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In year of the middle ages, darkness is king. In this world, the sun never shines and vampires rule the earth possesing powers unimaginable by any other. True to their nature they lived the life of royalty, keeping humans as servants or worse. With royal permission some learned the ways of soccery, necromancy, and knightsmanship. with their enhanced abilities the vampires became the strongest and most feared creature of the night, but that was the pure bloods.

Pure blooded vampires lived the royal life, because they were born that way. The strongest, the fastest, and most taken care of were always the pure bloods. While the half bloods or turned, lived the civilian life among the people. It was a nightmare. Half bloods were treated as filth, absolutly no chances were given as the pure bloods had.

Soon the half bloods declared war against the pure bloods. For many years the war went on and many had died, the half bloods thought there was no hope, while the pure bloods did not worry. Years later, a princess was born during the war. She was targeted by the half blood rebellion leader. And as any parent would, the King and Queen placed her under guard, but with each warrior the had he eventually died within days.

They had lost hope until the saw the rise of a specific half blood. One day, the king spotted a uniquely strong half blooded boy, he could use magic and had the exact powers of a pure blood. Immediately the King pleaded for his services, but did not mention who the boy shall work for. This is the stroy or two enemies who soon bond by a promise.


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For as long as he's lived, tenchi has always hated pure bloods for how they treat his people. When the king approached him, he had no choice but to except his proposition, for he believed this would save his people.
In the middle of the cruel brutal war a girl, a princess was given life but unlike most princess she was a pure-blood of pure-blood of the highest class, she was unlike any in looks, power and personalty. She was more mature than any and understand more than she gave but she was kind and sweet and it was uncommon in the vampire race epically in pure-bloods making her a target. Over the years she learned in secret how to fight, do spells, protect, defend and more but never told or shared with others because she was a princess that was the grow-ups job but if she didn't learned the would of been killed by now. But because she was so kind-heated she never killed or harm much it was not in her nature, her late mother notice this and did something to change her, she had to close off her heart to the world she was still kind but seem cold and ruthless to other.
Time pasted and almost all her family died only her knowing what truly happened to them but before the king of kings died he searched and searched for someone to protect his daughter and found and made him her servant before he died, once again the princess know what happened but was forced to keep secret until it's time to do so. The story begins the day she meets her new servant.
Name: Misuki family nick-name Yuuki (Tender princess)
Age: Vampire 11
Kind: Pure-blood princess
Looks: Bloody red in light has a gold tint in it. Also it turns pure silver know why later on. Eyes left dark purple, right eclectic blue or glowing crimson instead. Skin snow white with full red pink lips. Height 5'1 Weight 90. She gets mistaken to be much older also is extremely beautiful .
Inside the castle's courtyard the sound of clashing blades and grunts of Tenchi could be heard. He was training his sword arm so that he'd be able to defend himself and the princess from on comming enemies, and there were plenty to come along the way. It'd been three years since the death of Princess Misuki's parents, three years of servitude, three years of fighting his own people. Yet he felt no pain in doing so, obviously he didn't care anything about who lives orr dies, as long as he has his free will he doesn't care.

"Tecnhi," called a guard from the side lines. "Come with me, the royal advisor has given an order for you to see him." He snarled under his teeth as he stared back at the guard. "Tell him I shall meet with him soon, right now my priorities is this." he hissed, pointing his blade at a training dummy.

