Bloody Concert

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  1. it was the last concert for Jace as his team in that month. they were all exhasuted, and besides, summer was here and they needed some more fun than singing and messing with the fan girls.During the concert Jace could take some fands on the scene beside them and let the dance or sing with them. she picked up three girls. one of them was a bit more special. she was cutter. at her sight Jace smirked a bit as he leaned to her and offered his hand to help her up on the stage. she didnt want to seem rude from the first time so the only think was to kiss her cheek taking her scent in deeply so he could find her again soon
  2. (Am I the girl?)
  3. Dahlila had come to the concert with her friends to see the newest teen sensation Jace in concert.It was his last concert of his tour and she had only just managed to snag tickets to his sold out show from the local radio station.As he helped her on stage,her heart fluttered nervously and her cheeks blushed a warm pink.When his lips made contact with her cheek,she internally squealed in delight and her flushed cheeks darkened even more.
  4. this last concert was a totall madness. Jace was exhausted as he left the stae every of the member pulling with them one of the girls who where on the stage. as they got in the bak stage Jace let the girls hand off and walked away to drink some coffee and talking to his partners as the girls where left alone to talk to each other and enjoy the backstage view. After a while Jace felt her scent again and his eyes started to turn red and one of this friends punched him in his arm to calm him down . Jace gukped a bit and took a deep breath drinking all his coffee and walking to the girl
  5. Dahlila had nervously made her way backstage,unsure whether she should have come or not.Her eyes gazed around at the room where the band was along with a few other girls as well.Her eyes caught sight of Jace and she felt a soft smile form on her lips as she caught him looking at her.Though her smile faded into a frown of confusion when she saw his eyes flash red for a moment.Dahlila blinked a few times in shock before she pushed the outrageous thought to the back of her mind.'It was probably just my imagination.'She thought to herself reassuringly.
  6. Jace walked up to her and bowed slowly and smiled to her taking her hand in his and kissed her hand softly ” may i ask with whom i have the pleasure to talk, miss?” she asked looking at her still a bit bowed to her , hiss green eyes starin at her and a soft smirk was curved up on hs lips
  7. Dahlila was a bit taken a back by his politeness and her blush returned as he placed a kiss to her hand."I'm Dahlila."She answered with a smile.She had never had a boyfriend before so male attention was a bit strange to her,especially the way he was acting around her.
  8. He smiled to her warmly and slowly slid his hand over her shoulder leading her away from the others so they could talk a bit ” so..Dahlila, im glad to meet you.. tell me please, how old are you?” he asked her playing a bit woth her hair as they were walking
  9. Dahlila was unsure of how she felt about his touching,one part of her enjoyed the butterflies she felt in her stomach at his affectionate touches but the other part of her was worried he only wanted her around because he thought she would have sex with him because he was famous."Um,I'm 18 almost 19."She replied in confusion,taking notice of the way he played with her hair.
  10. he smiled and sniffed her hair. this smells delicious he thought and smiled to her as they got outside under the clear sky " do you live far Dahlila?" he asked her resting his han on her shoulder
  11. "Kind of,but I have a hotel for the night so I won't have to drive."She replied,feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable with his questions and the lack of people.Her gaze shifted to the starry sky an she found herself recalling the constellations in her mind.
  12. he looked at the sky too and smiled " beatiful isnt it ?" he looked back at her and took a strand of her hair playing with it in silence. her scent was special it was growing his thirst
  13. "It is."She agreed with a smile,gazing out at the wonderful view they had as well as the bright sky overhead.Everything just seemed perfect and that worried her a little more,usually when something's perfect either something amazing happens or something horrible happens;she hoped it would the first.
  14. he licked his lips a bit and as he was taller than her he softly patted her head childish and giggled " dont worry ok ? i dont plan to rape you anyways " he laughed a bit
  15. Dahlila's eyes widened at his words and she blushed heavily at being caught."Sorry.I tend to be worrisome and cautious over nothing."She admitted sheepishly.
  16. he laughed a bit and sat on the ground laying down . somehow he has lost in interest in trying to bite her now . he was ehhausted and wanted her scent for some more around him " so dahlila.... do you feel unconfortablw here alone with a stranger ?" he teased her
  17. "Well who wouldn't?All I know of you is things said about you in magazines."She replied,sitting down beside him and looking around at the beautiful scenery.
  18. and what do you exactly know about me ? he asked curious looking at her smiling a bit. now that his only thought wasnt to hage fun he realised she was really cute and smiled to her studying her whole body
  19. "Well the simple things like your favorite color,where your from,if you like animals."She replied,turning her gaze back to him only to find his eyes were scanning her body.She ducked her head and focused on her hands in her lap;feeling extremely self conscious under his watchful eye.
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