
    "But they're beautiful aren't they?" He asked himself.
    He snorted at the question.
    "No, they look like raven wings, you know, a dirty black with corrupted rainbows."
    Kris just shrugged as the woman touched down, throwing an evil sneer at everyone.
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    The vampire watched her as she flew gracefully through the air. He didn't get along well with the others other than juno somewhat but that was just because he was so quiet most of the time. "Sakura stop showing off in front of my guests they're mine I claim them, I love humans" he said this so casually and then frowned at the fallen. C'mon now she wasn't that special... he didn't like it the attention was being stolen from him and he was well known to be an attention whore. He noticed another boy who seemed to be arguing with himself? "Ah why hello there my dear and what may I ask are you doing?" He snickered at the boy "Your also an interesting specimen, something in your brain perhaps? I would love to see how many sides to you I can unlock, I have to say that they didn't disappoint me in the selection of humans here" He then realized that he was rambling and stopped himself inspecting the boy. Ah yes he remembered this one on the list, one of the few gay ones. Not that it really mattered much just that since non-straight people were the minority they tended to be more interesting people a lot of the time then heteros he had no idea why really they just tended to act less predictable then the rest of the crowd. He considered himself bi for a reason, he didn't really care about whether they were a boy or a girl as long as they would feed his appetites for both play and attention, play meaning they would have to put up with a vampire who quite enjoyed laying with his food in any number of ways. He just liked teasing people in general but especially those he liked.

    He looked at Kristopher he believed the name to be for this one and smirked like he had at the others this time his eyes reading into the other boy's one of his vampiric abilities was to read someone's mind although this was limited only to simple thoughts and he could never get a full image, kind of like getting clues, like a third sense he could usually tell the general idea of how others felt but some were harder to read than others. The third sense as really more like being able to feel emotions around him like he could tell there were many confused and irritated people here. He decided to toy with the guy this time he took the guys face like the others but unlike what he did with the other two he also found it interesting that he couldn't read this one's mind at all, there were too many thoughts from all sides of him swirling together at once. Interesting, that was unusual for him to see, it intrigued him he wanted to see more of this one as well. He then started to lightly trace the outline of Kris's lips and drew close to him to where their noses were touching and it looked like he was about to kiss him but of course this was all part of him messing around with the boy. He chuckled once again "I really do love you humans so, your so... interesting I can't put my finger on it but the way your kind behaves is something that seems to be unique to your kind only something that never ceases to entertain me and intrigue me"
  14. Kristopher trembled at the touch of the vampire.
    "I only have two sides that I know of." Kris mumbled.
    "God, idiot, shut up, can't you see he is playing with you?" He fussed with himself.
    "I know, but-" Kris's voice trailed of.
    Within moments he was talking again.
    "God, your such a dumb-ass. And you get off of me." Kris pushed the playful vampire away.
    "Uhhh, I-I'm sorry. I didn't m-mean to-"
    "Just shut up, you're making a fool of yourself." He looked at the vamp. "You, go away, you're confusing No, it would be him right? AUGH! Just piss off!" Kris glared at the vampire before him who seemed somewhat baffled at the whole scene.
  15. [​IMG]
    Kyuuketsuki just laughed. Well even if this was only two minds in one this was still rather interesting and it somehow cut off his third sense entirely. He blinked twice at first in slight confusion but after his laugh he decided to test this what seemed to be more sassy, more confident side of him that had pryed him off. He laughed and then nipped at his ear, something he did often to tease people. Odd that he hadn't seen any girls here besides that first one, hmm.. maybe he would play with her later the guys were the ones acting interesting right now apparently. "Am I really that confusing?, because I want to see which one of you reacts in what ways, hmm I might just have to do a test inside a test. How ironic, anyways what about pissing off? That was rather rude talking to the one who's going to be caring for you for at least the next couple of months" At least that's how long he suspected these humans to last, a couple of months.
  16. Kris froze. Wait, he's going to he taking care of me? It was a thought that both his sides had and was now the only thought in his head, causing the turmoil in his mind to settle. Would that really be a bad thing though? Kris thought, pondering the thought. Yes, dumb-ass, thats a bad thing, he's in this to hurt you. and like that, the turmoil in his brain was more chaotic than ever.
    Kris's facial features shifted moments at a time. First joy, then shock, confusion, worry, anger, and then finally settled on a slightly mischievous look. Kris grabbed the vampire's neck and pulled him forward and giving him a peck on the lips before ramming his fist into the vamp's gut.
    Kris's facial features changed to disbelief,
    "W-why did y-you do t-that." he stammered.
    "Because, I want to show him that two can play his game. And the only way we are going to keep him away is by fighting fire with fire." Kris' s rougher side responded.
    The vampire had now gotten to his feet and had his hand over his stomach.
  17. Justin, arms folded firmly across his chest, surveyed the room with narrowed eyes. Everyone seemed to be bustling around far too quickly for his own taste. He soon figured out why however, when he was roughly escorted into a line behind some man, or creature, who was called Juno. The man himself seemed a bit intimidating, but certainly not hard on the eyes. Justin's own figure was lean, if not a bit thin, although he an adequate amount of muscle built around his abdomen and legs. Definitely not enough to be impressed by. He lined up obediently, discretely watching the man he had been assembled behind.
  18. [​IMG]
    The vampire stumbled, more surprised than anything. Wow, well he hadn't been expecting that to say the least... He couldn't tell if both of those actions were one side or if they were both sides one kissing him and the other punching him? Wow he was confused now, and it took a bit to confuse this creature of the night. The actual hit didn't hurt him much at all it was just the thought that this human was bold enough to do that which surprised him. He suddenly let out a burst of laughter and then smirked. "Ah, so that's how you want to play it huh?" Until now it had just been some harmless teasing and toying with but now the human had taken things a bit further. "Fire with fire huh? is that what your going to call it? and must you always speak your thoughts aloud? It's something I find rather interesting how you speak to yourself, also useful since you seem to be the only one I cant understand"

