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  1. So, anyone playing Bloodborne?


    I dislike that there's not as great of a weapon diversity as Dark Souls, but I like the aesthetic a lot more.

    I'm not terribly far into it yet, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot. :3
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  2. This is how my Bloodborne experience went..
    • Head to store NEXT DOOR to apartment to get game.
    • "durr we dun have it sorreh"
    • Run across town to acquire it.
    • Play for three hours since it was after my 11PM shift and almost 1AM by time I got home.
    • Marveled at all the neat things. Frame rate and Chromatic Abberation really bugged me, but grew used to it.
    • Loved the enemy design, style, etc.
    • Spend next night struggling to get to first boss after losing to it miserably.
    • Pick it up last night to try again.
    • Cleric Beast = DEAD
    • Father Gascoigne = ALMOST DE-HOLY SHIT HE'S A WEREWOLF
    • Too angry at work today to play straight. Playing Rimworld and realizing Bloodborne ain't got shit grim on how I play my colony.
    Love it. Co-Op is a bit tedious to do nowadays it feels like. But it's enjoyable, glad I got it after being unable to bother with DaS2.

    Also, dat Kirkhammer. IT'S A SWORD. BUT NOW IT'S A MALLET. IT'S A SWALLET!

    If you play the music box you get from the little girl to Father Gascoigni in his werewolf form he is stunned. That's her father.
    Her mom's brooch is on a landing past the Father fight. DON'T GIVE IT TO HER. She kills herself.
    Unlock the Cathedral/Safe-place with the dude in red on the floor FIRST before going back to the little girl. There's a way to get her there where she says you'll protect her and calls you her brother/sister and how great of a role-model you are.
  3. If only I had a PS4. If only, if only.
  4. Watched a couple streams of it yesterday. Looks a lot more fast-paced than the Souls games, and it's aesthetic is fucking brilliant.

    Basically a Ravenloft game, when you think about it. At last.
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  5. I've been doing the same since the midnight release. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours the art team put into those environments. There are so many details that have been painstakingly put into every square inch of the gothic sorta steam punk world.

  6. It's Victorian. There's no silly brass gears and obnoxious goggles on everything.
  7. That's true, but if you look at the engineering on some of the guns, they do have steam punk elements on them.

    Also, Steam Punk fashions or technology are derivative of the Victorian Era. There aren't brass gears or obnoxious goggles, but there are some elements in the style. At least, that's what I've seen.
  8. Still not seeing it. They look more.. Strapped together or made to last than anything.
  9. [​IMG]

    This one is one of the stronger examples.
  10. The repeating pistol. Too bad it's pretty shit.

    I just want this.
  11. That thing looks powerful enough to blow a hole through all of the Souls games. How long will it take you to get that thing?
  12. About another 15 levels of Strength. It requires 30 and I think I'm at 15 or 16.

    It uses 10 of your 20 Max Quick Silver bullets. Have heard it can blow a third of a bosses health off and one-shot anything else.
  13. That's pretty wild. I guess there's some sort of trade off aside from the bullet cost. It seems there's always a little something in FromSoftware games that can give you a bit of an edge for a while. I'm excited to see what the speed running community will put together in a few months.
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  14. The game is a return to form for the creator from what I have been told. Its visually absolutely amazing. Just like DS1 was when it came out. And unlike DS2 the designs are less repetive and unimaginative.
  15. I've been binging Bloodborne since day 1. I'm not sure how far I am game-wise, but I've defeated 6 or so bosses now, and am trying to defeat another as of this moment!
    (possible spoilers)
  16. So far I've defeated 11 main bosses, and 3 chalice bosses. I have the cannon and, if you use the emergency bullet restore before and between shots (trading health for five bullets) you can get off about four shots with the cannon. Late game bosses are less affected by it, but it does stagger pretty much everything. I'm using that, and Ludwig's Holy Blade (the sword that transforms into a great-sword). Also Ludwig's rifle as my main gun (the cannon is for emergencies, or tough bosses/enemies)

    It's fun, but sometimes frustrating. I'll get stuck for a little while, then win by miracles.

    I have 8 of the spells right now. Most of the spells are pretty weak in power, but have their uses. There's one that infinitely buffs your weapon with magic, and another that summons tentacles that blast an enemy away. I also gained use of a hammer that brings down a row of lightning and a hand that acts like the force spell from Dark Souls. Some of these spell items have high arcane requirements, but I only have 25 arcane. I feel like I'm doing pretty well.

    I hate how the attire sets cannot be upgraded, but I really love the gem slots on weapons, and the runes.

    I'm probably too high level... I'm level 72.
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  17. I'm level 80 now, and the final boss is available to fight... but I'm gonna try to beat the other available bosses and stuff first.

    You guys, when certain tasks are accomplished, time advances and the prices of supplies rise, and you can sometimes miss interactions with certain characters!

    I had to kill the crow girl because I advanced too much without doing her story, and she aggro'd on me. It was tough, but I got her stuff. There are definitely some permanently miss-able things. Losefka can give you a rune that lets you get 2 bullets from visceral attacks if you defeat her early in the game, but I missed it because I couldn't get into the clinic's backdoor.

    In the area before the plaza that has the incense and stuff where the old guy tells you to bring people to safety, there's an elevator nearby that leads up to a tower with some good stuff. you should come back to the tower later in the game and go to the top with a hidden key from the yhar'gul area. There are two optional bosses there, and some good stuff you can miss. The last boss in the area is like a cthulu!

    OH! Make sure that you all get the three umbilical cord pieces if you wanna fight the extra last boss and get the third ending. Losefka has one, so you should certainly kill her even if you missed her.
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  19. I haven't revealed as much as you think. I was kind of vaguely informing people of some missable stuff. You don't have to even
    go to that area or fight losefka, or even get the three cords to continue in the story.
    I even forgot to mention an area you can enter with an item that's hard to find. I haven't named names or revealed anything relevant to the story as a whole, so, It isn't a huge deal. At any rate, I'll still edit the post with spoiler tags.
  20. I can't even handle how much I love this game.
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