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    Once every three years, on the night of a full moon, something extraordinary happens. A Blood Moon occurs, for the remainder of that year, within every cycle of the full moon, whereas the werewolves birthed during this year are extremely gifted compared to their predecessors. This is the story of the Bloodmoon Pack.

    Appearance (Human):
    Appearance (Wolf):
  2. sorry to break it to you, but i don't actually like werewolf and vampire rps. o-o so i won't be joining.
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    Personality: May come of as shy, she doesn't make the first approach when it comes to friends for she prefers to listen. Since she seems shy to most she also isn't the one to share most of her feelings but as you get to know her it will become easier to tell what her emotion is. Intelligent she is very smart but at times she may not seem like it for when she speaks it's not always going to be big words and she doesn't always understand big words either, but she can show her intelligence well with math problems.
    Appearance (Human):[​IMG]
    Appearance (Wolf):[​IMG]
    History:(edit latter if that's okay I will have to think of something I feel is good or may fit with the RP)
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    Name: Ever

    Age: 17

    Personality: Ever is cold and rude at first. She never likes meeting new people and often prefers solitude. Though she's mean to those she doesn't know she's fiercely protective of those in her pack, especially those who aren't as strong as her. She isn't afraid of a fight and will do what she needs to prove her worth. She even dreams of being an alpha one day.

    Appearance (Human):

    Appearance (Wolf): (Her wolf form is Bloodspill from Blackblood Alliance)

    History: (Will add later)
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