    He then took this a step further, he grabbed Kris by the back of his head and pressed his cold, undead lips to his but much deeper than the other boy had. "Don't test me boy" he said once he finally let go with another one of his signature smirks and unlike how he held himself back before despite the delectable smell of the other boy, he allowed his lips to trail down his neck and linger there a moment as if he was going to give him a hickey or something and as the other boy squirmed struggling to get away he sunk his fangs into his flesh. Now this isn't Dracula shit he wont becaome a vampire or anything, he'll just help keep the vampire healthy with the substanance. His smirk remained painted on his face as he sucked his blood from him, not enough to hurt him, but at least he'll now know what he was, humans always had a funny reaction to that. he wondered what he'd do once he let him go. So once he was done he did just that, let Kris go and waited for a response.
  19. "Y-you, your a vampire? That's I-impossible. " Kris' s more innocent side stuttered.
    His face morphed into concern
    "It was rather obvious idiot, you really don't pay attention, do you? The fangs, how he had his mouth poised over the other males neck. It ridiculous that you never noticed. And by the way," Kris held his neck, staring at the smirking vampire. "Don't think I'm scared of you. Also, we speak our thoughts aloud because theres too much going on up here." Kris waved is hand at his head, showing indifference to piss of the vampire qho qas obviously vouching for a reaction. "It's a choice, not a rule. Oh, but thats riiiight, you can't read our thoughts. There there too much in our head for you to handle? Maybe we shouldn't be si outright with our thoughts, consider it a privelige that we say them out loud."
    Kristopher's expression turned horrified. "Death? You may not be scared of it, but I sure as hell am! I don't want to die." Kris stood there and squirmed, then stood strait, then started squirming again, obviously changing personalities on the fly.
  20. [​IMG]
    "Huh, I'll admit I expected a bigger reaction from you but I guess the side with the attitude is like the more dominant one... hmm Kris why don't you try forcing the other one out if you don't get along? or is your brain just too complicated to do that? Im getting more curious by the minute, you kiss me and then punch to prove a point and then react so casually to me being what I am, I can easily kill you if I wanted but it seems you can tell that I won't, the way you interact with yourself... amuses me greatly, I think I may be finding you more of a magnet than the Luther guy from earlier with that smell of his, you keep me guessing, I like that" The vamp rambled on and then said that phrase again.

    "Oh how I just love you humans, your so delicate and soft and yet you act as if your some sort of hero, and then you humans say things that seem to just contradict one another pretty much everyone says they hate violence so why is there war? They claim a lot of things but they lie. Humans seem to be the universes biggest liars, liars to themselves mostly. Most seem to be so predictable its not even funny and get boring after awhile, but you seem different..." He then circles Kris tracing along his jaw-line and momentarily playing with a piece of his hair. "You keep me guessing and you keep me wanting to see more... I want to see more of you, you, both of you, one and the same and yet also different as can be. How very, very.... interesting, yes interesting indeed" He wrapped his arms around the other male and then proceeded to actually lick is face, along the side, his cheek and his jawline. "I wonder how long you'll last... you tasted delightful and I must admit if you die on me too early I might be a little upset, your fun to play with"