fighting was always his strong heart, so he'd spend hours on hours training to become stronger. Not for others, but for himself. Anything else was left to fend for itself.
Inside there was a place that only few heard about and even less have seen it was the place where the princess could be alone at peace. There where only few places in the world where they still live and one and the biggest rest in the castle. A garden. A place where plants grow freely and sun reached their leaves a place of pure beauty, a place for the princess to be true to herself. She grew the plants by her own hands refuses help from the others taking care of any or everything that didn't help she loved the plants and the feeling that she grew them by her own hands. The princess kneeing watering the vibrate blue roses a soft smile on her beautiful face that rarely ever saw by others as she hummed a haunting tone of the old.
A man in pure black appeared behind her kneeing down respectfully with his arm a crossed his chest. He was young and built with strong and handsome features his face mostly covered my a cloth and his black hair pulled back in a tight pony tail.
"Princess." The man whispered softly as she turned her face becoming hard and cold looking again as she looked at him straight in his almost black eyes.
"Yes?" Misuki asked voice soft.
"Tecnhi has been your servant for three years now and you haven't once ever seen him. He has defended, protected and helped you why don't you see him even for an hour to see if you like him or not?" He asked his voiced leveled. Misuki raised a brow at the comment as she was taught so and truly thought it over.
~Is it time to met him the man my father picked for me? What's if he's just someone here to kill me once located? He doesn't even know what I look like only know of my name and that's it. But what if it is time to do so?~ She pondered in her thoughts fighting with herself but one question stood above all. What's if he hates me? After several minutes of fighting with herself she came to a decision.
"I'll met him." She whispered. He just nodded his head in agreement but you could tell he was happy. "Take me there Kai. Please." She stated well she put the watering supplies away and dusted herself off.
Kai stood up and walked quietly out the door and walked to the court room as he took his place by her chair on the right side. He stood there still like a statue but strong and proud as she knew she had to sit there even though she didn't want to. She rather not be here or even seen by people she wished to be with her plants and never in contact with others but she knew that was impossible. She walked tall and gracefully to her place taking a seat her back straight like she was taught and waited for him. On the outside she seemed strong bored even but inside she was scared and worried not knowing what to so besides wait.
She sat there waiting her outer face strong bored but really nervous, scared and just wants to disappear but she knew she couldn't. She had to stay and wait to met the man that is her servant she didn't think she needed one she has protected her self all this time. But her late father hand picked him for her and she will accept the last gift he gave her. Her eyes began to wondering seeing only her, Kai, and a few humans in rags standing there if services needed as she hides her sorrow and pain for them. If she could she would free them of us but she know she couldn't not yet and she would never work or drink from one. Ever.

Her eyes wondered to Kai is face hard and beginning to fill with rage and she knew why, he was becoming impatient, he was very loyal and honorable and the boy making them wait is disrespectful. Kai felt her eyes as she turn to face him as she nodded no knowing what could happen as he bowed his head in response.

"He will be here shortly so don't worry to much." He stated softly and all she did was nodded and face front waiting once again.
He exited the courtyard as he looked around for where he was suppose to be. before he left, the woman told him to head to the royal lounge. To get there he had to spend another ten minutes waling through the castle interior, so instead he used his movements. At the top os a balcony he could see the King's guard, Kai. He was waiting for something and it gave Tenchi the idea that he was meant to be there. Looking around for a way up, he noticed a large ower behind him and how it gave him an access point to the balcony. Like instinct, he started to climb his way up the pillar, reaching his arms and legs out to grab and pull him self further up.

At the top of the pillar he could see down into the room. Three humans, a guard, and a girl. Who is she was all he could think. But for now his objective was clear, whoever she was will be known in time. His way in was a simple run across the roof tops and a dive into the room. the question, could he make it?

Without thinking, he leaped forward and dtarted sprinting along the roof top of a building. Before he missed his shot, Tenchi slashed a raope that took him up to another high spot, as he went forward to go again, he dug deep closed his eyes and leaped to the room. With his arms spread out like wings, he felt himself soar forward and come to a hard drop. Without a slight sound he landed softly behind Kai. So far, no one knew he was right there.
Kai turned on his heel a dagger at his throat drawing a thin lay of blood before licking the blood off and putting it back where it once was.

"Sorry I didn't notice who you were before." Kai spoke as she slightly bowed in forgiveness. "But where have you been? We where waiting for a long time." Kai asked pushing down in angry.

