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  1. Blood Moon Rising


    In 1907, Werewolves are more than just cursed men who change into beasts by the touch of moonlight. The power of their transformation is so magnetic that the elements around them—be it leaves, wood or metal—are pulled into twisting the Werewolves’ final forms. The environment has such a heavy influence during the transformation that the proclaimed “Werewolves” appear more as monsters made of fur, claws, fangs and elements than they do actual wolves. Only the light of the sun can shed away their heinous forms and restore them back to man.
    However, mankind has more than to fear than Werewolves alone. The world is plagued by Witches, Eaters and Ghouls. The mundane have placed their hopes within the community of Hunters and Healers.

    The events take place in the Town of Eardwulf in southern England. The townspeople woke to a foggy morning where, much to their horror, in the center of town hung a Werewolf with innards spilling to the stone pathway. Leaves and copper were entangled in the dark grey fur. The beast’s teeth and claws were made of copper. Where the eyeballs had once been were replaced by hollowed sockets emitting smoke. It was as though while the creature had been alive its eyes were made of flame. As the hanging atrocity spun ever so slowly, the cavity where its organs had been held the bones and skulls of children. Not chewed nor digested in the least.

    The Lord of Eardwulf Abbey sent message to the authorities in London to provide the best team of officers and inspectors.

    We start with the London Inspectors just arriving.

    This has been idea in my head for quite some time. Werewolves in human form can, of course, choose to help find who did the terrible display. It’s up to you what side you fight for; good or evil. While the main focus is on Weres, all the other creatures, humans included, play a huge part.

    There’s a fun list of creatures to play and alliances to be made. Also, instead of Witches being prosecuted for practicing dark magic, they are working with judges and politicians to help protect people from the Werewolves.


    Werewolves (open)

    Cursed beings who transform into wolf like monsters. When they transform they pull the elements around them into their transformation, either by intent or accident. Imagine: a person mutating by the creek and all buried golden nuggets blend into the transformation mixed with onyx black fur. Each transformation is unique every time. Everyday the area, elements or location change, right?
    Werewolf Rules:
    Light of the moon can change you.
    Elder wolves can fight transformation.
    Sunlight tears your pretty fur off—gold, leaves, whatever, included.
    The wolves are born by bite, genetics or curse… What’s your story?

    Hunters (open)

    Every hunter has their own reason… don’t they? It can be for sport, capture to sell or keep, skin, revenge, etc. What’s yours? (Hunters and Betrayers are different)
    Hunter Rules:
    PM me your reasons privately, if you wish.
    Hunters can be any species but “Betrayers” are different. Please read. Thanks.
    Hunters can be any species besides Werewolves.
    Hunters can hunt any species.

    Witches (open)

    A twist. They are either the obedient friends of politicians or Hunters. In order to keep their Dark Magic a myth they follow the rules set by the soul who discovered their secret practice.
    Witches at this point are ready to sell-out the Weres.
    Witches can be unfaithful to anyone.
    They can be up to 195 years of age but look perfectly young.
    Most covens are destroyed.
    Up to you to create fun, creative spells.
    You can have up to three special magic abilities that are more deadly or powerful than regular spells.
    Witches can have animal Familiars.
    Can be male.

    Servants (open)

    If a Werewolf claws or bites someone out of affection, love or lust this person becomes their slave. If the Were dies, they die. They take all the pain, injuries and hurt that the Were might take in battle. Most Weres cherish their Servants.
    Rules –
    Servants CANNOT rat on their Were.
    They cannot become a Were.
    They cannot be tricked by most Magic. (yay, right?)
    They can only die if their Were has enough injury to kill them.
    Weres have constant mental contact with their Servant.
    If a servant dies, the Were does not die.
    If a Were insists on anything violent, sensual, etc, the Servant CAN refuse.

    Eaters (open)

    The remnants of werewolf transformation can be very alluring to types of humans who have low tolerance towards violence, sex, greed, etc. The genetic malfunction brought on by Hyperosmia creates this sensation to happen. Eaters aren’t born knowing what they are. Once their senses fully develop depending on the person, they suddenly find themselves chewing down left over fur, bones and whatever materials of an “untransformed” Were. Eventually, their nose and tastes try to hunt down Weres, involuntarily, just to munch on the transformation remains.
    Eater Rules:
    Can be a Hunter, Healer or Human.
    Feel free to describe or PM me for discretion to disclose your background.
    When near Weres, transformed or not, you get crazy hungry but you cannot detect them.
    Some Eaters accidentally take on traits from the Werewolf of whom they digested their remains.

    Healers (open)

    Doctors, nurses, etc, who have given their sworn alliance to Weres, Hunters, Witches or Humans. It’s your choice. Remember, choose wisely. You can die in this game.
    Healer Rules:
    Cannot be a Were or become one. Different blood.
    Healers (open)

    Humans (open)

    The danger of Weres and Eaters are not unknown. Hunters and Healers are seen as the heroes; for the most part. Servants and Witches are a scary myth.
    Usual Human Life Span—use it wisely.
    You cannot sense anything Non-human.
    You can have five special abilities—human abilities.

    Ghouls (open)

    The haunting presence of a Human torn apart by a Were or Witch in the name of blood. Ghouls can hide their presence to anything—even their killer. Only mirrors, gold and holy water always reflect Ghouls.
    Can’t touch anyone; sexy.
    Can spill secrets I give you, if you want.
    Have up to three powers. (I.E. Talk to the living; use poltergeist powers to throw stuff, possess, ETC.)
    Cannot say the name of your killer. Sorry.
    You can see everyone for what they are but cannot share that info unless stated.

