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    Genre: Fantasy, Modern Times, Vampire, Highschool, Drama​

    "When the moon is full and is colored bloody red, that is when we lose our control. Its the only night we give into our animal instinct and devour everything that stands in our way--be it our own kin. As long as there is blood, we shall feast."

    The Blood Moon, a ominous natural phenomenon that only happens every once in a millennium. When the moon is full it then changes it's color, tainting the moon to red. It is during this night that the immortals--the vampires, would loose their sanity and give into their beastly instincts, killing and devouring anything that has blood in them--even their very own. Hence, the name Blood Moon.

    An immortal, who has seen the Blood Moon--no matter how strong they are can't become immune to it's curse. No vampire is safe when the Blood Moon is up. Not even those whom of pure blood can be safe by it. No matter what you are--be it pure or half-blood, when faced with the Blood Moon you are helpless.

    But do not fear, little one. No need to be afraid of the Blood Moon anymore for we have came up with a solution for you to quench your thirst for blood. It's called Blood+ an artificial blood drink that is not actually blood but contains the same minerals and nutrients you get from as of a humans. It's not as strong as that of a human but the energy you gain from it will last you for a day and plus, you get to drink it three times a day! Isn't that great? This is for your safety my children.

    We have one golden rule here, do not drink blood. Even when you are desperate, never drink blood, even from your own kin. That is mainly why you were enrolled here. To help you gain complete control of yourself. As long as you can contain your blood thirsted rage you are safe from it's curse.

    Welcome children to Crux Academy.

    What Roles Can You Play:
    - You are a student in Crux Academy, who's visionary mission is to teach young Vampires--or as they would like to called as immortals, to control your animalistic urges to suck the blood of your victims.

    Blood Moon Curse: STRONG
    Strongly affects students who are naughty-naughty, they will go into an eating frenzy. But students who are good and actually drink Blood+ can also be affected but can still maintain enough control of their urges but only by a fraction of control. They would still crave to blood but they won't actually kill their victims. There can be also exceptions to some but they are the rare kind. There is 1:100 of their kind that won't become cursed.

    TEACHER - You are a teacher who's soul mission is to teach your students to live an eternal life living peacefully and not turn them into monsters.

    Blood Moon Curse: INTERMEDIATE
    Teachers because of their age and had experienced the cursed once before, can be able to control their blood thirst urges. The would still stay sane to help aid students but only for a minimum expand of time. They aren't entirely immune but the curse. They can become monsters when they see or smell blood near them.

    THE CURSED: They are the ones who gave into their animalistic urges. They are insane vampires a cult like vampires who don't approve of the NEW system and would do ever thing in their power to bring back the old order when Vampires only sole purpose is to devour the weak and suck their blood. Note: these vampires are ALL oldies. :3

    Blood Moon Curse: ALREADY CURSED
    They appear to be sane at first but are truly insane beings. You can't be sure when or where they are going to attack you.

    Where Is The Place Being Played In:
    Crux Academy, was once own by the very first vampire Count Vladimere Blaud , but died thousands of years ago, the very vampire that started the curse of the Blood Moon.

    History of the Blood Moon:
    Thousands of years ago, the first vampire Count Vladimere Blaud. Beloved by all his people and had fell in love with a maiden and had lived peacefully in love with each other. But, due to a jealous rage of his rival--who was supposed to be the maidens fiance, had killed her right before his eyes. Though that alone still wasn't enough for the jealous man, no, he also made all the people who had onced loved him turn against the Count making him the most hated man. Depressed and alone, the Count had gone insane. He began killing everyone without remorse, cutting them into pieces and drank their blood. He killed thousands of men, women and children while cursing them all, though admist all these, he wasn't able to kill the man that killed his beloved. On his deathbed, Vladimere vowed to one day return to kill everyone in his site until his revenge was fulfilled. Every thousand years, when that man is rebound, he would haunt him and kill him as he did his beloved. Thus, the history of the Blood Moon.

    Character Sheet: [Be as precise as you can be, you aren't require to go into detail.]

