Blood, Blood, And more Blood.

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  1. "Alice, Find anything useful back there. ."

    Rebecca asked in a hushed voice when expecting the mini bar they so happened to come across to when running up and down the streets in search for any human activity or food. It has been hours since they finally left the abandon hotel up the streets a few miles away. Snow fell from the dark, cloudy sky as the street lights flickered on lighting the blood stained streets. Rebecca was a average twenty year old trying to survive with a companion by her side. She stood at least five foot eight and weighed about nothing due to the lack of food in her stomach. Her black hair was damp and her leather jacket and black t shirt was covered in dirt and blood while her black skin tight jeans had massive holes and her black combat was covered in blood and dirt and snow. Her pale skin was cold and her mysterious brown eyes darted around the place in case they had any unwanted visitors lurking around just waiting for them to make the wrong move.

    "Nothing but these filled alcohol bottles and a few bags of chips."

    Alice replied while ruffling through the back of the bar looking for supplies that might come in handy. A black backpack hanged from her shoulders while her brown slick hair crossed her brown eyes as she searched harder for anything useful towards the pair. She was only eighteen looking for a way to survive but once she found Rebecca she was more then happy to have someone who has her back. A pistol was holstered in the back of her black skinny jeans while her black hoody and tee consisted of blades since Rebecca thought she was to young to handle any type of gun they found during their investigations in any building they found safe. She looked about five foot five and had a slender figure indicating she was an empty stomach. Her skin was cold and pale just like Rebecca's but a little bit more light colored. She sighed and grabbed the bottles of Alcohol and chips before quickly pulling her pack off her shoulders and stashed the items within the biggest pocket of her pack before sealing the pocket with the zipper and placed the pack back on her shoulders before walking back over to Rebecca who held her 44. Revolver in her right hand and the hilt of her machete in the left.

    "Come on lets go Rebecca."

    Alice said while taking a last look around making sure she hasn't missed anything but then the sounds of clicking and moaning came to her ears indicating that they had company coming this way. Without any second thoughts her arms was grabbed by Rebecca's right hand as she quickly moved right towards the bar in which they could hide behind. Once she seated Alice down behind the bar the monsters entered through the door they were nothing more but walkers and clickers. Rebecca inhaled a breath while looking down at Alice who remained hidden as Rebecca's head peered over the bar counter top getting a good view of her targets. She quickly nudged Alice indicating she needed something to throw to distract the visitors so they could make a quick escape. Alice thought silently before looking around before her eyes fell upon and green glass bottle she quickly and silently made her way towards it before silently reaching her right hand towards it and picked it up from the ground and handed it to Rebecca as she returned to her side and with that Rebecca carefully and silently looked over the counter top and aimed for a place where the three visitors would easily be distracted by the sound. And once the bottle was thrown it hits the back wall making the glass shatter creating a sound in which captured their attention and as soon as it did Rebecca grabbed ahold of Alice's arm and yanked her in her direction as she scurried out from behind the bar and out the door and once they made it into the snow infested wasteland they made a run for it towards a well looking car.
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  2. What the girls didn't know was that there was someone already in said car.

    In the back seat was a lengthy redhead, her hair bright against the contrast of the dark blankets that covered her in the backseat. Her name was Rowan. Her blue eyes peered over the blanket every now and then to peer out the window. She had been what she had deemed, 'car-hopping' for a few days now and it had worked well for her. But the fact that it was only getting colder at night was causing problems for her, her water freezing in the few bottles that she had been carrying around.

    She had an old backpack with food inside along with some mittens and hats she had lifted from home and various stores. It was the end of the world... who cared if she would have stolen such simple things. They were keeping her alive more or less. Her clothes made her look bulkier than she actually was but her almost 6ft frame gave away that she was in fact a very tall girl who shouldn't be living in the back of a new car every other day

    She sat up as much as she dared in order to look outside. Her mouth parted in a surprised expression when two humans were seen running towards the car. These.... creatures didn't run like that. Rowan's mind raced... Other humans!
  3. Just off the the side of the road was an open field of what use to be wheat. The snow lay thickly among the withered crops where A forest met along the outer edge of the field.

    " kyle, I'm tired of walking and my legs are sore"

    Annie and Kyle marched through the woods with the thick snow crunching beneath their wet snow boots.

    " what do you want me to do Annie? just stop here in the woods? Jeez, Stop being a baby."

    Annie stopped walking. She began to pout. She furrowed her brow and her eyes welled up with water.

    "... I can't wait to tell mom how mean you've been!"

    Kyle rolled his eyes and under his breath replied,
    " yea, well mom is-"

    Kyle stopped in his tracks and bit his tongue. He swiftly turned his head and looked behind him at Annie. Annie stood there in her purple snow boots and matching big puffy jacket. The oversized trapper hat she wore barely showed her big baby blue eyes peeping from under the brim. She clang on to the giant walking stick she had found a few miles back.
    Kyle tried to swallow down the lump in his throat. He walked over to Annie and crouched down in front of her. Kyle removed his backpack and unraveled the maroon knitted scarf from around his neck. He then placed it on Annie, wrapping it around her neck and up over her mouth. He smirked and said,

    "No more talking, ... Your lips are getting chapped."

    Still crouching down, Kyle turned his back and signaled Annie to hop on. Just as Annie placed her arms around Kyle's neck, she saw something off in the distance...Two females running! One of them had fair skin and dark hair. Annie's eyes grew wide. In the blink of an eye she let go of Kyle and took off running between the trees with her arms flailing frantically. In a high pitched voice she began to yell
    " MOM!! MOMMY!!!".

    Kyle exclaimed in a strict voice. In a hurry He jumped up and began to chase after her. After a few steps he halted and remembered he forgot his backpack.

    "Damn it!"

    He turned around and ran back a couple feet to grab his backpack. He picked up his bag and began to sprint through the woods after his younger sister.
  4. "Oh no. .No, No, No this is not the right time for this!"

    Rebecca hollered in frustration as her ears captured the sounds of a little girl calling out to her mommy as she came running out of the forest that surrounded the area but she was not the only one to visit. Judging the sounds of clicking and moaning they had more on their way because the girl shouting was causing the creatures to come their way and so was she. She growled in frustration as she peered around to make the coast would be clear for now as she came to a stop to the car and quickly opened the driver seat door so Alice could make her way in there and hotwire the damn vehicle. She kept watch while her eyes were cold while her muscles tensed. Her grip around her Machete became tighter then normal while her eyes finally spotted the heard of the undead. Her heart pounded against her chest as she felt fear race up all her veins but she was brave enough to fight these damn things off if she had to. Just to protect Alice for the time being until she finished with the car. That is unless she could and if not then they had a long run but they would become chow for the creatures.

    As they finally reached the car after at least five minutes of running Alice was quickly hurried into the driver seat so she could finally put her skill to use which was getting cars in motion by hotwiring. But before she could get down to the wires she realized a muffle from the backseat and slowly turned her head around the seat to only see another LIVING person watching and observing. With a quick shake of her head she focused her attention back on the wires and began to fiddle with a red and blue wire as it sparked when she tried to connect the two together. She was a bit distracted on the clicking and moaning of unwanted company and the girl who shouted for her Mommy and began to feel pressured. She took in a deep breath before exhaling and continued to focus blocking the sounds.
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