Misuki noticed him as she entered calmly knowing he could be only two things her servant or someone here to kill her but let Kai take care of it because he loved his job and wishes to protect her and not have her dirty her own hands. Kai pull his weapon back and slightly bowed meaning she was right it was her new servant, he was younger and a lot more handsome than she thought he would be but never matter in a fight. Her gaze shifted towards Kai as there eyes met and he nodded as her fears and doubts began to come on more strongly she forced herself to look strong. She looked at him more her eyes on him watching and noticing everything about him as Kai showed a fang goofy smile.
A slick raise of the brow lifted across his head, tenchi wasn't concerned about Kai. Just the girl, she seemed to have a few of her mother's features as well as her father's hair color. He could smell her blood and knew, she was the king and queen's child, but why was she here?

"Who is she?" he strickened, pointing his finger at her with outrage. one of the humans simply put it, "She's your master tenchi, you've been protecting her for the past three years." And with that, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Holding his entire body still, his eyes swayed from side to side for signs of the truth. Each person he looked at with his still face jsut simply nodded or shrugged there shoulders to agree with her.

If this was present times, he'd freak out. But this is the middle ages so lets just keep it real and continue on with how he reacted.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!" he shouted, scratching his head savagely unde his hood.
Kai's eyes darken turning black as he bared his fangs, growling deeply the humans tumble back several feet wanting to run away. He glared at Tenchi, they where friends on some degree but this on his part was unacceptable. Kai was going to teach him a lesson but before he could even move she was behind him, her small hand his strong arm. Kai even Tenchi didn't notice her until then well she stood there lightly shaking her head no at Kai.

"He never knew or knew who I was until now you can't do this." Misuki voice was clear but low. Both of them stared at one another but the winner was clear before the broke eye contact.

Misuki put her hand down when Kai moved her behind him shield-like while Kai glared at Tenchi. "No we are not. We never told you or even Princess, the only thing she knew was that you where here on a mission by her late father. But it was time that both of you meet because beginning today you will always be by her side because your training is done." Kai spoke calmly. Misuki stared at Kai, her eyes full of confusion and hurt before she covered it up.

"You lied to me you told me that. . . I." She side glanced at Tenchi. "You broke your promise to me." She tried to hiss at Kai sounding believable to others but Kai knew that she felt hurt and betrayed on the inside.

"No Princess, I kept my promise but this was a promise by him also so I can't disobey." Kai spoke softly as they stared at each other. Everyone in the room was confused not knowing what they meant, the room turned unnerving silent. Kai broke the eye contact and looked at Tenchi but spoke to Misuki. "You are to kind for your own good."

Misuki pushed Kai away her long beautiful dark purple dress swayed with her, no one in the castle would called her anything but kind or near it because to was taught never to show her true self to anyone but Kai her knew long before she knew how to control herself as well as what buttons to push. Her eye blue eye flashed crimson as she growled deeply scaring everyone there her power coming off of her filling the room then disappeared intently and her poker face masked her true self as she sat in her chair again. Appearing to show want she could do at any moment but really lost control of her emotions for a second and trying to control herself because she still was only a child.
Tenchi seased his complaining for a moment when he saw her panicing in the next room. He slowly eased his hands away from his headand glared at her actions. She was thrashing and slinging objects out of her way, her power displayed itself, and servants were running scared from her.

Around the room, people were looking with their heads down, shamed of the fact that they kept this from her. In her eyes she probably thought of it as a lie, a lie that stayed around for three years. And nobody deserves to be lied to, but sercomstnces were required it if he thought about it. While chaos rained, Roku had a revelation. If they hadn't been lied to, then Misuki wouldn't have been protected so well. This was the wish of her fallen father, so what was he to deny?

