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  1. So this is an RP idea that's been stewing in my head for a while now. Gonna see if anyone will be interested to RP it with me. BTW I'm looking for a co-GM for this one.


    mature themes
    possible yaoi for certain characters

    The RP is set in the fictional secluded Tsurumaki domain somewhere in the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. The domain is primarily agricultural and is known for being one of the leading producers of rice in the country, making it a prime target for warlords during the Sengoku period. However the domain is sheltered in a valley between two mountains, making it hard to reach thus the domain didn't need much in terms of military power. Tsurumaki is ruled by the Ono clan for countless generations.

    In 1570, during Oda Nobunaga's bid on unifying Japan, an ambitious warlord under the Demon King's wing marched towards the Tsurumaki domain in hopes of conquering it. After a long campaign which lasted for a year and a half (which involved a grueling 3 month hike through the mountain), the warlord was able to impose a ceasefire between the Ono clan as the casualties on both sides start to swell.

    The story will be focusing on several key characters in the story. I hope people will be willing to play them~!

    -- Brotherhood --

    During a battle with Nobunaga Oda's forces the Ono clan's current leader, Kazuo Ono, is killed in battle. His eldest son takes the helm of leading clan and agrees on the ceasefire offered by the opposing forces. Arrangements for an alliance is put forward by the Oda clan and the eldest brother is more than willing to accept, not wanting to see the Tsurumaki domain completely destroyed. The younger Ono son though does not wish to bow down to their aggressors. He rallies up the citizens of Tsurumaki who are opposed to the alliance and start a guerrilla war between the invaders, causing tensions to rise between the Ono and Oda once more. The eldest son now has to choose between family and obligation as he is asked to crush the uprising with his brother along with it.

    -- Broken Strings --

    A sheltered woman who has had no say in her life since birth. Born to be a tool, she is sent to the Tsurumaki domain to marry the Ono clan's leader and solidify their alliance with the Oda. She does not feel anything for his husband-to-be other than a sense of obligation. During a stroll, she is kidnapped by members of the rebel group opposing the alliance between the Ono and the Oda. During her captivity, she finds herself slowly falling for the spirited leader of the group. Will he be the key to her freedom?

    -- Still in the Dark --

    A shinobi employed by the rebel forces of Tsurumaki is on a mission to assassinate the warlord of the Oda clan. Having never failed an assignment before, his employers are confident that the death of the warlord is assured. As the shinobi moves in for the kill, he realizes who his mark really is... an old friend whom he had shared a fond childhood with. Duty or friendship, the shinobi must choose between the two.

    Other characters and side stories are welcomed and encouraged. If you're interested in joining this one if it ever becomes an RP or if you have suggestions and what not, feel free to post em here~!