    Age: [Student 100+, Teachers and Cursed Ones 1000+]
    Student||Teacher||Cursed One:
    Brief History:

    1.Iwaku rules apply!
    2.No Godmodding or Powerplaying. If you don't understand what the two means:
    Godmodding - intentionally creating your character have God-like power making it impossible for others to defeat you especially when there is a battle going on.
    Powerplaying - controlling fellow roleplay partners character (e.g. emotions, actions) so it may suite to your characters action. While your partner on the other hand is left without a say in any of what his/her character may feel about your actions.​
    3. No hi-jacking this roleplay. I leave you to do whever you want and gice you the freedom to do as you wish, but please remember to follow what the plot main goal is.

    Things to expect in the roleplay:
    1.We will start off as a forum roleplay. In the forum roleplay our task is to get to know each others character(s) better. Note: if your going to have multiple characters here then be sure to use them all. We get to know each others character by telling each others back story and have to get to know the history behind the curse of the Blood Moon.

    2. This particular roleplay is a CHAPTER roleplay. Meaning, we write by chapters. You will know when the chapter ends when an event occurs at the end of every chapters.

    3. CHAT ROLEPLAY EVENT! A special feature in this roleplay. It is during this event that the players will know that a chapter is about to end. We will roleplay chat-style to make the end chapter more enjoyable experience. Is much more fun roleplaying with each other live! I will be posting a specific time and date for when this event will occure. This will only happen once at the end of every chapter. To those who couldn't attend the so called Chapter Ender, do not worry, I will write up a summary for those who couldn't make it at the event so you won't get lost and could still continue to roleplay.
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  2. Name: Luca Andersen
    Age: 159


    Personality: He's a dreamer and always up in the clouds. He has a great imagination and loves (dark) art, but can be a bit too emotional. He seldom gets angry, but when he does he can become very aggressive and have a hard time holding himself back.
    Brief History: He don't know who changed him, his maker abandoned him right after turning him. All he remembers is that he was attacked in the middle of the night and passed out after too much blood loss. If it was the vampire that attacked him and turned him or if the vampire only came afterwards to turn him, he don't know. Luckily Luca met another vampire shortly afterwards that helped him get through the confusion.

    They traveled together for some time before his teacher left him at Crux academy.


    Height/Weight: 1,75 Metre / 73 kilos
    Body: Slim and not very muscular
    Eyes: Greyish blue
    Hair: Dark brown
    Other: He have a small scar right beneath his right eye

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  3. Name: December (Deci) Meywether

    Age: 107

    Student||Teacher||Cursed One: Student

    Personality: Due to her violent history with other immortals Deci is very suspicious and withdrawn. She is fearful of older, stronger vampires and even more fearful of the blood moon.

    Brief History: Deci was always a bit shy and reserved. Her father was a farmer that drank too much and often had violent outbursts usually directed toward her. She spent much of her childhood living in fear already. Then Deci was turned in such a violent way that even as she became a vampire she developed a terrible fear and mistrust of them. Her 'maker' ravaged her and left her a bloody mess. She turned but is now one of the most timid vampires most would ever meet.

    Height/weight- 5'/100lbs
    Body- Small and girlish figure
    Eyes- Bright green
    Hair- Dark red (almost crimson)
    Markings- large scars on neck and right shoulder
  4. Name: Zachary Lark (Mr. Lark)
    Age: 2549


    Personality: A quiet young immortal by nature, he has his own sense of right from wrong and gets along swimmingly with the majority of the school body, with a few exceptions. Oddly enough, although adored by several of the female students, it is quite uncommon for him to be seen socializing amongst them. (He has a small phobia of girls)

    Brief History: At the age of twenty-seven, his Master, a skilled alchemist in the dark arts, changed him forever into an immortal so that he could continue his studies. His Master died shortly after during a Blood Moon, sacrificing himself for the young apprentice and his livelihood. Since then, Zachary has been furthering his studies on potions and science, also helping to teach control to his bloodthirsty students at Crux Academy.
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    Name: Clara 'Azure' Evermonte
    Age: 3022

    Cursed One

    Personality: She is watchful and silent, raising her voice only to sing to a long forgotten tune of old or speak in only the most measured of tones. She can be quite the show off and is merciless to those she consumer the blood of, occasionally letting the ones with a better taste live so that she may drink from them again another day.