Calm and without anger, tenchi approached the raging girl and placed his hand flat on the top of her head, stopping her from her rampage. He looked down at her without expression and his hood covering his eyes, "That's enough," he said. "I understand, this isn't hat you expected and you'd refuse to cope with this change. But it's not his fault, nor you father's. I'm a half blood, before i came here, I hated your kind. Your father was a dying man, so I acepted his wish without question. If Kai handn't lied to me I'd never would have protected you all these years."

He came down to one knee and pulled the hood off his head, revealing his red eyes and hair. "If he hadn't lied to you, then you would have cast me out. So I'm sure he's sorry and there's nothing he can do to fix it, but it's over now. We might as well just accept it."
Misuki was finally getting control of herself and powers as everything began to stop, she felt horrible what and how she acted feeling so weak she just wanted to disappear. Tenchi came over and patted her head like her father did long away and it started to happen as she tried to forced it down until she was gone and no one or nothing was near her while she truly listen to his words and made her smile a barest of a smile then gone.

~If he only knew what we truly meant and knew what it meant.~ She thought sadly.

"I-I'm sorr. . ." Misuki began to speak but it started and Kai noticed it a little to late and ran to her. Her bloody red hair began to turn pure silver as her blue eye once again turned scarlet.

Kai picked her up quickly but gently as he began to leave but spoke to Tenchi. "If you want to know what is happening meet me their in a hour." Kai told hid voice sharp before both of them disappeared in a puff of smoke.
It was a little confusing, but not that interesting to him at first. Tenchi would rather he leave and wait but if he was to be around her 24/7, he'd have to know just about everything about her. No getting around that fact.

Tenchi saw were they appeared, it was high above in her room on the top floor of the castke. Along a wall were long red drapes and horizontal poles sticking out of the walls. he gripped against the drapes and pulled himself up, steadily Tenchi swung the drape to propel himself to a pole and grabbed it. He pulled himself on top of it and sat like a monkey balacing on a spike. He jump forwad and started skipping his way across to the room. He lundged from the last poe and grabbed the balcony's rail of the wall before he fell.

Pulling himself up, tenchi walked into the room and noticed how the door was left open.
~45 minutes later~

Kai looked slightly more pale than normal waiting for Tenchi to arrive. Honestly he was still debating on how much he should tell him or say that he will find out soon enough. His mind like a labyrinth trying to find his way out as his eyes locked on the full moon, his lips a tight line.

His eyes caught something, Tenchi, as she lands into the room noticing the door open while Kai walked into sight a few feet away from him. He stood tall and strong with his main sword by his side that can kill in a insistent as Kai nodded his head.

"So you did come." Kai said slightly happy. "Asked me what you wish to know and if I can't answer I'll tell you why." Kai told his voice low but honest as she waits for Tenchi's questions.
Noticing how Kai was a bit pale, his questions were already answered. He let her feed off of him, hiding was childish in Tenchi's eyes. He seemed a bit disoriented as well, almost falling down fatigued from blood loss. Obviously, Kai has been doing this for a while, that was surely no secret he kept well.

"Youl et her feed off you, I'm not surprised." he stated, with an unconcerned look. "By the way she acts and her childish nature, the fact that she bites no is not very sudden to me." he walked further into the room eyeing for Misuki to see what she was up to, besides, where couold a small girl like her be?. "I have no questions to ask, but I'll keep in contact if I need answers."

"And before you decide to bare your blade to me, you might as well remeber you're out matched. " Tenchi said, standing with his arms crossed. His red eyes were focussed on finding his new "Master", as she's called, to see if she's well.
Kai shook her head sighing and cursing that he noticed.

"Tenchi don't tell her because she might." Kai words faded and stop. "Just don't. Please, you'll know what I mean once to see her. Also I would never raise me blade unless I have a real reason to do so." Kai voice almost sounded sad. "You'll see her in her garden. Take good care of her. Bye Tenchi my good friend." That was his final words before he was completely gone.

