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  1. I was going through the Iwaku guide, and came onto the blogging system. I think it is a very nice idea, and thought it great for me to be able to store lots of information for my character and roleplay. But I don't understand how it works, and If I may I have a few questions:
    *If I make a blog, can others see it?
    *Where can I go to see a list of all the Blogs I have made, are they recorded on my profile?
    *Other than the 'No Moaning' Law set forth, is there anything else I should keep an eye on for not typing. (Obviously including not insulting other players)
  2. No pornographic images.

    Go to your user settings and you should see the link to your blog. Go forth and have fun.
  3. My thanks, I did think that too, forgot to add that one. My thanks again.
  4. All your entries are stored forever in your blog, none of that stuff that was already said in content or anything that violates any of the site rules, and you can change who can see it in the blog preferences.