    Betrayers (open)

    Weres that hunt and kill other Weres for game or vengeance. Werewolves can act against their makers or family.
    You will remain a secret unless specified otherwise. I recommend it. You can die in this game.
    You are not stronger than your creator.
    Because Betrayers generally digest other Weres, Eaters are naturally attracted to them without knowing why.

    Eardwulf Abbey

    Lord of Eardwulf Abbey
    Lady of Eardwulf Abbey
    Eardwulf Police Officer
    London Officer

    Character Sheet
    Player Name:
    Character Name:
    Creature: (Werewolf, Witch, Human, Hunter, Eater, Healer, Ghoul)
    History: (Can be private to the public, but with me please explain so I can write your story into the game seamlessly)

    Lastly, PM me your:
    Alliance: (Who do you band with? You a Betrayer?)

    1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. No god-modding.
    3. All deaths must be discussed between the killer, the victim and me.
    4. Fights, romance, drama, etc is all up to you.
    5. Intermediate grammar is a must.
    6. At least one paragraph per post. More is always welcome.
    7. No character limit. Play as many as you like.
    8. All characters must be approved.
    9. Be creative and have fun!
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  2. is this still WIP?
  3. Yes! :3 It is.
  4. Okay just checking
  5. All cool! ;3
  6. I would love to join if possible. All of the rps I was in died sad and gruesome deaths.
  7. Welcome to the rp! :3
  8. ● Name: Lochlan Colovan
    ● Gender: Male
    ● Age: 28
    ● Alliance: To Be Decided
    ● Creature: Werewolf/Servant
    ● Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    ● Info: Lochlan is an Irishman, hard headed and stubborn. Though he tries to be kind to most, he has a bit of a tendency to have outbursts of anger. Not only that, but he has a habit of drinking, usually carrying a bottle of whiskey or rum with him at all times. He is very proud of his country, not afraid to show it. Lastly, he never turns down a fight, loving to be challenged. He was sent to England to assassinate a British noble. Along the way, he was attacked by a hideous beast. This beast turned out to be a werewolf, but it was different. This one had multiple leaves sewn it's fur, with multiple tree branches growing out of it's body. What he didn't know, was this creature was forcing him to be it's slave. After waking up, he was in a infirmary in a nearby town. There he was sought-after by a group of investigators inspecting a brutally murdered werewolf, strange like the one that attacked him, with multiple elements in its fur. They talked to him, saying they knew whybhe was here, and what he was capable of. They told him he would be helpful to them because of his skill. What would happen from there?
    ● Appearance: Lochlan has firey orange hair, but in pictures you wouldn't be able to tell. He has a goatee with the same color as his hair. He prefers to wear his Chesnut colored suit that his father gave to him after his death. He is sometimes seen wearing a bowler hat as well.
    ● Weapons: His favorite weapons are his trusty cane-sword and dark oak crossbow. He has training in multiple weapons as well, but never cowards when forced to use his fists and feet.

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  9. Excellent character! =D
  10. Still accepting? I may be interested in a wolf blacksmith. Metal and fur, you understand?
  11. Of course! Welcome to the rp! =D And that would be awesome! The town mechanic is a Witch, so this'll be fun! X3
  12. Judge Alistair Baines (open)


    Player Name: YuriLucien
    Character Name: Alistair Baines, Son of Judge Baines
    Creature: Human
    Occupation: Judge
    Reputation: Alistair is noted for having been the first Judge in the town of Eardwulf who insists on the defendant given a proper trial where they can truly speak their side. He is also known to not unable to handle his liquor.
    Age: 24
    Nationality: English
    Hair: Brown, unlike in the photo, it actually reaches his shoulders
    Eyes: Pale green
    Skin: Peach
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 145lbs
    Build: Very lean and fit
    Family: Father is Judge Colton Baines, Mother (deceased) was Lily Baines
    Specialties/Abilities: Scholar, fast-thinker, keen sixth sense, and speaks English, French, German, Italian and Russian.
    History: N/A
    Extra: N/A

  13. I have a question: If we have mechanics, what year is this?
  14. Show Spoiler

    Player Name: @The Philosoraptor

    Character Name: Perrin Blackwood

    Creature: Werewolf

    Occupation: Blacksmith

    Reputation: Perrin's works have never failed before, and are likely never to fail in the future. Horseshoes, axles, farming tools, and even some weapons on occasion, they've all lasted through good times and bad, which has earned the respect of many a tradesman. Understanding his own unfortunate circumstances, Perrin has been noted to keep himself at arm's length from the Eardwulf women, and to carefully choose his words when speaking with drinking buddies or around town officials, leading to some gossip about him being a halfwit or impotent.

    Age: 49

    Nationality: Scottish

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Brown

    Skin: White

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 250 lbs

    Build: Heavyset, barrel-chested.


    1. Eormund Blackwood - Father
    2. Helena Blackwood née Hollande - Mother
    3. George Hector Blackwood - Brother
    4. Elena Blackwood - Sister
    Specialties/Abilities: Skilled blacksmith, amateur boxer, French-speaker.

    History: Private
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  15. I assume you want me to PM you Perrin's history?

    As well, I have two pictures for appearance. I like one more because I think it fits him, and the second because it is an actual photo. Which do I use?

  16. Yes, please do! :3

    Hmm, I'm actually fine with either. Oh, and to answer your previous question, it is the year 1907. So there are bicycles, gas lamps, some vehicles, etc.
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    Unfortunately that thing happens to me a lot. That's why I usually preview my posts first if I'm trying to make things look cool.
  20. Can I make a sassy healer nun person?