Blizzard announces new WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

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  1. Wow. Its finally happened. Blizzard is so out of ideas they've resorted to turning an old April Fool's joke into an actual expansion.

    Someone take a letter for me.

    Dear Blizzard,



    Seriously. If there was ever anything that made me happier about leaving WoW when I did, it's this shit right here. I'm glad I gave my last card to my best friend to tide him over until The Old Republic hits because as far as I'm concerned, WoW is officially deader to me than it was before. Dead and fucking buried, I'll never touch that shit again.

    You know you're in trouble when you're turning April Fool's jokes into expansions. God forbid you make it centered around the Emerald Dream or something. That could have been good. StarCraft is now the only thing Blizzard has going for them in my book.

    Good-bye, and good riddance WoW. I'll send you a postcard from Coruscant.
  3. You can say that again.
  4. ..

    free fun that doesn't screw you over.
  5. I'm trying to figure out if there's really and truly anyone out there who didn't expect this.

    So, is there? Did anyone really not see this coming, and are truly upset and outraged?

    It's been rumored for a while, "April Fools" joke or not.

    I'm curious. I grew up through my teen years playing the Warcraft games.

    New race, class, talent system? Sounds very interesting to me, although I certainly wasn't expecting a new talent system.
  6. I'm not shocked, but they blatantly said to our faces the idea of Mists of Pandaria was kinda silly when asked about it earlier in the year. I think they're under a lot of pressure. They're hemorrhaging subscribers and have been since the Cataclysm hype died down, and then they have Bioware coming at them guns loaded with plot bullets of the Star Wars variety. And though I've heard its not radically different from WoW, people are saying this probably has the best shot at being "The WoW Killer" of any of the MMOs made since it came out. Not that I think it is the mythical WoW Killer mind you, but I know its probably gonna put a nasty dent in WoW. Might even pierce the armor a little.
  7. WoW just literally slit it's own wrists and shot itself a la Kurt Cobain. Thank you, Blizzard for justifying me never reupping my subscription the first time. Again.
  8. Cataclysm was the beginning of the end I think. The difficulty was too hard for the Wrath-babies, which led to a bunch of nerfs, which drove away the people who actually enjoyed the challenge. I played for about a month when Cata came out...and other than logging in once a month to talk to some people, I haven't touched the game since I hit level 85.

    I'll probably play through the expansion just to check it out, but I'm just completely baffled as to what the fuck Blizzard is doing. Oh well, Starcraft 2 is still going to be my go-to game, and the new zerg units look pretty slick (a flying defiler?! FUCK YES).
  9. As I've told most of you here, I quit when Cat came out because they made it pathetically easy.
    I was dancing around the idea of picking up my subscription again, just because I was nostalgic for it and I loved my priesty so much...
    But this seals it as a no.
  10. DOTA.

    League of Legends.

    DOTA 2.

    Take your pick.
  12. I didn't read the article (lolol), but I don't know why so many WoW subs and past-subs get butthurt over this.

    Personally, I would've played WoW years ago if they had let me play a Pandaren Monk. The only other combo I would've played was a Orc Shaman, or MAYBE a Dwarven Hunter, but meh.
  13. League of Legends.

  14. What about Diablo III? That's promising to be epic.
  15. Truthfully? Because I've never actually played a Diablo game. And I'm doubtful my hunk of junk machine could play Diablo III. That and Blizzard is making some fairly sketchy design choices there.

    Real money Auction House? No. Just no. I know its optional, but its the principal of the goddamn thing.
  16. The thing is... in Diablo 2, people already WERE buying items, gold, and even characters with real money, but without a secure way to do so and at great risk to themselves. The Real Money Auction house keeps the trading in game, and makes sure people won't get duped.

    Anyway, I'll stop this hijack right here... proceed.
  17. That's just it though...they made it harder for the first couple months of Cata. Enough people complained that shit got nerfed again. Not as easy as Wrath, but still pretty easy.
  18. There's a lot of butthurt, it seems.

    Look, the players have been asking for Pandarians for a long time. The players now have them. Now, we see people unhappy with Pandarians? That is what's silly, not the fact they actually came out with it.

    You know something else Blizzard said, once upon a time? There would be no flying in Azeroth. Guess what Cataclysm brought? That's right... flying in Azeroth.

    Pandarians are in the lore (See: Warcraft II). I'm really not sure what's so hard to understand.

    The players have also been clamoring for an Emerald Dream expansion, and the players may very well get that in the near future, too. What then? Will there be more complaining from people who no longer even play the game?

    Blizzard is "damned if they do, damned if they don't" at this point. They're clearly not going to make everyone happy, and also clearly no longer care about the opinions of those who will never be happy.
  19. The issue was I was happy with Cataclysm. I just started hating the fact I never got to do any Raids because our raid leaders always played favorites. I hated doing dailies because I never needed money. I didn't bother with random dungeons because I didn't need the gear. I liked the story of Cataclysm, but I never got to experience any of it because I couldn't go to the raids. So yes, I was happy with Cataclysm. Its just that I can't take Mists of Pandaria seriously enough as it is. Even more so considering Blizzard already hand waved it as a tad ridiculous before the full reveal.
  20. ha! laugh at me for playing Warhammer online (back when i was jobless) now you uptight motherfuckers! (i knew some people at tafe who played WoW and constantly gave me shit for liking warhammer.)

    then again, most of these games are money sinks. which is sad, because i do enjoy them.