Blood Countess.

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  1. Alright... I have a scenario I've been trying to write itself. Mostly deals in 1600's someone gets to be sadistic if they want. I need a Bathory. I've had this story started but could never really write it. I'm not picky on the punctuation my own isn't grand, but here we go in set ups. Let me know if this is a catch to someone interested.

    Set in Czech Castle, and in the later years of Bathory's life itself, there has been an onset of unique girls in the keep all ranging from different foreign ethnics. One in particular has been growing within the castle walls and since her 13th year when she was sold into the castle, she has since led a life in slavery to the countess, her parents long killed, her father to war, and mother another victim in the countess' eternal search for beauty.

    Long hallways, empty but not without some gruesome tale to tell of how many girls tried to flee, some through suicide, many through the hands of the countess' guards, and of course by her own hands. The girl now barely 17 itself learned to be of great courteous, prim, proper, all things girls should have learned and learned well for in this place it mattered your head remaining on your shoulders. Just a bit longer, longer to defy death, longer just to hear your own breath.