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  1. Can you post mature content in the blogs? I had an idea to post a little excerpt regarding a character there and it has some sexual themes. Mind you it's Fade-to-Black, no explicit details whatsoever, but a sexual situation is implied. I just wondered, since I post my characters there and it's related to that. Maybe if I put a content warning/rating on it like with a role play thread?
  2. As long as you fade to black and don't go into details there shouldn't be any problems. Since we can do sexual themes faded to black in the normal one x one section, I doubt there should be any trouble if it was put in a blog. It's just if it's a sex scene where most things are described without any fading away that it needs to either be put in the libertine section or in the case of a blog post, be censored. You can always write a warning in the beginning of the post that there will be sexual/mature themes in the post with the use of fading to black. Personally I don't see it necessary if it's just implied, but it never hurts to have a warning there if you're feeling uncertain about some scenes.
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  3. Great. Thanks a bunch. =D
  4. @AkikoYukito

    If it's fade to black, it's fine and needs no warnings!

    For full written sex scenes, by "censored", redblood means spoiler tags. 8D Spoiler tags and content warnings, and you can post the full scene in your blogs.
  5. Thank you. That helps a lot. ^ u ^