    Brief History: Even as a human she had never been the one to be the most noticed, going unseen at her village until the day a stranger rode in. He saw potential in her singing and musical abilities and swept her away to make her his star, quickly turning him quite rich, too. He bit her so that she could forever remain by his side, and taught her the ways of those who drink with greed in their hearts. Some hundred years ago, she left him to go on and explore the world, but hearing of this Academy's plan infuriated her enough to stay in the hopes of killing off (or persuading) the Blood+ followers, leaving the man who only desired her for her talents, for a place that she deemed as in far more need of her.

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  5. DESIIII! :D *waves* Hi hi!~ And hi everyone~

    Name: Sierra Kleins
    Age: 120
    Student||Teacher||Cursed One: Student

    Personality: Outgoing, feisty and easily annoyed, Sierra's your every-day lazy student...with an unexpectedly good record. Huh. She is a ball of energy and very active in sports. On one hand, she's great company. On the other, make her angry and..well, let's just say the poor soul would suffer a fair bit. Like, a fair bit.

    Brief History: Turned when she was a teen as she had been dying of cancer in a hospital bed, Sierra is grateful for every day that she lives and lives it best she can. Her parents - if you could even call them that - often ignored her when she was a child in favor of their work, only finally taking notice when her disease surfaced. As for the vampire who turned her, he took her under his wing for a bit to teach her the basics for awhile. It had been an ordinary day..until he was killed saving her. She had gotten them back, of course - but his injury had been too great. To this day, Sierra still lives with the guilt despite having an extroverted personality.


    Appearance: Turquoise eyes, red shoulder-length hair, a small 'x' scar on her right wrist and a petite figure.
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  6. Name: Bridgitte Willoughby
    Age: 145


    Personality: She is a studious girl who always has her nose in a book. She studies up on most acedemics, and reads mostly non fiction, and magic. She tries for serious and mature, hiding her emotions, but isn't successful and her emotions seem to run away with her. She also acts very spoiled.
    Brief History: Before she was sired, she was the heiress, living in Versailles. She grew up privileged with the best tutors, and nannies. Her parents were doting, if they were around and not traveling the world, for fun or business. She was sired by an old and experience vampire named Vidame Benjamin Bellamare, at the age of 24. She stayed with him while young but on his insistence, she came to the school to curb her thirst.

    Height/Weight: 5'3" /140lbs
    Body: short and curvy
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark brown
  7. Name: Lianne (Lee-ann) Nightrouge (Nite-rohge)
    Age: 215

    Student||Teacher||Cursed One: Student

    Personality: Lianne is very impulsive and bad at controlling her emotions. Quick to anger and fast to blame everyone but herself, she's selfish but believes that everyone else is as well but aren't good at admitting it. Having to live without real blood is near impossible for her and she sometimes bites herself. She's not very attentive in classes but she tries hard on tests even if she has trouble achieving anything above an average score.

    Brief History: She was sired just after turning 13 by an immortal who soon after lost himself to the Blood Moon's curse. Having to try to adapt to the life of an immortal with a sire who had lost his sanity was not easy and has made her jaded. Prior to being sired, she was married to a much older man for the convenience of her family.

    Height/weight: 5'1 / 115 lbs
    Body: Petite and childlike
    Eyes: Violet
    Hair: Long, black
  8. Name: Mafesto Alexander Sahrizar
    Age: 2961 years old
    Student||Teacher||Cursed One: Teacher
    Personality: Bipolar, Odd, Egoistic
    Brief History: The founder of Crux Academy after losing his wife due to the Red Moon's curse.
    Height/weight: 6'2" / 180lbs
    Body: Lean yet muscular in built
    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Long, black
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  9. Name: Alexander & Alexa Sahrizar
    Age: 721 years old
    Student||Teacher||Cursed One: Students
    Personality: Carefree, Laidback, Devious || Reserved, Timid, Serious || Both of them would always appear to have a bored expression
    Brief History: Both born as pure-blooded vampires. Their father Mafesto, founded Crux Academy due to how they lost their mother to the curse of the Blood Moon one night. Alexa was almost eaten by their mother but was saved by Mafesto.
    Height/weight: 5'11" / 155lbs, 5'0" / 85lbs
    Body: Lean yet muscular in built || Underdevelop child-like body and dainty looking
    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Both have silver colored hair just like their mothers.
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