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  1. Blizzard is creating a MOBA/ARTS game, though they call it a "Hero Brawler". This game will be including characters/heroes from the Blizzard games. Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft.

    Something about an article I found.

    Anyways. I'm actually going to play this since I think the idea is awesome, using Blizzard characters against one another. Is anyone else going to try or play this?
  2. I'm looking forward to it. I'm just angry that they put Leah from Diablo III over Malthael!

    He better be in a DLC or something,
  3. So, it's basically Super Slash Bros but with Blizzard characters?
  4. I've played it. It's a MOBA.

    Blizzard can get all hipster about it. But it's a MOBA.
  5. I know. They jut don't wanna be in the mainstream.
  6. I got into the Beta, admittedly not too difficult, and played it for a bit.

    It's a MOBA. Stripped down and slightly unique, but if you've played Dota or LoL you'll adjust fairly quickly.

    Things like no items, starting with every skill but your ult and shared team levels are some of the things Blizzard has done to make the game 'Friendlier' for new players. Veteran of MOBAs in general will probably find it stale or possibly even boring, new players might be turned off by the abhorrent community and the lack of forfeit button. In fact the inability to surrender is the primary fault to the game, as your forced to suffer through agonizingly slow losses that pretty much make you hate everything.

    Overall it's alright, nothing really special. It'll probably become popular simply because it was made by blizzard.
  7. It's a MOBA.

    Or if you want to get really technical: ASSFAGGOTS.

    Yes, it's a real acronym.

    It's alright for a MOBA, but didn't bring much new to the table and I found the community to be.. Well, nasty.
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  8. You mean to tell me that a MOBA's community is somewhat aggressive and nasty?

  9. There is another MOBA called Sins of a Dark Age or something. SODA.
  10. Who knew, right?

    Usually communities for a game that's NOT EVEN RELEASED YET are somewhat helpful and friendly.. Usually.
  11. A simplified Moba that works like smash bro's with mashing a bunch of franchises in one game?

    I see it working on fan boys, but not much else.
  12. I'm going to give it a try, mainly to play as characters like Uther and Raynor. More than likely out of boredom...and probably stick with LoL

    Blizzard is just trying to dip their toes into F2P games now. Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm.
  13. In the beta.
    It's okay

    Needs more maps

    Garden Map is shitty
    heroes aren't complex enough

    Adding in a map mechanic, while a big pacing change completely ruins the satisfying sense of power game in the gold generation part of the game.

    All in all 8/10 needs something to tie it together.

    Also Blizzard's art team is probably the best in the world atm. Like those guys are crazy as shit.
  14. It's MOBA for dummies. I tried it, didn't care for it. If I wanna play a MOBA I'll go for something more complex like LoL, or Dota 2 if I'm feeling like going hardcore tryhard mode. If I wanna play something casual and fun I'd rather dick around with games on my phone. It doesn't do MOBA or casual fun better than anything else, so it has no appeal for me aside from the the fact that I have played games from all the contributing franchises, and that just ain't enough for me.
  15. Debating letting my husband (a competitive gamer who is in the fighting game, FPS, and MOBA scene) come in here to write a dissertation on why he thinks Heroes is a good game.
  16. It is a fun(and thus, good) game. People just be hating because it is more casual than LoL, Dota or Sins of a Dark Age.
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  17. HOTS is far more team-focused. It's more about completing objectives and backing up your team than it is about pushing lanes and leveling.

    It's why I likes it.
  18. I really enjoy it for what it is. I was a bit of a snob with stuff like that at first, with League, trying to get into it was like trying to grasp a diamond at the bottom of a pool full of treacle, but I'm glad @Red Velvet and @Myrnodyn turned me over to the dark side :3
  19. Heroes is a great game. The community might be bad, but what MOBA community isn't? I've been playing it since th beta was launched and am having a great time with friends. The games are shorter than any game you'll play in LoL which makes not having a forfeit button tolerable. Plus, I've been playin blizzard games since Starcraft and love the opportunity to pit them against each other.
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