Misuki awaken, completely back to normal in her garden where her red roses grow as she laid there and looked up at the apple tree above her the shade covering her like a blanket.
"Right." he nodded, as he disappeared in a shroud of bats. In his mind he started to clarify how difficult this will actually be. She was both a small girl and a pure blood vampire, that's not the easiest thing to have with you. She'll need blood, she'll have childish desires, and probably be the biggest pain he's had in a lifetime. But it was a dying wish, so he couldn't complain, atleast not too much.

from his feet and up, the bats formed his body in front of Misuki. His shadow raised across her garden, his eye fixed on her as she layed resting beneath the tree.

He slowly approached the shade and sat beside her, looking away to prevent eye contact. "So, what shall you ask of me?"
Misuki mind was still fogging and dazed showing her true face, beautiful, pure, and sweet. She looks up at Tenchi, her eyes widen then instantly her emotions gone replaced by fake once but still look tired. She stood up almost falling but covered it up as if she meant to do so but still light headed as looks at Tenchi slightly bowing before she spoke.

"I'm sorry that I collapsed in there and you had to witness it. Also I sorry if I said or done anything I can't remember up to the point I was going to say something to you. Only few people know of this and I'm sorry that you had to find out like that." She spoke truthfully. "Kai takes me her to rest he tells me that I get better and feel better if I'm around life but I. . . ." She stopped her vision slightly becoming blurred. "I'm feeling better already so don't worry." Her lied but it sounded true. "You can leave if you want to I won't force you to be here." That was the last of her words.

She stood straight as she walked over by the roses laying in them as if they were a bed of feathers, eating the petals trying to regain energy knowing it will take time and still will take days to satisfy her hunger.
Hmm, she's a strange girl, he thought. Constantly thinking it over, he was so far from coping with this than he said they should. He intensly hates pure bloods, for everything they think and stand for. Yet he carried the same power as one, the same compatiblity as a royal. And he had to spend it protecting a child, a child of all things! But then again, what else would the king ask of him to protect? She was precious to him a lot more than riches, women, or land. So Tenchi had no choice but to serve and obey.

"It's not a problem," he said, "Your body is young, you'll take time to get used to... Feeding." He stepped over to her with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look. "I'll go look around the castle grounds in case of infiltratators, don't be out too long." with a quick flick of his wrist and a speeding run up a wall, he disappeared into the castle.
Misuki's eyes flashed opened shocked and confused at the statement.

~'Feeding'? What does he mean by that? Is he is talking about me taking energy though life like petals I understand but what if. NO!~

She mentally stop herself, as she sat up looking at Tenchi.

"I'm sorry if I misunderstood you but I don't feed off of humans, animal, or my kind ever. I will never do so ever and I don't care what will happen I know and accept the price I pay for it. I feed off of plants like rose petals, leaves but not, not blood." She went silent for a second her voice broke on the last word. "I thought Kai told you but then again I should have told you and not rely on others. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner once again." She spoke truthfully.

Dizziness came over her once again for using to much energy, she sat down and began eating apples on the ground receiving energy she lost. Her eyes still on Tenchi though watching him.
Tenchi stayed focussed on his surroundings, even thogh Misuki was watching him so closely. From his strong sense of sight he could see no activity from the left or right of the area. He heard nothing of an invasion, let alone the talk of one, perfect. No activity, means an easy day for him and the princess.

He quickly leaped back down next to her, seeing how she so easily exausted herself again. "You need rest..." he said, as he lifted her up into his arms. He genlt wrapped her arms around his neck, to keep her on tight. "Where are your resting quarters?" he asked, walking her back inside. Looking around he noticed how the whole interior of the castle seemed so easy to figure out. There were two stair cases the leaded to the east and west wing. Both wings had atleast eight rooms, so one of the directions and rooms had to be her's.

He looked over shoulder to see how she was holding up and noticed how she was still holding that apple. So by a guess, she was recovering. "Which way, Misuki." he said impatiently.